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How To Kill Dialga And Claim His Throne! cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


How To Kill Dialga And Claim His Throne!

Well, most people are like, WHAT TO DO?, but some people say: Relacs, chill you only need a vilont seed and a vile seed. But that is NOTthe case. To kill Dialga and claim his throne get a vile seed alone and make sure one of you or your parther knows Dig I.e: The killer move, because matched with Endeveor I.e: The Hacker it is an INSTENT KILL. To overthrow, just go back and beat him again when you graduate from the guild. He joins you and you are Emprie of the world

Added by: KobKob Oct 26th 2011, ID#16324 and get
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[size=12][/size] i am team AceCane and we are 3 star master rank. we are a lvl 76 lucario and a lvl 60 sumthin Snorlax and i as a lucario have the best IQ! Now when i was a riolu we did not need dig or a vile seed we had a blinker seed and hunger seeds which makes dialga easy to beat if he does not havethe iq self curer . how come all legends have like oh i dont know, 1000 HP?!?! I MEAN JEEZ WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

Added 23rd Jun 2012, ID #155937

I had a Treecko and mudkip, lvl. 48. It is useful because they will both learn Protect or Detect at a certain lvl. When Dialga fights you, switch off all your partners moves except Protect, so he will only use that move. With your partners health off your shoulders, use Detect/Protect yourself. While the move is still wearing off use tough moves like i used Giga Drain + Mega Drain. Aerial Ace proved to be simply useless. Make sure to have Max Elixirs 2, so when u or partner runs out of Protect/Detect, you can eat that. I hope that helps though!

Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #154574

i have level 100 pikachu and charmander and killed him in 2 moves too easy

Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148872

you don't need a vile seed with the move dig, you a violent seed and the move focus punch. THATS HOW I WON AGAINST DIALGA

Added 1st Jun 2012, ID #147766

I have a riolu(partner) and an evee who both know dig and I STILL cant beat him! help me pleasepleaseplease!!!!

Added 13th May 2012, ID #141901

im team frost leaf and im now at the highest rank you can get(master rank).Im a level 85 blastoise and my partner is a level 85 sceptile.wen i beat dialga i am pretty sure i was a level 35-40 squirtle and my partner was a levle 35-40 treeko.i just used lots of reviver seeds and sleep seeds.

Added 11th May 2012, ID #141201


Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133427

im team frontier im am guildmaster rank. i am swampert lv.78 and my partner donphan lv.75 i well beat any of you in the explorer maze at moroawk dojo

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133359

ahem, no. the best thing to do, In my case if you are a vulpix with pikachu as your partner, have your partner hold a power band, know focus punch, and give them a violent seed, then use Imprison on Dialga a there you go. Instant kill, for me.

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133310

Dudes, i had a Riolu and a Totodile, at under lvl 40, and got dialga.

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131884


Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #131045

Guys, you can't claim his throne. ARE YOU ALL A BUNCH OF 1st GRADERS???

Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #131043

you or your partner should know smokescreen trust me the only times live NEVER been able the defeat Dialga is from not having smokescreen so i suggest a cyndiquil :3

Added 8th Apr 2012, ID #131012

A Piplup and Pikachu

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129307

i have bulbasaur level 47(main) and squirtle level 47 (partner) helppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16th Mar 2012, ID #123419

Use Vulpix and Eevee (if you have them) imprison and will freeze Dialga for a turn or two. Then just beat up on him till he is dead. you don't even need reviver seeds, they level up so quickly that dialga just goes "THUNK"

Added 12th Mar 2012, ID #122450

um i have a treeko lvl 47 and torchic lvl 46 and i cant win aagainst dialga what do i do

Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #120238

bring 3pages of reviever seeds. You don't even need strong moves likke dig. i have totodile and shink

Added 9th Feb 2012, ID #113365

Just grab a sleep seed and two X-eye seeds. Use your strongest moves if you want. He isn't going to attack you if you use the X-eye seed. If you run out of 'em use the sleep seed. Dialga is so weak.


Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107251

i have skitty (main) and vulpix (partner) my partner had imprison and it was really easy after you use it.

PS: make sure to have alot of status problem seeds to throw too

Added 3rd Jan 2012, ID #102423

When your a riolu Lv. 40, Force palm's a killer when combined with an E-Eye Seed. Bring another X-Eye or a sleep seed, just in case. Stock reviver seeds.

Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95822

i have a piplup and a skitty
any ideas??

Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #95148

I used a chimchar and a mudkip. worked out really well. killed him in like four turns. chimchar's moves: flamethrower, flame wheel, focus punch, and overheat.

Added 11th Dec 2011, ID #94386

I beat him 2nd time with pikachu lvl 58 and chickorita lvl 56

Added 10th Dec 2011, ID #93900

awesome ty

Added 28th Nov 2011, ID #91082


Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #90852

i love treeko as a partner because i like how he uses quick attack after you use a use so you defeat the opponent before it attacks you

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90470

i used a turtwig and mudkip and i let my mudkip use envendor and then used two razor leafs and beat him i use him to level up so every time it says diagla wants to jion your team say no!!!! I grew 10 levels doing that

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90469

yeh, but dialga isnt that cool is

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90280

Well basically you don't need to use the move dig. I had a Cyndaquil and Treecko. They worked very well since Treecko can learn the move Agility and Cyndaquil can use Lava Plume. If you have very weak pokemon then I suggest you to start over the game and start out with Cyndaquil and Treecko. They might be useless now but I'm telling you, they are very useful in the future. I am already in Guildmaster rank. Lol

Added 15th Nov 2011, ID #87567

If you dont have a ground type or a fighting type, the plan is all off, because IT has to be a ground/fighting type. It is hard and took me three trys before I killed him. Oh and he is weaker when you kill him the second time

Added 27th Oct 2011, ID #83298

Wow...That sounds easy but It will be hard seeming that I DON'T HAVE DIG!!!! Are you sure this plan is full proof?

Added 27th Oct 2011, ID #83293


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