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My cheat codeAdded 22 Oct 2007, ID #11699
Press C during game play, then type marvin to activate the console. Press
C again to exit, then press [F2] to display the console window. Enter one
Of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding
Cheat function.
You can also take of any one control in gothic 2 like Lord Hagen,Troll,Pyroka,
Xadras ,lee ,Lester even Dragons etc.But first of all you need to enable the
Marvin mode after this stand in front of a person or animal just press "o"
(without coutes from keyboard) and now you are controling that person or animal
Etc .You check there experience level , Abbilities or inventory etc aslo you
Save there items into an empty or any chest box after saving take the control
Back to your own player and just pick that items that from that chest Like you
Want a weapon from Sarah a weapon merchent in kohinris at the east gate Just
Take it control and save her weapon in a chest and go back and tranfeer back
Control to your own player and just open that chest where you store weapon and
Grab it to your own inventory.
.I have finished "gothic 2" with "Paldin" ,
"Mercenery" and "Mage or Magician of Fire".

Effect Code
Heal player - cheat full
Enable god mode - cheat god
Disable god mode - cheat god od
Change ability1. - edit abilities
Transport to new location - goto waypoint
Toggle clock display - toggle time
Change current time - set time
First person view - first person
Spawn indicated item - insert
1000 gold in bag; subtracts
100 experience - insert gold
Invisible to enemies - invisible
Unknown toggle - inertiatarge
Character helper - ch


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