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Custom Codes!!!! [not anymore, sorry] Action Replay Code for Pokemon Heart Gold


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Aug 16th 2010, ID#6089 Custom Codes!!!! [not anymore, sorry]

cheats are fun, but in the wrong hands can be dangerous. thats why i stopped. NAH just kidding! i dont make cheats anymore because i have no more free time for that. schoolwork and friends and sports beat pokemon for me, but dont let that stop you! pokemon is great!

Region: US/North America

also heres a code for a shiny togakiss lv 100, with wonder guard. it has roar and spikes and aeroblast and heart swap.

94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E00000A8 000000EC B95A000F 25610000 28559447 53AF2F6A 033324FA 3D1032C4 A296D1E0 0C229FF8 40839203 CD9FC322 48F417FC 14A14B93 A463D2A9 42840FF5 91137F92 F8842D08 46DAE27A 82969E2F B6F9272A 7E510E3A 5CC2D367 84C9604E 829316CB 81CC3923 F34BF485 6498C9B3 D3DBE09A 954D5D66 AA3563D9 24AC71FB B231E738 CD5C4355 111232FA 7FD92333 7AEF31F0 187AFE15 2B8CD651 E1769586 2E499A18 DFFF25E8 85ED4B2F 27546A5D E204032A D834FE50 A87B8CA3 52882212 0DF539EE 0DB6941F C1F00735 B336E97F DD82037B 4E65086E 094445DE A599A93E 0E8DF31C 1074017C 47E31757 5F7DFD51 A4AE581C 00000000 D2000000 00000000


Edited: Jul 24 2012 and get
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