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Awesome Black Charizard Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Dec 18th 2012, ID#9378 Awesome Black Charizard

This code gives you a lvl. 100 black Charizard in slot 2 of your party (It will erase whatever Pokemon is there, so put something you don't want there)It's moves are Sacred fire, Fly, Flame burst, and Fire blast(all with 80 PP). All stats are maxed(legally). It has all ribbons and has completed all contests and is holding charcoal. Sorry it has my OT and Trainer Id.

I do take requests, so if you want a Pokemon made send me the details

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E00197A0 000000DC
101DDBF3 44760000
11C101A0 27176406
AF7CC511 BE2BC483
46E34B31 BDF41493
35ACD818 5A5E4F4D
D39F3AF1 E4A0070A
B81D5DC9 69ACB14D
A9EC3456 81D9B2A1
E7482E8E B5209F3B
99C6B052 2AAF26AD
971975FF D497286A
24438F08 661BA629
2F3AB38E 679A7033
2261F13E 9A8C21C7
5EED2D8E 3A9943A9
D1D3C6AD 24148ADF
02603167 DD1959E1
707394D5 23231D98
BA8673B0 E4090268
FEC1A037 9F60A88E
55694730 C74FE7AB
6128F6F3 6B1F5B3D
B7CBC67E 080E6244
1135D7BD 93637528
7195BA0B 11C2F5D9
C2DB70F7 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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16 comments, latest first.
Feb 27th 2015 Guest
how to activate
ID #522031
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
press select (E)
ID #565362
Nov 26th 2013 Guest
All i got was a regular egg
ID #322409
Oct 27th 2013 Guest
Do you need to buy the emulator for the Android or will it work with the free one
ID #316537
Oct 13th 2013 Guest
i got it thanks
ID #314357
Jul 11th 2013 Guest
I had a bad egg prob on another cheat. This one did not have a bad egg
ID #296733
Jul 4th 2013 Guest
I want an awesome pikachu
ID #294912
Apr 17th 2013 Limit66TheOriginal
Note the crazy word above... i always post that to let you know that the typer is the same guy as before...
By the way i'm too lazy to make an account so that's me

The code works guys
ID #274872
Apr 7th 2013 Guest
Hey everyone (Make sure that it is Black version 1 not 2)most people who say the code doesn't work its usually because they have the wrong game inserted Thank You.
ID #271275
Feb 23rd 2013 Guest
For this to work you have to press select after loading your save,before opening up to look at your pokmon. The black Charizard will be in slot 2.
ID #257946
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
Thanks!...Conner!!! :DDD
ID #242390
Jan 7th 2013 Vitalman1
But if* it's just a black...
ID #239559
Jan 7th 2013 Vitalman1
Ok, this is my third comment tonight, but I decided to try one more method, I didn't check the egg, I just left it there and checked it via pc, I was actually able to read it, it doesn't give much of a description other than it says it needs time to hatch. So I'll wait for it to hatch. Hopefully it will be the ultimate charizard I'm hoping for, but it's just a black charizard that'll still be cool, but so far it hasn't frozen so I'm not gonna check it till it hatches. If anyone tries the way I did and had different, mainly bad results, I'll tell the all that I did with the egg cuz I left some stuff out
ID #239558
Jan 7th 2013 Vitalman1
Here's something interesting, I tried it with one pokemon in my party and it had a different outcome, I had an egg in stead of my Arceus title "bad egg". I've had pokemon with that title so I thought maybe it'll just appear as an egg, but when I clicked summary, my game froze, so that didn't work
ID #239549
Jan 7th 2013 Vitalman1
Yeah, I had trouble with it working too, I clicked select with the code alone and it froze saying an error has occurred?
ID #239546
Dec 24th 2012 Guest
the codes aren't working. Do you know why?
ID #227557
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