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Hi can you help
we are stuck on this game can any of you super player help us
we want to know
how do you get the vine to make the rope/ thread
how do you please ms weeder and the chef
how do you get any tools i.e spade, axe, crafting tool
how do you water plants
if you could help us as we have been stuck for a week and we think its a brilliant game but are going to scream if we cant get any further
heres hoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by: ally777 Dec 12th 2007, ID#5713 and get
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I have the knive but i still cant harvest my grass,rice,or bamboo.

Added 17th May 2015, ID #557593

Where do I find the blue shell to get the watermelon seeds ? It says to find in dive area, but I never get it.

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #421040


Added 15th Feb 2014, ID #355467

Go to the third island and find a plane to obtain crowbar.

Added 3rd Mar 2013, ID #260351

to a get long green grass repair the brige get on 2nd island go to the right arrow if you see a long green grass get a knife and chop it down

Added 15th May 2012, ID #142268

to a get knife chef bucher give you a knife finish ms.weeder story and trade a lime seeds and get look like a tiny fish color green and give him lime and tiny fish to a get knife

Added 15th May 2012, ID #142267

How Do You Get the Knife!

Added 1st Oct 2011, ID #77752

hey um well after i helped out ms weeder an gave her a bananna an im not abel to offer her any help Do i hav to finish the fire request for chef butcher can someone please reply i hav no idea at all

Added 14th Aug 2011, ID #67073

hi you can make the chef happy by giving him eggs first then the chillies.
get the spade handle and other part from ms weeder when you give her the plant cure.
where is suzy? cuz i cant find her?
hope that helps

Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64764

what are the ingrediants of the cooking hole?
i need to know

Added 20th Jul 2011, ID #59610

how can i get another metal pole

Added 12th Jul 2011, ID #57140

i really like this website! it is pretty useful except for the fact that some things are hard to understand!! so here is some advice to all u gamers looking for cheats, if u add a helpful hint to this site, put as much details as u can!!!!!!!! cause some things do not make sense to us! just a little advice for u, but thanks to these cheats i completed the sims 2 castaway and now moved on to the sims kingdom for the nintendo ds so if u have any hints on that game just let me know!! thx!

hwot love yeah 44 55 66
Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #50948

that girl who just wrote that message above is so mean and rude!! she didn't even offer any help to u people in any way, she was just using my computer to say that and i'm so sorry bout that!!! none of u are freaks cause there was a time where she came on this same website looking for help so she's a freak not u guys!!! once again sorry bout her! :(

hwot love yeah 44 55 66
Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #50934

hey can you please help me i cant find a curry dish and i cant find a axe metal pole and were is the famer lady? please can you help me this is a really good game.

Added 17th Jun 2011, ID #49754

you need to get the eggs from the neast and give it to the chef untill the red is green and then give him the chilles

Added 14th Jun 2011, ID #49166

like i said the four people give u all the tools u need if they are your friend and u help them. plus every day check waht washes apon shore, u never know what u will find!! and every now and then check what came in by parachute. but if u don't have the parachute yet ummmmm ask someone else how to get it cause i don't remember!! sorry, but hope i helped a little!! :F :D :P ;) ;P ;D

hwot love yeah 44 55 66
Added 24th May 2011, ID #44772

this game is really easy once u figure things out. a lot of the tools u need u get by the people. first u need to have a green relationship with a person to offer your help to them. suzy mcdress can be your friend if u just talk to her untill the relationship bar turns green. ms. weeder, give her bananas untill her bar turns green. and the chef, give him eggs until his bar turns green. then once their bar is green,u can offer help to them and if u get what they want u can get tools and successfully play the game! plus if u get the crowbar, go on the boat and go to the left and use the crowbar, there will be a new area under the boat where u can get decorations such as a christmas tree,jack-o-lantern,and a birthday cake!! good luck! hope this helped!!!

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44769

how do you get the crowbar i cant find it

Added 23rd Mar 2011, ID #33895

how do you get another vine to cross the bridge and how do you get the bigger axe?

Added 21st Mar 2011, ID #33590

where is the lime tree to help the chef?

Added 15th Mar 2011, ID #32730

You need the chisel and knife it takes 3 dayz, or u will run out of engrey

Added 14th Mar 2011, ID #32608

how do you get to the three island to get the mago

Added 1st Mar 2011, ID #31050

how do you get the second small metal bar for chef butcher's fire?

Added 27th Feb 2011, ID #30798

how do u help her is it by giving her banannas??

Added 13th Feb 2011, ID #29090

you get the spade when you help i think it's the farmer lady

Added 12th Feb 2011, ID #28962

where can i find the limes for chef

Added 5th Feb 2011, ID #28103

how do u get spade for upgrading the fire???

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27300

how do u give lady with bannana tree and cool home th bug/plant solution she wants

Added 6th Jan 2011, ID #24330

[size=15][/size] [color=red][/color] what you have to do is when you go up to him and look at the bubble above his head it zhould come up with a fire symbol what you have to is build the fire which is in his area until he is happy hope it helped

Added 16th Dec 2010, ID #21224

i have collected about 90 chili peppers and the stupid chef still ways me away. why won't he take them. i can't get any further because he is mean to me....ugh

Added 15th Dec 2010, ID #21159

You get the knife by helping the chef and getting him what he needs.

Added 30th Nov 2010, ID #19802

how do you get the nife?

Added 28th Nov 2010, ID #19548

how do you get a knife?

Added 16th Oct 2010, ID #15288

you can get the the grass by either trading for seeds with Ms. Weeder and growing it yourself or by cutting down the grass from the patch where you craft clothing with a knife you get from the chef. The latter is easier.

Added 7th Aug 2010, ID #7919

where do you find the long green grass for suzy mcdress's long stylish skirt?

Added 18th Jun 2010, ID #1004


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