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Event Shaymin from Sinnoh!!! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Jul 27th 2011, ID#7751 Event Shaymin from Sinnoh!!!

~This code will give you a Shaymin at level 100

~You may use this to recieve a Gracidea Flower from the lady at the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town.

Press *SELECT* to activate.
Shaymin will be in Box7 Slot2

Pokemon Black only.

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
02222034 FCF645EE
02222038 9B030000
0222203C A4A8D69F
02222040 EAFDF561
02222044 C7A5081C
02222048 2D8ECAA9
0222204C E2BF933E
02222050 218DC8E3
02222054 27D1F9B8
02222058 74E2B53E
0222205C 09497D6F
02222060 3362FFB8
02222064 295AD9A8
02222068 DC1775EA
0222206C CAB83124
02222070 BF59F799
02222074 9E514020
02222078 A51E14F0
0222207C 6A9AF931
02222080 BE50DB98
02222084 AE4635C2
02222088 633AB542
0222208C 067DD494
02222090 B13C7AD1
02222094 2C8116D2
02222098 76814B39
0222209C 5E3E9A63
022220A0 E4E433C7
022220A4 B645F18A
022220A8 199EA041
022220AC 32D22A22
022220B0 6F73113A
022220B4 E56732A0
022220B8 5C19B21D
D2000000 00000000 and get
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27 comments, latest first.
Change FFFB into FCFF in the first line

Added 4th Apr 2015, ID #537496

Wouldnt go through transfer

Added 1st Dec 2014, ID #479282

After using this code the game crashed and I can't access the pokemon in my storage anymore.

Added 10th Nov 2014, ID #470114

The gracidea flower is in the key items and it says it won't have ny effet

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413677

how do you put the code in

Added 26th May 2014, ID #388815

All I got was an egg

Added 10th Apr 2014, ID #373488

what the the heck, i wasted all that time and all it did was fail!

Added 1st Mar 2014, ID #360137

Awsome!!! It worked! I have a group of shaymin and the one in sky forme is the leader!!! Thanks!

Added 3rd Feb 2014, ID #351520

Ummm... I have the flower, but how does it work?

Added 11th Oct 2013, ID #313996

I used this code but every time I go to the box it says error occurred. What?

Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #246471

make same code, but for white

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135759

To be honest i was expecting this not to work but it did and i got the flower thanks

Added 20th Apr 2012, ID #135217

before i type this code, does it work?

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129269


Added 15th Mar 2012, ID #123250

y type it manually i mean didnt you get the dsi code manger disk and download it to your computer. all u have to do then is select new cheat then copy & paste and ur done

Added 25th Dec 2011, ID #98489

@Victinirules0000 con you help me I am trying to make a pokemon code on the PokeGen thing and every time it doesnt work and there's all these words i have no clue what they mean! plus i go to try them on my dsi but it freezes when i got to load the game! HELP ME plz!

Added 14th Oct 2011, ID #80193



Added 14th Sep 2011, ID #74411

^^ Okay let's see.... if you typed the code manually into the Action Replay you may have made a small mistake somewhere... you might have to go back and fix it... there's an easier way to input codes... all you have to do is get the Action Replay software and just literally copy and paste AR codes into the AR software then just download it into and AR device with a USB cord... there's tons of YouTube videos about how to do it, it's real easy :D

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68608

Um I used it an egg appeared in my box where u said shaymin would be i picked it up and walked and when it said oh? nothing happened I take 1 step oh? oh? oh? nothing and its holding a berry wth? I have black and this is just strange plz responed

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68601

^^^ all Shaymin have to be obtained though some sort of event..."in-game, Wi-Fi" you know...and i have two Pokemon Black games and this code helped me get the flower in both of them... maybe you did the code wrong :/

Added 7th Aug 2011, ID #64908

not to be mean but its not ann event shaymin its a normal one and you cant get the grtacedia flower

Added 6th Aug 2011, ID #64696

^^^^ OMG Thank youuuu i will try it!!

Added 5th Aug 2011, ID #64341

PokemonFanBoy, I used to find mine. its a really neat download. its always free and you can use it for creating non legit pkm, your best dream pokemon, or just for fun! If you need any help on how to download, post codes, make codes, or make them appear in a certain place, contact me @ or send me a message. I suggest making a free account.

Added 5th Aug 2011, ID #64306

^^^ PokeGen is a software program use to make Pokemon. it's great! you can get it at

Added 5th Aug 2011, ID #64295

whats a pokegen? :(

Added 3rd Aug 2011, ID #63743

THANK YOU!! I use Pokegen but everyone says "its the best" it stupid!

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #62245

People please spread the word to use "PokeGen" and NOT PokeSav to create codes... PokeSav is out dated and only n00bs use it.

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #62191


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