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Kecleon on the Loose! cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


Kecleon on the Loose!

Stealing from Kecleon is not easy, believe me! I am Team Desolate, and my hobby is stealing from those CRAZY Kecleon. Follow these 5 easy steps, and you can steal from Kecleon, too!

1.) Bring Quick Seeds. Kecleon, If you steal from them, are very fast, 2x the speed you are! so get things quick with Quick Seeds!

2.) Bring 5 Vanish Seeds. Vanish Seeds are awesome to have with you! The turn you invisible! Kecleon can't see you if you have Vanish Seeds!

3.) Bring 3 Pure Seeds. Pure Seeds make you warp immediately to the stairway, but watch out! There is a 25% chance that there will be a Kecleon at the stairway, so #4 comes in nicely!

4.) Bring 4 Hurl Orbs. These fellows will hurl those Kecleon out of the way!

5.) Make sure you have no statuses before you go up the stairway. Otherwise, you will lose all of the stolen items, and half of all your items will turn into Plain Seeds. So there is a risk to stealing. I can deal with that. But can YOU?

Hope this helps,
PMD EOS PokeMaster

Added by: PMD EOS Pokemaster Jul 26th 2010, ID#14341 and get
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I remember when I was a Treecko and my partner was Pikachu, I stole from Kecleon and I fought him, without those items and I won.

Added 22nd Nov 2014, ID #474757

I recruited kecleon before but it took me about 5 tries.And now ive tried literally 30 tries and ive still didnt get him and I have everything I need.

Added 11th Aug 2014, ID #434600

I cant do it I try and try over and I'm 32.I TRIED 1,000,000 Times and I counted but I still cant recruit him its a waste of your life trust me and I was 10 when I was playing this game since and my wife left me

Added 19th Jun 2013, ID #291462

The best way to get items from the Kecleon is by using Trawl Orbs or Pure Seeds. Before I had AR I just bought from him, and for some reason about three of my items turned into Plain Seeds. Kecleon is the real thief!

Added 27th May 2013, ID #285696

Amber tear needed please

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248854

i think dialga with every IQ holding time shield it was so easy to beat keckleon

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248549

i recuited a kecleon im team flare fist and i can give u wonder codes on any item! if u want 1 just ask

Added 15th Jan 2013, ID #242937

To recruit Kecleon you need
1. Pokemon that has IQ Skill Fast Friend
(Cresselia, Togetic, etc)
2. Be level 95-100.
3.You need to have Golden Mask or
Amber Tear.
4.Also do not forget to bring a good amount
of Violent Seeds (they boost your attack and
special attack to the max)
5.You need some Mobile Orbs and tons of
Apples/Big Apples/Huge Apples.
6.Steal from Kecleon, go into a wall -
pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
P.S. A few Reviver Seeds will also be good.
Good luck and happy recruiting Kecleon!

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #231893

this is the best thing to steal from those f*ucking keckleons,first bring an escape orb,then go on the mat and take all the items(DO NOT LEAVE THE MAT)use the escape orb and tada,you stole evrything whithout getting harmed.i hope this helps all of you.

Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #226027

I fought him today EPIC FAIL

Added 18th Dec 2012, ID #224072

I got away 56 times!I'm Lv:100.I'm still not impressed.Kecleon are so weak.(sigh)I need a challenge!I'm now a Lucario.Still not impressed.

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211290


once my partner attacked kelakin and I lost. [now i have AR so i can get kelacans items].

Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #175173

i have done it 2 times by bring a pure seed and a blast seed first eat the blast seed while looking at him then let your pokemon attack him once he died get the items eat the pure seed and he wont go robbed robbed iv been robbed catch that theif unti u get to the stairs

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166618

those kecleon are frickin nuts did all of that stuff but the next floor it's a boss fight against 50 FRICKIN KECLEON and if you win the leader kecleon is blue if you beat him all the others go away and the next floor is CHOCK FULL OF EPIC ITEMS!

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156354

Here's a way to steal items from a kecleon shop:
1.bring a trawl orb(or pure seed)
2.find kecleon shop
3.if you have a trawl orb go to the staircase and use the orb.If you have a pure seed gather up all the items.
4.if you have the pure seed,eat it and go up(or down) the stairs.if you have a trawl orb gather all the items and RUN to the stair case.

Hope this helps!

Added 11th Jun 2012, ID #151578

Hi I am Team Eviolite... you dont have to WASTE all those Items! Just Bring a team of ghosts, (I recommend Haunter, Mismagius,Bannete, and a Mewtwo (optional)), To flee easily and Mewtwo to hold them off (lv.100 with Aura Spear & Psychic.) you need tons of apples.
the easy way with the trawl orb... but u dont have fun with that one.

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149222

I just stole from him and ran for my life, my teammembers held him up and I got to the stairs in time (the stairs were pretty close and I got lucky)

Added 4th Mar 2012, ID #120320

I steal from them everyday. I always have x-ray glasses with me so I can find him easily and either I stand on the stairway and trawl all the items or take them and use my pure seed. The besr thing I have done was steal a bunch of gold ribbons and then sell them to him on another floor just to steal them again along with all the money he paid me for them ;)

Added 13th Feb 2012, ID #114797

Pshaw! I hate those Kecleon too.

Added 15th Jan 2012, ID #106164

Bunny jjhhhh jjhbbbhhjygh

Added 2nd Jan 2012, ID #102205

I have recruited a Kecleon, but it was not easy. My Blastoise was level 100 and it still took some damage. You need the golden mask or amber tear plus a LVL 91+ pokemon. then their recruit rate is -0.5% get the fast friend IQ skill and bingo, your chance of getting a Kecleon is (and it won't get higher) 1 in 200... it still sucks dosent it?

Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100353

bring nothing and use action replay recruit cheat:D

Added 28th Dec 2011, ID #99492

I had Keckleon join my team, but it was a cheat code.

Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #88635

just get a pokemon with agility and use a pure seed: simple

Added 14th Nov 2011, ID #87488

i did it during the expedition and died

Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #86949

Ok im going to try that and ill tell you if it works wish me luck on not getting killed there

Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #86631

I will try to recruit one later using my Darkrai, and only Darkrai. He has the IQ skill time tripper, so he is always at double speed. He can hide in the walls to avoid damage, and he knows ominous wind, which hits everyone in the room. Not to mentions I used a ginseng frink on omnious wind. Plus, Keckleon's color change will make it a ghost type, making ominous wind do more damage. I will not use the friend bow, instead, I think the golden mask will be better. Those are my plans, I will post later on whether I succeed or not.

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #86025

LMFAO! I saw those comments on recruitinga Keckleon by beating with a Lv.100. My Lv. 100 Lucario couldn't even take them down, much less recruit one. They have crazy defences! My best hit only did about 30 damage. Props to anyone who has actually recruited one.

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #86024

Different ways to steal from Keckleon:

1. Geta Trawl Orb. Go to the stairway and use the trawl orb. Then pick-up items(be quick, cause multiple Keckleons will show up very fast). Finally, make your way out of the dungeon.

2. Use a pokemon that can go through walls. Steal the items then travels through the walls till you find the stairs. Make sure you have food to eat.

3. Get a pure seed and steal the items. Then eat the seed and go down (or up) the stairs.


-The Keckleon are invincible.
-Escape do not work after you steal the stuff.
-If you try to buy something without having enough money, Keckleon will attack.
-I have heard that sometimes Keckleon will appear on other floors to attack you.
-If you can't find any of the mentioned above items, a vanish seed will hide you from these Keckleon.

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #86018

Well Rex, you seem to say you are the better team iv'e herd

Added 6th Nov 2011, ID #85655

Yeah i know about your team.Your that guy ho is friend with team Charm and team Raider.I am a charizard called Rex level 100 with 999 hp and max stats.My team is called team Dynamyte.

Added 4th Nov 2011, ID #85040

I can't beileve it! I stole from the Kecleon shop without any cheats or items exept a single Reviver Seed! I am LV.100 and have 493HP and stats above 200 and I am a Typhlosion. I have a Action Replay but I am talking about what hapened before I had one.I am the leader of a team called team Aura, if you know about my team.

Added 2nd Oct 2011, ID #77931

1. Use Trawl Orb...

Yeah, that's it.

Added 30th Sep 2011, ID #77435

HAHAHA i alway use a pure seed there are like my bff.if i dont have any I RUN FOR MY LIFE

Added 3rd Aug 2011, ID #63649

you try to be Lv 100 it will beat of keclean shop with fire type you must a hp is 999 of my Typhlosion i beat him everday :-) but i really want kecleon to join I beat castform in hidden land then kecleon

Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #61057

bring a pure seed and a trawl orb then use the pure seed and then use the trawl orb then steal the items andthe stairs are right next to you. loser kelekons.

Added 18th Jun 2011, ID #50247

just use a trawl orb. simple as.

Added 15th Jun 2011, ID #49431

ok first of all ha ha lol and no way should you try and steal from kecleon hes awesome and its all based on how you think believe it or not so keep that in mind and i dont have wireless so dont ask and a few reviver seeds which were kinda mentioned by guest 16130 and you could knock him out no prob but i just buy what i want and be gone you know all that good jazz but i have explorers of sky and soon my cousin will be getting EXOD and that should help me with a lot of thing that i maybe cant do on EXOT i might join this site so look for the name AC3

Added 15th Jun 2011, ID #49422

By the way, he only attacks you if you throw it and it lands off of the mat/rug thing.

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48756

I took a seed from the shop and pressed throw and it flew. After that I just left and Kecleon was like "Are you gonna pay for that?" And I was like "no." He started attacking me and then another came up. They defeated me and then the game sent me back home and I went to sleep for the night. I woke up to find that I lost half of my money and most of my items had turned into plain seeds :(

Added 12th Jun 2011, ID #48755

try this:
1.bring pure (or warp) seeds
2.bring rollcall orb a ghost type
4.bring apples and reviver seeds
5.complete dungeon
6.NEVER go to the kecleon shop again. (i dont know if this works so try it for me)

Added 28th Apr 2011, ID #40322

1.bring rocall orbs
2.bring pure seeds at least lv.60
4.find kecleon shop
5.take all items
6.use pure seed
7.use rocall orb
8.go to the stairway,and you stolen from kecleon!
9.(bring warp seeds just in case kecleon gets
on the stairway)

Added 26th Apr 2011, ID #39985

it not work if you ues escapr orb

Added 1st Apr 2011, ID #35127

here is a cool idea to rob a kecleon shop and maybe get a kecleon to join you like the same rob them if you have a pure seed or you are level 90-100 rob them then beat them is you are level 90-100 or use your pure seed if you can beat many of them you get one they are useful they are level 90 195 hp all other stats lower than 100 if level 60 you take about 30-80 our more it is not easy to get one you will need a friend bow two raise chanses of getting one try two get plus be calm maybe you will one p.s steal rare items for more tips two get one check out my others that our above this one this is a way to rob and maybe a lucky day two one by stevan32025 not real name!!!!

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24645

I have another idea to rob a kecleon shop you should be level 100 the rob kecleon shop then don't pay then kill then run to the stairway note more kecleons will come to kill you be careful they are level 90 note is you are lower level than 60 it is hard to rob them tip to rob kecleon shops read this and my other one above this one.

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24642

I have a idea to rob a kecleon shop you need a pure seed. If you have one and you found a kecleon shop your in luck. First rob the kecleon shop the use the pure seed then run to the stairway and you just stole some items ha ha ha loser kecleon.

Added 9th Jan 2011, ID #24639

uz suck, all you do is take them, and if your good enough battle them away ?[strike][/strike]

Added 22nd Nov 2010, ID #18922

Another great way to steal from a Kecleon is by a ghost type pokemon. you can go through walls and easily go to the staircase. bring reviver seeds and teach the move Rest to the ghost pokemon. also bring max elixers, maybe 6. if you ran out of pp for rest. i hope this helps. PS- Sorry for the bad spelling and grammer. And capitolazion.

Celebi's Crescent587481
Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16373

A great way to steal from Kecleon is by a ghost pokemon. First take the items then run for a wall. That way they wont get you or attack you. If your belly gets to zero, dont hesitate just to find an apple. Just teach the leader Rest. It heals the HP and their easy to find. Always remember to bring atleast 4 Reviver Seeds just in case. Bring alot of Max Elixers so it can "revive" your PP. Then when you get to the staircase... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16372

The steal and escape orb doesn't work, I've tried. The items are taken out of your inv and you go back to town and sleep for the night.

Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #16130


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