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Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

Added 31 Jul 2011, ID #16016, by MongooseGeneral and get

Unlock Princess Peach Kart

When you are walking try to get the '?' to have the possibility of finding Princess Peach's kart from the Mario Bros. Kart games. To control it, press B to move forward, A to move backwards, and Left or Right to turn. It will spin around in place if dog(s) hit it but can be controlled again when it stops.

Added 21 Jan 2011, ID #15115, by Sanzano

Nintendogs: Lab & Friends cheats

Unlockable Dogs

Collect 2,000 Owner Points

Collect 4,000 Owner Points

German Shepard:
Collect 8,000 Owner Points

Collect 10,000 Owner Points

Yorkshire terrier:
Collect 14,000 Owner Points

Collect 17,000 Owner Points

Collect 25,000 Owner Points

Jack Russel Terrier:
Visit the kennel when you have found the Jack Russell book whilst on a walk to get the single Jack Russell Terrier.

Added 16 Aug 2005, ID #228, by Sanzano

Nintendog puppy

Having a nintendog puppy:
1.get a female dos and a male dog(same breed)colour does not matter.
2.feed only milk and dry food.
3.make them friends and cuddle.
4.wait 3 days and each 3 days check to see if your female has gotten fatter.
5.then after 1 week you could have a puppy but I'm
not 100% sure so may not happenalso do not enter dogs competitions or take the dogs in the bath,brush them if truly needed

Hope I helped!

Added 12 Feb 2013, ID #17833, by Guest


Ok,heres what I do to get points I will also tel, how to get a puppy with two of your dogs

1. Bush your dog, but keep ds on and leave brush in place. This will get you loads of trainer points!
.go for walks, it gets you like, 50 trainer points.
3. Bark mode gives your trainer points I'm not sure how many though.

4. How to breed your dogs, get two of the same breed. They do not have to be the same colour! Feed them only milk and dry food. It will take approximently 4 days, it might not work though!

5. Competions give you trainer points.

Added 24 Sep 2012, ID #17567, by Guest

Having Puppies

1.Put a ROSE not Lily a ROSE on the female
2.put a lucky collar on a male
3. Make sure they are the same breed
4.Only feed them milk and dry food
5.make sure there is a space for the puppy
6. Dont take the feamale for walks or contests
It will take a week but I'm not sure if it will work 100%

Added 23 Jul 2012, ID #17218, by Guest


Here are some signs if your dogs are bonding or fighting if there bonding they'll bight eachothers necks walk or run next to eachother sleep or cuddle next to eachother maybe possibly bark at eachother Hope I Helped!


Added 29 Sep 2011, ID #16243, by cheatqueen111

Free food!

Ok so if you want free food for you dog whistle or call it's name and rub it sparkles will appear around you dogs head rub it for a while and a orange traced bone should appear below your dog hold and drag it to it's mouth make sure you don't hold it for along time quickly just drag it to it's mouth ok? And when you teach it a trick tap the lightbulb say the trick and if it understand the lightbulb will appear above it's head and it'll bark drag that lightbulb to it's mouth more free food! Hoped this helped -cheatqueen111

Added 29 Sep 2011, ID #16242, by cheatqueen111

To get Clover Clock, Santa Hat, New Years Tiara, Cool stuff

To get clover clock , go to your nintendo settings and change the date to St. Patricks day, it'll be so much easier to get Clover Clock
To get Santa Hat, adjust the date to christmas
To get new years tiara, adjust the date to new years and to get other cool stuff change the date to your birthday ^^
Hope I helped
- Christy

Added 1 Jul 2011, ID #15904, by Guest

Good Presents

Set the date as your birthday and you will get better presents than usual.

Added 25 Mar 2011, ID #15594, by KyokoChan

What to get at a ? while on a walk

First take your dog on a walk to some ? marks. When you get there Your dog will bark once or twice. When your dog barks once, it will Be a present and two barks it will be another dog. $$Hoped I helped$$

Added 19 Dec 2010, ID #14978, by Guest

Floating Pee

All you have to do is take your dog for a walk and as soon as pee starts to hit the ground pull the leash realy hard in the oppisate direction of the pee and the pee should continue to flow in midair!
It works.

[works best with boy dogs]

Added 3 Dec 2010, ID #14915, by usernamer28

doggie paraide

First dress-up your dog then put on the colonel bogey record then watch your dog do you a pet parade!!!!!

Added 19 Oct 2010, ID #14740, by 4cats9

Unlimited Walks

When you go on your walk get as many items as you can. Then head to the park as your last stop. Once you get there go to your accesories then put an accesory on your Pup. It will save. After that turn your DS off. Turn it back on and go for another walk!

Added 12 Jan 2009, ID #10033, by Koalabear

How to get easy money you need to trainer your dog at agilty (my dog got very good at it I just trained it 3 times)and enter him/her at agilty trial and you make lots of money!in champ you earn like 1000$ in 1st place make lots of money!

Added 4 Aug 2008, ID #8703, by poopdog18


B4 you do ANY competition, save, then at the end of it, if you don't like you're score, qickly turn of you're ds, then it might be like you never even did the competition!

Added 8 Dec 2007, ID #5684, by harvestmoonfreak2000

Easy Trainer Points

Leave the sponge on your dog while washing it and leave overnight.
Leave the brush on your dog while brushing it and leave overnight.
You get one trainer point for each minute that passes.
Happy point collecting!

Added 2 Aug 2007, ID #4204, by Little-Laydee

Overnight trainer points

If you put your dog in the bath on a night, you should wake up to about 500 trainer points depending on how long you slept and left the dog
(Dont close the ds lid)

Added 13 Jul 2007, ID #3803, by Rob_93

Jack russel WITHOUT BOOK

Hi, I just want to inform people that there IS more than one way to unlock the Jack Russel Terrier. I don't know if it always works or not, but I PROMISE that it is possible. If your friend has already unlocked the JRT, then tell them to take it onto bark mode. After playing with their dog for a while exit bark mode.
If it doesnt work I am truly sorry, but if it does it will say;
After playing with (someones) jack russel, the kennel now offers jack russel terriers
thanks for reading!!!

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #3289, by cheatos_42

Make sure your dog is well trained for the frisbe or agility con

On your next walk go to the gym and train your dog then go to the park and Train your dog. Then change your dog's accessory and it will save. When it has Stoped saving turn your ds off and turn it back on again and go on another walk And do the same thing.

Hope I helped


Added 10 Jun 2007, ID #3089, by _gamer_ganer_
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