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your dogs can have puppies!

destiny williams asks: Added Jan 4th 2009, ID #135995

your dogs can have puppies!

People say your dogs can't have pups but you can I have 5 times! I'm NOT lieing plz anwser asap

Comment:(Jan 20 2009) I WILL TLL U HOW IF U LIKE and get

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mitch1872 answered: Added 30th Jan 2009, ID #300282
So tell me then cause ever one is saying they can't as there just puppies them selves and if you can breed them can you sell on the puppies they have and if so how much for
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millylilly answered: Added 30th Jan 2009, ID #300307
How plz tell me I've benn trying and I belive you caz my lil sister somehow had her pups have a pup and id really like it if you tell me *makes big puppys eyes*
Cooper00 answered: Added 11th Jun 2009, ID #312390
Can you please tell me??
sami_dog answered: Added 20th Jun 2009, ID #313044
NintendogCrazy answered: Added 12th Aug 2009, ID #317774
How can you???????? I'VE BEEN TRYING!!! I need & want 2 know!!!!!! Tell us!!!!!!!!!!1
rosemarra answered: Added 31st Aug 2009, ID #319359
Please please pretty please tell me all of my friends say you can't,and just the other day I was trying to find out how to make your dogs have babys.please ask me any question,im begging u!!!!!!
Tehwarrior256 answered: Added 18th Oct 2009, ID #322035
PLEASE!!! Tell me how!!! I'm beging!!! I've always wanted for my dogs to have pups!!! Tell me please!!! I realy wana know!!!
Guest answered: Added 2nd Aug 2010, ID #345645
i am trying it now
Guest answered: Added 4th Aug 2010, ID #346199
i`m trying but they won`t like eachother!=^l
Guest answered: Added 4th Aug 2010, ID #346224
Hey Im Maggie And You Can Hav puppys But I dont No how to hav them :(
Guest answered: Added 9th Aug 2010, ID #347797
The store wont let me buy the milk! :(
Guest answered: Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #352743
Guest answered: Added 25th Sep 2010, ID #357793
its pretty cool i'm trying it now with my husky winter and my retriever chester and its only been 3 days and she s already fat its so cool how long does it take and what do they look like just like the mother orjust like the father or a mix? :D
Guest answered: Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #361556
how long does it take??? and can you do it with 2 differant breeds??

Guest answered: Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #361978
I know how to get puppies! Below is how to get them:
1. Buy a male and a female (the same breed). Labradors are the easiest pugs are the hardest to breed.
2. Only give them milk and dry dog food. If you give them anything else, they won't have a puppy!
3. Try and get them to cuddle (lie on each other) 100 times!
4. You can give them baths and you can brush them.
5. Don't take the female for walks and contests. You can take the male for walks and contests but not all the time.
6. Put red ribbons on the female and a red collar on the male. (This will help the dogs know each other well).
7. You can play with the dogs but don't play with the Lisa Doll. (The male dog will like the doll better then the female dog and they won't have puppies).
8. Don't put on records. (Otherwise both of the dogs will fight each other and thats not good).
9. Don't take the dogs to bark mode.
10. You don't need 99 999 trainer points to breed the dogs.
11. It may take one week to three monthes to breed the dogs, so please be very patient with the dogs.
12. Also, buy your dogs on the same day and don't put either one in the dog hotel and don't have three dogs in your house at the same time.
If you follow these rules, you will end up
with a puppy.
Remember, the slightest change in this routine
your dogs won't have a puppy!
I hope you do well in breeding!
Guest answered: Added 23rd Oct 2010, ID #362471
i have shibas how do they get along
i am trying it now
Guest answered: Added 4th Nov 2010, ID #365053
you can hav pups i tried it with my dacshounds (Selena and Jake) and a few weeks later i had a pup it was sooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered: Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #367458
[b][/b] [i][/i] For all of the people who say you can't have puppies!!!
why do you think that? how else could all of these people get all this info and how else could they post so many vids on youtube, anyway I know for a fact that theu can have puppies because I have had shiba inu's and a\m currently breeding labs! my girls getting tubby again!!! but i have a question can each coupple only have 1 puppie each in their life time?? pleasew answer some one!!!
Guest answered: Added 28th Nov 2010, ID #369229
can golden retriever have pups i have 2 rex is the boy and jess is the girl and is it esy or hared and i have dalmashan and frenids my sister seid you pud the ds on charhe
but dont trn it off it dos not work plz tell me i am begging you
Guest answered: Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376734
I dont seem to understand. You can not buy milk so that makes it impossible. We are talking about Dachshund and friends, aren't we? You can buy milk in Dalmation and friends, but that's not possible in the game in diccusion. If you know how, I am pleased to hear. Otherwise, you must have been mistaken for the wrong game.
Guest answered: Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #377852
yes you can buy milk on dachshunds and friends i can do it on my ds i bought alot of milk in the store.
kirstenisawesome answered: Added 16th Jan 2011, ID #381399
i am very happy but if the cheat does not work i won't be happy, so make me happy make me happy people.
Guest answered: Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #384115

I believe you how do you do it

Guest answered: Added 30th Jan 2011, ID #384313
You can get milk on dachshund and friends because I got it by getting enough trainer points
Guest answered: Added 5th Feb 2011, ID #385470
You can I have 6 pups and got them from six dogs you can
Guest answered: Added 10th Feb 2011, ID #386404
I have got 2 duchshunds a girl and a boy I did not buy them at the same time dose that mean they can't have puppies? Please say they can.

Thankyou bff to who ever tells me first.
Guest answered: Added 13th Feb 2011, ID #386973
My dogs had puppies and there sook cute what you have to do is get a girl dog and a boy dog of the same gender and put the red ribbons in the girls hair and the blue coller on the boy and feed the boy wet food and the girl dry food and only feed them water and make them play with the bubbles and the pull rope do they play with eachother an they will soon grow to like eachother and then after 3 days you have 1 puppy and you name it and then you just treat it like a normal dog.
Guest answered: Added 23rd Feb 2011, ID #388874
You can hav milk after you get two dogs boy and a gal but my dogs just play!
Guest answered: Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #412239
Im trying it right now with my two siberian huskysthere soo cute 2gether, only thing is the ribbon is on her neck....
Guest answered: Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #416091
I am and have tried before.. The time I tried before I had beagles.. Waited 3-4 days.. And POOF nothing.. Then I read more about it and you have to wait 3-4 days just for the mama to start getting big! So I will try again and in a week or two I will tell you all the results! Even if it isn't true I'm going to have fun with it!!

Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #416551
What breeds did you breed? What breed was easiest? Whats the max and min amount of time they take to breed? Are there any "rules" that you have to follow or you won't get puppies? I want to do this but I'm not a nitendogs "Expert" please reply!

PS if anybody else had puppies, What breed did you choose and was it an easy breed to breed? And reply to the questions above! Thanks

Guest answered: Added 2nd Jul 2011, ID #418018
Yes you can have puppies I have seen many people do it and they don't have action role-play I am even doing it with my to pugs a male cream colored one named Otis I have 1 in real life and I have a black one named Ziggy the easiest way to do it is to keep them both in the house feed them milk and dry dog food do not play with them but you can bathe them and brush them ( the way to tell if your dog is pregnant is if you brush her and you look around her ground leg you will see the puppy kick ) that is the easies way to do it and it takes 4 days to 7 days it may take longer
Guest answered: Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #421742
I am using my golden retriever Cleo and my shiba inu Shuba!!
Guest answered: Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #422519
Can you do this with ones that you already had and have fed them water and dog food cans befor?
Guest answered: Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #422660
Sorry to burst your bubble kids but nintendogs can't have puppies.
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #425471
I once had a profile on my game and I had a girl husky and a boy husky they were very friendly towards each other but never ever had a puppy!
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #425538
Nintendogs CAN have puppies, all you have to do is only brush them, give them dryfood and milk, make sure they DON'T fight that much, they have to lie on each other 100x times, you have to have maximum trainer points, be gentle with them, (oh, and the one I'm doing includes the Flower Waltz music)
Guest answered: Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #426149
I just started breeding my huskies Miska and Seska. I can't wait to see the result. ^^
~ xxIchigoxx98
Guest answered: Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #427600
Its Easy get the same breed 1 boy 1 girl and make them cuddle 100 times it takes time but it's worth it you don't need 99999 points and it depends if they really like each other or not for how long it takes

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Guest answered: Added 3rd Aug 2011, ID #428423
Ok then. Plz say how you make a dog have puppies WITHOUT an action replay.
Guest answered: Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #431843
My dogs really loved eachother and the female fat and I can see the puppy kicking but now sometimes my dogs fight is that good or bad oh and someone said you have to take them on short walks so they can go toilet is that true can labs breed please help me
Guest answered: Added 17th Aug 2011, ID #433300
DONT TAKE YOUR DOGS ON WALKS! That ruinz it you have to just leave them in the house so they bond and the milk dry food no play blah blah blah. Oh and labz are the eziest to breed
Guest answered: Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #434755
Heyy I'm Britt and I have a shih-tzu and a golden retriver.Will it work if I try and breed them???
Guest answered: Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #436170
Hay the breeding is easy just make them wear somming red feed milk and dry food 3 days 2 2weeks and she is pregnant but make shore that the girl is wering a rose don't take them for walks or teach them trikes or compitishans hope I helpt you

Guest answered: Added 30th Sep 2011, ID #444031
K listen when you are at the shop click the natrual dog bag and the dry food (the food you can feed them)look around on the bags, you will see crowns. Notice there is no crown on the can... Then, on the milk (the drink you can give them) it says soft on TUMMY, it's picture is of a momma and baby dog, it also has a crown on the top. Suspicious? My pup is preg rite now.beat that non believers
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Guest answered: Added 18th Nov 2011, ID #456679
I think you can. Wat the people say are really good reasons to believe that they can.I'm trying it myself
Guest answered: Added 22nd Nov 2011, ID #457661
Here is how buy a female dog and a male dog then wait say about two days and they will not be puppies any more they will be dogs

After the two days feed the female milk and dry food DO NOT take the female on bark mode on walks and NOT on contests you can do that with the male dog but it's best to leave him in the house with the female because thats how the female dog and the male dog will start to like eachover thirst they may have fights and bite eachover but they will make up to make them cuddle (lay on top of eachover) you will need to keep the male in the house keep doing this everyday and afetr 4 days they will have pups AND I'm NOT LIENG IF YOU don't BELIVE ME GO ON YOUTUBE TYPE IN NINTENDOGS HOW TO HAVE PUPS AND CLICK ON A VIDIO AND WATCH THE VIDIO AND THEY HAVE PUPS HOLDING A CAMERA TAPING THE VIDIO SO it's REAL please... Trust me on this one!!!
Nintendogs fact answered: Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #463142
This is a lie. I have tried it. They are puppies themselves and are not able to have puppies. Not only have I tried I called customer service and they say it is impossible since they are puppies and do not age. Trust me I really did call and it really is impossible.
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Guest answered: Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #499785
Im confused about personalities as I have two dogs but don't no one of there personality as had him 4 four years but the girl I have had a few months and unsure of their personalitites as I truly don't remember I'm trying to breed them like everyone says puttong a rose flower on both of them hope it workd for me just I'm stuck on this question about personality thanks
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Guest answered: Added 14th Aug 2012, ID #532019
Hi,I bought 2 dogs male and female and they cuddle each other when I visit them but I have some questions: about the brushing how can the female kick when brusing I whan to know because if I brush my dog lady she moves her back leg and scratches her body is that means she prgnt??????? And if they are clean can I brush them or check the female by brushing?
Guest answered: Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #557025
You have to(10 ways to do it)first you feed your dog 4 bottels of milk then take the male for a competishion.then female for a walk and then have a pup
Guest answered: Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #559119
Yes you cab have puppies in nintendogs plus cats. You have to have the same breed of dog but colors can be different. You have to feed them dry food and milk always, you can wake the male and enter the competitiona but it's better to just leave them together for about a week. And it would be a lot better if you have high trainer points. It insures that it will work better am just barely going to try this myself so I hope I helped some of you. Thank you!
Lian answered: Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #565369
I'm breeding my German sherperd dogs now. Can't wait for Selena to have a puppy in a couple days or weeks!!!
Guest answered: Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #579852
I have two Shibas Chance and Bella and I'm trying it.
Here is a checklist to see if you're doing it right/wrong:

1. Are they the same breed? (color doesn't matter)

2. Do they both have the SAME GOOD personalities?

3. Do they fight? (A HUGE No)

4. Are you taking the female on walks a/o competitions? (Another HUGE No)

5. Are you feeding them milk and dry food? (You must or you can use natural dog food bag)

6. Are you playing with them? (I don't know if you can so at your own risk)

7. Do you have a space for the puppy? (Let the dogs you want to breed ALONE; No other dogs with them)

8. Are you keeping them in good health? (Never filthy,hungry,thirsty,etc.)

9. Is the male with the female mostly? (Some people say they have to cuddle 100 times, don't worry, it will be easy if they like each other)

10. Are you letting the female rest? (I don't recommend playing with her for long periods of time)

Other Things:

You do not need 99 999 trainer points.

You can NOT let them drink water.

Do not do one day dry food then the other day natural dog food bag.

If your dog runs away (when you're on the home page too long) it will not count as a walk.

Brush your female to check her stomach, if it is kicking your female is pregnant.

Good Luck!

MyTMastiffGirl answered: Added 9th Jul 2013, ID #595902
Breeding is completely possible
And Lian, I ACCIDENTLY put water out, but they didnt drink it. Is it still ok. And how do you just start over.
I mean, do you get new dogs or what?!!M
Guest answered: Added 16th Dec 2013, ID #610876
If they did not drink the water then you r ok.

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