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Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

Added 31 Jul 2011, ID #16015, by MongooseGeneral and get


Unlockable Dogs - Japanese Version:

Beagle Collect - 2,000 Owner Points

Shih-Tzu - Collect 8,000 Owner Points

Toy Poodle - Collect 4,000 Owner Points

Welsh Corgi - Collect 10,000 Owner Points

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Collect 14,000 Owner Points

Shetland Sheepdog - Collect 17,000 Owner Points

Yorkie - Collect 2000 Trainer Points

Shiba Inu - Collect 4000 Trainer Points

Unlockable Dogs - US Version:

Cavalier K.C. Spaniel - Collect 8,000 Trainer Points

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Collect 10,000 Trainer Points

Shetland Sheepdog - Collect 14,000 Trainer Points

Miniature Schnauzer - Collect 16,000 Trainer Points

Boxer - Collect 20,000 Trainer Points

Toy Poodle - Collect 22,000 Trainer Points

German Shepherd - Collect 30,000 Trainer points

Miniture Pinscher - Collect 35,000 Trainer Points

Chihuhua - Collect 45,000 Trainer Points

Labrador Retrieiver - Collect 50,000 Trainer Points

Unlockable Rooms - US Version:

Desktop - Collect 6000 Trainer Points

Seaside - Collect 12,000 Trainer Points

Outer Space - Collect 18,000 Trainer Points

Northern European - Collect 25,000 Trainer Points

Urban Living - Collect 40,000 Trainer Points

Added 13 Dec 2005, ID #398, by Sanzano

Pregnancy, Puppies, and New Families!

Hey there gamers! I know most people don't think breeding on this game is possible...but it is! (If anyone still plays other than me)
Here's how! 😊
1) Have a female and male dog. Each at least new, or have spent lots of time together.
2) Feed them milk and dry food. Or, natural dog food, and milk.
(The only time to feed them water and wet food is, after she's pregnant.)
3) When breeding, don't take the female for walks, or comps. Take the male out once every week. Not for long walks, and only one competition.
BONUS- If they like each other, when playing the NapTime record, they will sleep close to eachother. When cuddling, they never want to stop. Also, your female will be bigger when brushing, and compare their stomachs, female will have extra line under her, with a bump, male will not.
Do this for an X amount of time, and you should get a pup! 🐢 🐺
Sorry if I post so much about this. I really am sorry, but I want people to try.
-There are no codes, cheats, or anything else, and no dogs are harmed.
Thanks, ,MyTMastiffgirl 🐺🐢

Added 8 Jul 2013, ID #17985, by MyTMastiffGirl

How to Breed Labrodore Retrievers

Hello today I'm going to tell you how to breed Labs on Nintendogs Daschound and Friends for Nintendo ds
1 : it only works it you buy the dogs within the same day
2 feed them milk and dry food
3 play the NapTime record and see how close they sleep
4 don't take either dog for a walk,barkmode,etc
5 only brush them! Don't bathe them
6 gently stroke the girls stomach
7. Wait one to four days for her to be prg
8 then wait 1-14 days for your pup to be born
Hope I Helped!
Leave me a message! MyTMastiffGirl!

Added 26 Jan 2013, ID #17810, by MyTMastiffGirl

How to Get Your Nintendogs TO have PUPPIES!

This really works! My german sheperd Katelyn Is pregnant! Don't think they can't breed!
I will show you how!
1) Buy 1 male and 1 female same day, and breed colour doesn't matter
2) Make sure the female is Very considerate and rarely gets into fight while the male is This male puppy is full of love but can get lonely at times but will make the perfect pup for family life!
3) Only feed them Dry Food or Natural Dog Food bag and milk!
4) Come on every day once a day for 1 hour to feed them, let them bond, and let the female rest!
1) Male dog will start to keep a close eye on your girl
2) Girl dog will always be a little hungrier than the male
3) Female will start to sleep and be tired
4) Female will not get up for food every time! Be careful she could starve herself make sure to get her up for brekfast, lunch and dinner!
1) When you go to brush her, you should see her tummy make little bumps it should go like this * bump bumpb ump bump* Pretty fast! That is the puppy kicking!
When Will The Puppy Be Born?
1) if you're lucky it took 4-5 days to get your female prgnt!
2) 3 days is if your puppy is born early
3) 6-7 days your puppy came out normal time
WHat Happpens If it Comes Out Early?
1) Try to leave it alone the day it was born! If it came out early, play with the next day!
2) Until 5 days pass, don't make the puppy do many excersizes or take it for many walks!
3) After 5 days pass, your free to do what you want with your new pup!
(The puppy doesn't grow up to adult size it always stays a puppy!)
1) Don't PANIC!
2) In your inventory you'll see a glass jar! Don't THROW IT AWAY! It's your puppy's ashes if you throw it away it'll freak out your dogs and huant your house!
1) You have the option to get her stuffed!
2) Put stuffed mama dog on the floor so puppy knows that's it;s mama!
3) Sorry If your puppy dies
PS. Dont take female dogs for competions,walks don't bathe her but you can brush her!
But you can take the male for walks sometimes!!!!!!!!

Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #17710, by MyTMastiffGirl

Luckiest Dogs For Gettig RARE dogs and items: And Easy dogs!

Hi! I wil tell you the luckiet dogs to get RARE items!
So, k, First if you have your first evr dog you bought don't get rid of it! It is extremely lucky! True fact:My Pug is over 4 years old and found the fireman's hat last week!

Ok so dalmatian: Since a rare breed to find, lck dog and will find rare item such as; jak russel army copter peach kart mario cart and other things like meteorite!

Labradore Retriever: Able to find the Diamond Ring in 1-3 walks! If it is not new new like just bought new but like a week or two old

Pug; not real lucky but, easy to pleasey
Chihuahua; unlucky,hard to please,har to train!!!!

My seond part for getting jack russel

If you read that, you probably know the Dalmatians are the luckiest dogs! Correct! They are extremely exspesive though!
Buy one if you can'
Get clover cock on wall and lucky collar on dog alo name the dog Lucky with a four leaf
Clover at the end it's name should look like :Lucky (four leaf clover)
Next feed your dog bathe your do even if it's alreay clean, make you dog HAPPY!
Then make the wak as long as you can!
Ht every "?"Mark box there.Ther shoud be 5-10 boxes!
IF your dogs stops it could be either garbage or a gift! Get the gift! Gifts on the floor are usually rare ones, or they go for a LARGE amount o money
Then continue on yur walk if you find a jac russel book go to kennel aand you can now ut the jrt!~ Jack Russell Terrir= J.R.T
Good Luck Out There!

Added 18 Nov 2012, ID #17699, by MyTMastiffGirl

How To Actually Get A Puppy On Nintendogs Daschund+Friends

Hi Today I will show you how to get a puppy!
1) Get what ever dogs you want (Male And Female) They can be different breeds!
2) Get the female to wear a rose ONLY ROSE! Get the male to wear a lucky collar! This will bring your chances up higher!
3) Feed them only dry food and milk carton! Try to feed them nothing else
4) Be sure to not play,put on records for this slows down the process
5) Come on for at least 1-2 hours a day to let them snuggle and bond together also this gives the girl to get some rest!
6) 1-10 days your female shoudl seem a little bit fatter this means she is pregnant
7) Wait 1-2 months or 3 weeks for her to have her puppy or look for the message "Congratulations Dog Name had a puppy!"
8) Feed the puppy milk and dry food! Let he/she spend time with the mum before playing with it for it is a new born and is VERY delicate!
If The Female Dies
1) IF your female dies in the process of having a puppy, do not ever sell the ashes for which the female willl haunt your house freaking out your dad dog and puppy dog!
2) IF you sell the ashes immediatly change your house look, for which the spirit will leave your house!
If your Puppy isnt breathing
1) Do the mini game to rub the puppy ( RUB AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!)
2) If the puppy lives, you will not get a message but your puppy has a weak heart so don't take it on many walks or contests!
3) If your puppy dies do not sell the ashes because it'll do the exact thing the mama dog does if she dies!

Thanks! If it works post me a message!

P.S. You do not need 999999 trainer points to do this and there is NO code


No thumbs

Added 17 Nov 2012, ID #17698, by MyTMastiffGirl

How to have puppies

You have to have a boy and girl of the same breed. Then only feed the dogs Natural Dog Food bag. Also only milk. Do not bring any other dogs you have into the house because when the puppies come you need 1 spot free for the puppy! Do not take your dogs that are breeding anywhere, or do anything except feed, wash, and brush. It will take up to 1 week. You might not get the puppy the first time but if you keep doing everything properly it will work! The dogs that you are breeding must have this personalty.. "rarely gets into fights"! Also in the male put "the lucky collar and on the female put the rose! Then you should be able to get the puppy!

Added 3 Sep 2012, ID #17549, by Guest

Breeding Your Nintendogs

Okay, I'm going to teach you how to breed your Nintendogs. And don't think " They are puppies, and puppies can't breed!" I know that, but this actually works. Go look on Youtube!

(1) Get a girl dog and a boy dog within the same day. They have to be the same breed, but color doesn't matter. Make sure their personalities are nice and they rarely get in fights.
(2) Leave one spot for the baby in your house. Don't have any other dogs in the house than the ones you are breeding.
(3) Feed them only milk and dry food. Nothing else!!! Only bathe them when when they need it, and don't take either for a walk. Do Not take them to competitions.
(4) Only go on the game to take care of them... Try not to play with them because it slows down the process.
(5) You do not need a certain amount of Trainer Points to breed them.

In about 4 days the female should seem a little fatter. Then it only takes 3-6 days for her to give birth. You can breed all types of dogs. The puppy will be the same color as her momma.

This may take a few tries... It took me 3 tries to get a puppy. But when you get one, it's so cute!
Hope this helps!

Added 20 Aug 2011, ID #16098, by Guest


Click the icon when you first turn the ds on then QUICKLY press L,are,A,B,X and Y at the same time.

Added 20 Aug 2011, ID #16096, by Guest

How to get your nentendog to have a baby husky

Get two dogs the same breed a girl and boy don't take them for walks for a full week and no copatasions for a week feed them just milk and dry food make sure one is lying down wile the or dog is biting the neck.

Added 14 Aug 2011, ID #16074, by Guest


Hold the rubber brush on the middle of your dogs back and it will give a dollar a minute and a trainer point a min.

Added 26 Jun 2011, ID #15869, by Guest

Unlimited contests

Go to your settings on your ds and change them to these specifications:
Time 23:59
Date 1 day before todays date
You must do this very quick or it wont work.
Turn on nintendogs game and wait till the time changes to 00:00 then you can do it. You have to do this again and again if you want to do contests like 12 times in a row or something.

Added 24 Mar 2011, ID #15549, by pexti

poop in house

play sleepy record 20 times then dog poops in house!!!!

Added 16 Oct 2010, ID #14733, by Guest

how to have puppies on nintendogs

Step 1 need to have a boy and a girl.Step 2 both need to be very consderate and rarely get in to fights. Step 3 feed them Only milk and dry food.Step 4 let them cuddle and bond as much as they want.Step 5 do not take neither of them to contests or walks.Step 6 this routine may take about a week and if you lucky it will only take about 4 days.

Added 18 Aug 2010, ID #14532, by Guest

Doggie Smart Lightbulbs

When you make your dog do a trick, a little light up lightbulb thing will appear above it's head. You can drag the bone to your dog's mouth to make him eat it. This also works on bones.

Added 20 Apr 2009, ID #11032, by Talon9889

Get different items

Keep every item you get, because you can only get 99 of it. If you have 99 sticks, you will never get a stick again!!!!!!

Added 21 Jun 2008, ID #8017, by jambu

National Dog Food Bag/Points

To get the national dog food bag,you need to be a nintendogs master.And the best way to get trainer points is when you are giving your dog a bath,put the sponge above it`s head.

P.S:let go of it,and let it sit for 5 minutes,and you will earn 100 trainer points.

Happy Cheating! ,Lucario987

Added 24 Apr 2008, ID #7353, by Lucario987


How do you get chihuahuas on Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends
Without having to get 40,000 trainer points.

Added 6 Mar 2008, ID #6813, by tessa147

free gifts

Take your dog out for a walk and after you make your path walk the dog but don't go on stop wait put the game on charge wait 10 hours after then go home when you get there you will hae $999999 and all supplies and when you go to kennel every dog will be available for purchase.

Added 12 Jan 2008, ID #6081, by sultankhan
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