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Super Mario 64 Cheats cheat for Super Mario 64 DS


Super Mario 64 Cheats

Unlock Mario Key:
Defeat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room

Unlock Luigi Key:
Defeat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt

Unlock Wario Key:
With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully

Unlock White Room Key:
Catch all the Shinning Rabbits

Unlock Cannon:
To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.

Added by: Sanzano Feb 25th 2005, ID#69 and get
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How do you unlock the boxes

Added 22nd Mar 2015, ID #531661

What's behind the white door?

Added 26th Jul 2014, ID #425691

How do you complete the mission a quick race through downtown in wet dry world.

Added 24th Jun 2014, ID #405698

How do you complete the mission eye to eye in the secret room in big boo' s haunt cause I can't figure that out.

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #405421

How do you get to the balcony in big boo' s haunt.

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #405129

tell me how to get M L WAR WAL

Added 19th Jun 2014, ID #402533

my name is bob

Added 25th Jan 2014, ID #348178

I'm finding it impossible to do bowser so I try and I do it. For the fist bowser you need to spin him into one of those spikey things. DUH! Don't under estimate the power of 11 year old girls!

Don't argue either because girls are epic and awesome! ;)

wont somebody actually post a cheat OK I WILL.............

If you have the right R4 card and then yu can get any cheat possible! how cool XD. But be careful because it is illegal to own one in the uk becase yu buy the r4 card and then you can downlload ANY game for free and as many free games as you like[color=red][/color]

Added 19th Jan 2014, ID #345411

Is Warluigi in this game because my freind said he is

Added 27th Nov 2013, ID #322741

I have 64
and 63

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321349

Hey guys wanna know how to get all 4 lives
Back?? I'll tell you!!! Step 1:press start
Step 2:select quit Step 3:select save
Step 4:you're at the main menu now select
Adventure Step 5:select you're profile
Step 6:You're done

Added 10th Mar 2013, ID #262521


Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259283

Mario ha bisogno di avere gli spaghetti tutti i giorni? Egli arriva a grasso se mangia troppo. Perché lo fa? Scommetto che è di 300 kg o qualcosa del genere ...

Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #257815

does any body know how to kill bowser in his last life?

Added 15th Feb 2013, ID #254323

Come si scarica super mario 64 ds con mod Waluigi?

Added 31st Jan 2013, ID #248088

You can only get 150 stars! I have an Action Replay and even with it you can only get 150! Not more!

I want Waluigi!!!!!
Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #228189

I have 893 stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #224359

you can only get 150 stars

Added 16th Dec 2012, ID #222631

the game is cool plese give me cheats about mario a luigi bowsers in side story

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #197079

100 COINS!

Added 12th Sep 2012, ID #185544

ive got 136 stars but i need to beat the last level

Added 1st Aug 2012, ID #171020

Hi.i have 138 stars can't get last 12

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #160961

I love this game, but hints for smackdown vs. raw 2009 ds would be very helpful.

Please post hints for smackdown vs. raw 2009 ds. if you don't i'll be like this: :(
Added 2nd May 2012, ID #138889

i have 250 stars[img][/img]

Added 17th Jan 2012, ID #106837

Here's a hint:look at the touch screen, it shows how Mario is facing.

Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96685

try killing the ghoust

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #96193

i need help defeating bowser in the sky

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90557

these arent cheats their hint to in the

Added 25th Nov 2011, ID #90210

i have 142 stars i cant find anymore and i have found all the secret stars

Added 6th Nov 2011, ID #85566

how to beat bowser in fire in the sea

Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #84152

i have 240 stars people!!!!!!!!!!!!

mario expert
Added 29th Oct 2011, ID #83885

out of castle i see 2 doors 1 of them was left 1 of them right

Added 3rd Sep 2011, ID #72286

out and you wait you jump 3x and you right back you see last door you go in and there is table you jump and jump 3x you see door up there go in and you see real luigi picture

Added 3rd Sep 2011, ID #72285

on mario 64 i get 144 stars on my game

Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #70639

i need help getting 80 stars.i have 76 please email

Added 26th Aug 2011, ID #70355

how do u get the key to the double doors on the second floor of the castle

Added 18th Aug 2011, ID #68311

I have 29 stars

Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #63151

We are trying to figure out is there a code for the action replay card to turn a character into Bowser on SUper Mario 64 DS? Thank you

Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #63143

i will help you

Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #61640

I Only have 46 Stars. please help Me

Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #60926

i Only Have 46 Stars

Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #60925

How to unlock cannon without 150 stars? Buy the way hy!

Added 17th Jul 2011, ID #58738

please help me i cant complete lots of levels and i have 53 stars

Added 5th Jun 2011, ID #47138

if anyone see this let me know as fast as possible on how to get all 30 hidden stars all i have is 25 so if anyone is there plz let me know how to get the last 5 i have 145 stars so far so all i need is thos e thanks for the support if any one helps

Added 7th May 2011, ID #41867

i need 150 stars help me please i cant get the last 5

Added 7th May 2011, ID #41866

these cheats are radical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #38721

oh, thats where it is.

Added 21st Apr 2011, ID #38720

The luigi panting isn't in the mirror room it is in boos mansion

Added 24th Feb 2011, ID #30311

anyway, lets zip it about that i forgot how to swim on this.......and i forgot to mention that somewhere is
a maze-like bit on the boo mansion. and P.S. i got to
the top! bwahahaha!!!!!!!!! its not half bad up there.

Added 12th Feb 2011, ID #28873

it is quite tricky to get to, but at one point you should find a load of bookshelves, then you are on
the right track.

Added 12th Feb 2011, ID #28870


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