how do you breed nintendogs

Guest asks: Added Jul 17th 2010, ID #157644

how do you breed nintendogs

how do you breed nintendogs please help and get

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Guest answered: Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #355170
i really don't know i am trying to breed my beagles on nintendogs they are beagles.heres what im doing 1.feed only dry food and milk 2. only walk male 3.bathe daily 4.this may take a while
Guest answered: Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #355172
i really don't know i am trying to breed my beagles on nintendogs they are beagles.heres what im doing 1.feed only dry food and milk 2. only walk male 3.bathe daily 4.this may take a while
Guest answered: Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #359669
Action Replay:Fake Puppy, (Hope this Helps)
first:select the dog modifier code choose the breed you want.
Second:Boot up game as normal Get a small dog(Chihuahua)in the bottom right corner.
Third:Save while holding R L then you have Fake puppy

Lypop answered: Added 13th Nov 2010, ID #366595
First Feed them both milk then dry food dont do ANYTHING whith the female just leave it there at home if the male and female fight them you have to star all over again but make sure the cuddle alot!
Guest answered: Added 21st Nov 2010, ID #367971
you have to get the pull toy and have they boy and the girl(same breed) play with it for a long time and they become really close. then u have to feed the girl only milk and biscuits the boy biscuits and water and then play the flower waltz record and then the girl will dance and so will the boy and then the girl will fall and the boy will help her up and then mount her and then quickly save and wait a few days and then.....
PPUPPIES!! hope this helps!
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Guest answered: Added 22nd May 2011, ID #406860
Okay so you buy 2 dogs of the same breed.Feed them ONLY milk and dryfood. The male can do anything, normal everyday stuff. Female ignore her, don't play with her, don't take her on walks, compititions,or tricks. Dont take them to a hotel eiether! Make sure they cuddle!!!! Hope this really helped!

Guest answered: Added 9th Jun 2011, ID #411179
Im new at this but just feed them milk and dryfood. Bathe daily
.don't play with female or walk her..... Soooo
Guest answered: Added 14th Jun 2011, ID #412487
OK I would NOT take the female on a walk or enter her in a compitetions. You CAN take the boy dog for walks or compitetion. Feed them ONLY dry food and milk. THEY HAVE TO LIKE EACH OTHER!!!!If it is working you will see the female start to get more tired, and the male will cuddle her more. Look it up youtube for more help.
Guest answered: Added 2nd Jul 2011, ID #418044
Ok, I've seen the video on youtube so.........

1. Feed both dry food and milk.
2. Make sure they cuddle, it doesn't matter how much
3. Same breed but can be different colors
4. Ignore the female (I know, it's sad!)
5. Take the male anywhere
6. You HAVE TO be patient so wait for a week or two
7. Have FUN!!!!
Guest answered: Added 18th Jul 2011, ID #423125
You know if it is working if you see the female start to half close her eyes like she is exausted and her belly start to swell and doesn't run around as much
Guest answered: Added 21st Jul 2011, ID #424090
She may be less activ and might get fat and encres of apatit
Guest answered: Added 26th Jul 2011, ID #425653
Feed them natural/organic dog food and milk. Dont wash, walk or enter contests with the dogs. Brush the dogs everday. Make sure theyre the same breed, but they don't have to be the same colour.
Guest answered: Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #427790
Ok, play the friendly whiff record they should cuddle if they love eachother,
Then save.
Itl be best if you feed em milk an natural dog food it has no artificial colours or preservities.
Put the rose on the female and lucky collar on the boy I would recommend you put the clover clock on just for good luck
Nintendogbreeder answered: Added 3rd Aug 2011, ID #428520
To give your dogs any chance of producing puppies you have to plan it carefully. First you obviously need and male and a female. Choose dogs of a different colour and personality if possible. This is because dogs that are too alike often don't get on. Also the more trainer points you have the better your chances of breeding. Don't get dogs that are jumpy or naughty. Ideally,the male should have the "full of love" personality and the female the "laid back" and "easy to love" personality. This way they are most compatible. Avoid tiny dogs to breed with (they don't work) Shiba Inu's, beagles and Golden retrievers are best as they are quiet natured. You should not have any other dogs at home. Leave them to bond for a couple of days until they start to behave a little more maturely (e.g. Less barking and chasing) While your trying to breed them you should not do anything with the female except brush her and stroke her. (The male can go on short walks but should still spend a considerable amount of time with the female)Feed them dry food and milk. (they are most likely to breed at night so never take out the male after 8:00pm You should make the female were the rose for romance and the male the lucky collar. Play the friendly whiff record to get them in the cuddling mood. If they fight you should play the flower waltz record (so they dance) to distract them. Don't give them toys, it will encourage them to fight. Now choose a dog that you think is the quickest at learning tricks. When they go to cuddle the other dog the light bulb will appear on the menu were their name is. Click on it and say "cuddle" Keep doing this until they learn it. I did this with my female and now when I shout cuddle she trots over and gives my male a cuddle. This will encourage them to mate. Be patient and in there own time she will become pregnant and get fatter. Whether she will give birth or not I'm not sure so just keep her happy!
Guest answered: Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #428881
You can mate with any kind of breed together and let them get use to each other and don't go on walks or comtest or anything with female but you can with male don't go away with male alot though. If the cuddle that means they like each other and they are mating yayyyyy!!!! Good luck
Guest answered: Added 17th Aug 2011, ID #433360
Hey everyone, People say you can"t breed. WRONG! You can breed the theory has been proven well here is how to breed. Hope this helps!
1:First choose a dog (It will be helpful if you choose a loving dog)
2:Choose a bigger dog like a German Shepherd,
Labrador, And just big dogs but I would not recommend smaller dogs like chihuahuas, dachshunds, I would not recommend cavalier king Charles spaniel but you can try
3: Only feed them Milk and Dry food (you can try natural dry food but never both dry foods together!)
4: Make sure they cuddle lots! But the whole 100x cuddle thing that"s a myth they can cuddle as much as they like but try to keep it in the 100 range they can even do it more!
5: In about 4 days your female should be fatter then usual, and not as jumpy,and sleeping more than normal
6: Try to get off after an hour just so they have some time " alone " to bond more
7: Do whatever you would like with the male but I would"nt really recommend it for the female
8: Do not enter the female in anything leave her at the house and don"t play with her at all I know it's sad but if you want your puppy it has to happen
9:Don"t get mad if this does"nt work the first time it might take a while I don"t know it matters on how well they behave with each other and if the fight don"t do anything they will stop
10:Your puppy should be here in a week or two so have fun with your new puppy
Guest answered: Added 18th Aug 2011, ID #433586
Yes, you can breed in nintendogs, I'm doing it now. Here's what you need to do.
1. Buy 2 dogs of the same breed, male and female (they must both rarely get into fights).
2.Put them in your room with no other dogs. ONLY THOSE TWO!
3. Feed them only milk and dry food or natural dog food (But not both at the same time).
4. Do NOT walk them NOT EVEN THE MALE!!!!!! And NO CONTESTS!!
5. Don't give them baths, but if they're dirty, brush them.
6. Don't give them ANY attention. Let them be.
7. Check on them every day to feed them. You can watch them cuddle, but try to give them some alone time.
If you follow all of these rules, your female should become pregnant in about 4 days. You'll get your puppy in a week.
Hope this helped!
NintendogsFreak11 answered: Added 23rd Aug 2011, ID #435124
YES, you can! I am doing it right now,
1. Get a female and a male, same breed, different colors, make sure in their personality it has something to do with love
2. Feed them only dry food and milk
3. NOTHING FOR THE FEMALE, no walks, no contests, no no no! Don't even pay attention to her! You can take the male on walks, but nor often. (he needs to spend time with the female)
4. Only brush the female if she is dirty, you can do anything to the male.

Guest answered: Added 10th Sep 2011, ID #440015
You CAN breed your nintendogs, and it does not say ANYWHERE in the manuel that you can't! Everyones instructions are correct, but you can bath them if they are filthy. The way to check that she is pregnant is to go to brush screen and not brush her, and if you watch her stomach carefully, you should see the puppy kicking (if it's working).
Guest answered: Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #442512
I'm breeding my labs. I just want to know, which food is better for breeding. Dry food or Natural dog food.
Guest answered: Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #442515
Here is whar I've heard from the answers so far and from youtube:
Get 2 of the same breeds(different colors)
Feed them only Dry food or Natrual dog food(I know I spelled that word wrong).
Don't do anything with them. For faster results don't take out the boy.
Bathe them if their filthy.
It should take about 4 to 7 days for the female to get pregnet.
You will see if it is pregnet by seeing it beeing less active and get fat.
Then, you will get a puppy!
I'm doing this with my labs. Please tell me if it works. I have never acomplished this b4.:D
Guest answered: Added 26th Oct 2011, ID #450669
I am breeding my labs on nintendogs+cats. The male called Billy and the female called Pixie.I am going to have a go at breeding them. I am going to boost there friendship first. It really helps!
Guest answered: Added 22nd Feb 2012, ID #485100
Is it impossible to breed Chihuahua's or is it just really really hard to do it?

Guest answered: Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #486458
Here are signs the female pup is pregnant if the female is very fast to be hungry or thirsty if it becomes fat when you brush her you will see the stomach kicking something there and not energetic like the same

Guest answered: Added 31st Jul 2012, ID #527186
Weird I used an action replay cheat and my 2 dalmations bred and got a labrador as a puppy really weird all I did was hold L+R for unlimited cash and my two dogs had a labrodor it's so weird
Guest answered: Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #531455
Okay I'm going to tell you how to breed your nintendogs. You need 99999 trainer points, if you don't it's okay, the only problem if you don't your chance of getting puppies will be low. Only give them milk and dry food. I would recomend you don't take the male out for a walk/competition. You can't take the female anywhere. Only go on to take care of them. I'm going to tell you an easy way to get 99999 trainer points. Go to supplies list, care, brush then just leave it there. Personalities you should look for in your dog are rarely gets in fights, laid back, or full of love. Hope this helps.
By Deja
Guest answered: Added 8th Oct 2012, ID #543535
Yes! I JUST GOT A PUPPY! Here are my tips:

1. Dont do anything to female ( pet her,play,walk,ect.)

2. The male has to cuddle the female or vice versa.

3. Female= no competitions!

4. Please be paitent.

5. Dont swap female or male ( this will start you over in the breeding process.

6. It does NOT matter how much trainer points you have.

7. Feed dry or organic food and no water, just milk.

8. In about 1-3 weeks you'll have a puppy...

9 ...but wait. If you don't see your female getting fat, try again.

PS: A good way to tell shes pregnant is to select CARE then brush the female. If her stomache is kicking or bulging, shes ready!

Guest answered: Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #548989
I will tell all of you how to breed your nintendogs

1. Must have two dogs (male and female)

2. They don't have to be the same color

3. Do not play with them at all (especially with the female)

4. Bathe daily

5. Only feed dry food and milk

6. Let them cuddle

7. Only play the game when your going to take care of them

8. I would recommend not taking the male on walks (but you may not take the female on a walk)

Hope this helps
jcallow123 answered: Added 9th Dec 2012, ID #555807
Yes you can breed nintendogs
Feed them only dry food and milk
Do not take the female on any walks or contests
Do not give them any attention
In one to three weeks you will have a puppy
I am currently doing this with my shiba inus

Guest answered: Added 1st Jan 2013, ID #561445
I got two caveliers, Lucky and Lilly, and they have only fought once. They cuddle alot and sleep together. I only got them today, and they already like eachother. Is that a good sign? They always walk together, and when I throw a tennis ball, Lucky runs to get it then gives it to Lilly
Guest answered: Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #571436
1. Get two dogs a female and a male they both have to be the same kind of dog can be different colors ( pick a friendly dog ) .
2. Fedd them only milk and dry food .
3.don't take eirther of them to a walk bark mode contest leave them alone
4. Dont play with them leave them to cuddle about 30 min each day and the female should get pregnat.
Questions: should we brush the female ?
- no , you can see the baby but don't brush .


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