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Free Pokemon cheat for Pokemon Platinum


Free Pokemon

During the game go to the given location and complete the following tasks or see the indicated person to receive the corresponding free Pokemon.

60 - Poliwag:
When you have the Natonal Dex go to the Day Care Center and speak to the man in front (50% chance of being Shiny).

79 - Slowpoke:
Show a child in the Seal shop a Pokemon with a caplse on it.

133 - Eevee:
Visit Bebe in Hearthome City.

137 - Porygon:
Talk to a man in a house in Veilstone.

175 - Togepi:
Rescue the Bike Shop manager from the Eterna City Galactic building to receive an egg containing Togepi from Cynthia.

447 - Riolu:
When you complete the mini quest with Riley and he will give you a Riolu egg at the end.

440 - Happiny:
Talk with a Hiker at Hearthome City and he will give you a Happiny egg.

441 - Chatot:
Talk to person in Eterna city

Added by: Sanzano Mar 24th 2009, ID#10596 and get
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hi ploywag is a fake

Added 4th Jun 2014, ID #393687

Poliwag doesn't work

Added 23rd Jun 2013, ID #292401

whats a calpse

Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #205389

poliwag dont work

Added 13th Jul 2012, ID #163627

person? what person there is a lot of people

Added 10th Jun 2012, ID #151205

I have a shamin and a manaphy the pokemon I will trade for them is an event celebi by the way they are both leaval 100

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139785


Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #130122

There is no slowpoke!!
Yeah there is a Poliwag!
And all of the others as well!
They're all here but slowpoke!

Added 29th Oct 2011, ID #83861

i tried all the pokemon but i could not get them [video][img][img][img][img][/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/video]

Added 21st Oct 2011, ID #81836

theres no flippin poliwag

Added 4th Oct 2011, ID #78377

i can get one if i wanted to but without using action replay ive got somthing better and i dont need to enter the codes to get it. it comes with it

Added 4th Oct 2011, ID #78245

wow they work i am just about to try the poliwag cheat....HOPE IT WORKS!!!!

Added 10th Jul 2011, ID #56615

What is the cheat?

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #55084

dose any one have a shiny dialga

Added 2nd Jul 2011, ID #54257

just look for them, im sure they exist

Added 29th May 2011, ID #45746

235929 096632 987623 097377 000000 dgdka0

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44777

isnt there a cheat for lv. 244 or somtin eevee

Added 23rd May 2011, ID #44590

hey,anybody exept me is horrible

Added 21st May 2011, ID #44191

hey im looking for a manaphy or a shamyn any lv im willing to give 4 legendary pokemon for them

Added 18th May 2011, ID #43728

Heads up, the Happiny, not so much for Platinum... only Diamond and Pearl. BTW thanks! Does the Poliwag really work?

Added 5th May 2011, ID #41578

give me $100 and you can have it

Added 24th Apr 2011, ID #39462

Listen, I need a code for ONE Shiny Rayquaza for Pokemon Platinum, not 30 (a box full), I don't need that many Rayquazas. I just need a Shiny Rayquaza code with this moveset: Spacial Rend, Dragon Rush, Flare Blitz, Sky Attack. If you can make that moveset on a Shiny Rayquaza, I would be so happy. Also, can you put a Fateful Encounter mark on it, I just want to make sure it didn't unlock any special event or anything if you know what I mean. So please, do this for me, I have all lv.20's and my team sucks, so can I recieve this Rayquaza from a green man in the Pokemart? If you can't do that, then just put it in Slot 1, Box 1. If you can upload the code as soon as possible, I will try to give you new code ideas! Thanks in advance!! If anybody can give me a code, ANYBODY, I would be pleased to recieve the code and Rayquaza.

Added 31st Mar 2011, ID #35084

there is no poliwag i dont even remember that in diamond or pearl

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23101

Happiny is only in Diamond and Pearl.

Added 20th Dec 2010, ID #21740

thx 4 the info

Added 15th Nov 2010, ID #18281


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