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Go to dwakel accept first three quest them finish them sell all items keep replaying quest and in notime youll have 1000000 gold

Added 9 Jun 2012, ID #17199, by Guest and get

Secret bosses

In the message box at the lower left corner of the screen(don't worry you don't have to be upgraded) write

/join deathgazer to fight Death Gazer
/join well to fight Super Blob
/join trunk to fight Greenguard Basilik
/join greendragon to fight Greenguard Dragon

Added 21 Apr 2012, ID #17070, by marcopolo99

How to slide

Go to one end of any room (/join well-1111-recommended) walk to one spot and press "rest"(the half red half blue heart) while you're walking

Added 21 Apr 2012, ID #17068, by marcopolo99

How to get 1vs1 trophy easily

Note: You need to get the Quest called "Victory Most Honorable" to get the trophy and you need to defeat an opponent 10 times but there is a really easy way to get it!

It's really easy because all you need is 2 accounts!

Now to get it very easy:

1. Once you have 2 accounts log them on.

2. Make those 2 accounts enter /join doomarenaa-1111 (It can be any number however it has to be HIGHER than 1000)

3. Now when your 2 accounts is going to battle, you can control both of them! SO the other one doesn't have to do anything! Then just defeat one of your accounts.

4. So once you have defeated your other account 10 times you should confirm the quest and get the trophy.

Repeat this many times and you will get a lot of 1v1 trophies!

I hope this helps.

Added 8 Mar 2012, ID #16973, by rico10123

How to get easy AC Coins

To get easy AC Coins is to either go to Ballyhoo or view Videos or complete surveys on AExtras

Note: You cannot gain acces to AExtras if your date of birth is about something 1980 or 1970 you just have to fake your date of birth because you need to be 18+ but you can just fake you date of birth.

It's really easy to get AC Coins from Ballyhoo but it's only 5 AC Coins.

Now to get more AC Coins is to not play much so if you don't play much on AQWorlds then good! Because when you don't go on AExtras much, your videos in "Matomy" and "SuperRewards" increases so if you view those videos you should at least get 20+ AC Coins!

And if you just keep repeating the same thing you will get at least 100 or 200 AC Coins because I did the same thing and I'm not a MEMBER so I hope this helps.

PS. PLEASE give this a thumbs up

Added 8 Mar 2012, ID #16972, by rico10123

How to unlock galoths dragon shop without unlocking it

So basiclly go th galoths lair and even if you havent unlocked it you still can so first go to the top of the (shop) button and keep clicking it until you get the shop easy.=)

Added 17 Feb 2012, ID #16941, by Guest

Easy Gold And Xp!!!

Go to the cave full of dragon warriors and team up with at least 4 other players and tell them to keep doing it until you have earned at least 10,000 gold!!!It will take a while!!!

Added 17 Jan 2012, ID #16885, by Fazza247

Fast Money

First you go to Swordhaven then you talk to Cleric Dawn. Do the quest fire gem and fight some fire mages. Then go to Battleon town square there you will find a girl sitting on a treasure chest talk to her then click GO NOW you will see her again talk to and press the button keep doing this every day to get quick and easy money.

Added 14 Jan 2012, ID #16875, by Guest

Valencia Codes

Dragon Khan Blade: "Dragonkhan8234280" (Free)

SkullWraith Blade: "oicu812" (10 Gold)

Badger Helmet: "thirteen1" (Free)

Added 4 Jan 2012, ID #16838, by Guest

Badger Helm

Go to Battleon Town Square and click the bubble above Valencia. After you do that you go to redeem codes and type in thirteen1 for the Badger Helm.

Added 7 Dec 2011, ID #16779, by JordanBain

How to get 100k really easy

Now to get 100k it will take time but I think this is the fastest way so....

1.Go to Dwakel
(You can go on map to find it)
(or go on chat box and type /join dwakel)

2.When you get there there's an NPC called "Taravya"

3.Talk to her and get the quest the 3 quest called "Queadrolithium" "Dam Balloons" "Bumper Bolts"

4.Complete the quest

5.Turn in the quest and get all 3 items from the quest

6.Now if you sell all 3 items it's worth 7,500 gold but while you are fighting "Dwakel Warrior" you can get a sword which is worth 3,750 gold and if you get a helmet from the "Dwakel Blaster" it's worth 1,250

7.Sell all 3 or 4 or 5 items
If you sell 3 items only it's worth 7,500
If you sell 3 items with the helmet it's worth 8,750
If you sell 3 items with the sword it's worth 11,250
If you sell all 5 items it's worth 12,500 GOLD!

8.Just repeat the same 3 quest and you will easily get 100k

Note:You can get even more money if you're a high lvl like lvl 25 or you got loads of companions it's easy really to finish the quest and gain money or maybe exp or class points

Added 26 Nov 2011, ID #16750, by Guest


Go to ONLY 1 add.DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ACCEPT REWARD!instead click the quest marker abover her get reward.OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!you will get another reward for every time you clicked!this will not count aginst your veiw count!have fun geting endless money!plz thumbs up

Added 7 Aug 2011, ID #16457, by Guest

Valencia secret codes!

Go to battleon town square then talk to Valencia then click on special codes then type in Oicu812 to get a level 1 awesome sword that only costs 10 gold! and this is another code type in Thirteen1 to get a Thirteen1 Badger Helm!

Added 10 Dec 2010, ID #15628, by Guest

double exp

When u first log in, u will see the 'moglin' "Twilly". Talk to him and ask him for the EXP Boost (it only lasts 1 hour, so use it wisely!). Go do the 'Story' (Chapter 1 ( but if it is still unlocked then u have to do the Prolouge first)). Once u reach, accept all quests from Artix and activate the EXP Boost (remember! I said it only lasts for 1 hour so use it WISELY!). Then do the quests and then when it's done go turn in the quest and u get double the ammount of EXP! Thank U for reading!

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #15540, by comander_area_51

get a promotion helm

go to valencia and talk to her. then click on special code and write thirteen1 and u will get a helm.

Added 1 Nov 2010, ID #15508, by Guest

GET to dragonfire

if you want to get to dragon fire you just type this on your chat box /join dragonfire

Added 1 Nov 2010, ID #15506, by Millenium38

how to get 1250$ it actually works not like the other cheats

first go to sword haven gp out the gate and there is a lady in white take her quest and when you pass it she will give you gold and exp and a wepwn cauld burn it down. i think and go to battelon and press armor shop and then press sell and sell the item she gave you and thats how you get 1250$

Added 3 Oct 2010, ID #15398, by Guest

Target end glitch

If you target and kill a monster before it vanish (and i mean one sec before it vanish)click on its name again.When this monster respwan you won't have to click it again!!!

Added 29 Sep 2010, ID #15389, by Dimitris_Gr

money for free!!

go to battletown and click the girld beside the treasure hunter, click go now, keep watching ads and earning free money!!!

Added 11 Sep 2010, ID #15359, by Guest

Valencia Code

1.First you walk up to battleontown
2.Then you talk to valencia
3.Click Special Codes
4.Enter the code oicu812
5.It should give you a secret shop with a cool blade for only 10 gold

Thanks for Reading From
Cash Money10

Added 10 Sep 2010, ID #15356, by Guest
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