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how to have puppies on nintendogs cheat for Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends


how to have puppies on nintendogs

Step 1 need to have a boy and a girl.Step 2 both need to be very consderate and rarely get in to fights. Step 3 feed them Only milk and dry food.Step 4 let them cuddle and bond as much as they want.Step 5 do not take neither of them to contests or walks.Step 6 this routine may take about a week and if you lucky it will only take about 4 days.

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You dont need 7000 trainer points because I have got 9460 trainer points and mine is already pregnant butt please help because I dont think they love each other

Added 26th May 2015, ID #561477

By the way if you think your dog is pregnant by the bumps when you brush her on her 1st day it is probably just hef breathing. Well actully you know how people say that if she licks her paw she is pregnant well mine did that on the 1st day so either way 🐶

Added 26th May 2015, ID #561470

The male and female dog must bond so let them cuddle and play with each other. I've also heard a rumour that the mother and and the puppy can die during the birth.

Added 1st Apr 2015, ID #536408

I'm breeding my german shepards toget and u have to get the dogs at almost the same time or it won't work. Hope this helped!

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #516842

I have nintendogs and I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now but my female is not showing any signs of being pregos should I keep going or no? PLZ RESPOND

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501666

i have 2,567 of trainer points is that too many points,do i need more points than that. do i need more points should i do somemore training with the male golden retreiver?

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498564

in order to breed Nintendogs faster,do this thing seven times a week,pnce a day,play with them tennis ball and leave your.Nintendo open for 30 min.then day 8 the female dog should be pregnant.

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452492

Hey! Well i'm 12 and this is day 2 of breeding my 2 mini schnauzers, Bella and Chesnut (: (I have the game dachshund and friends) right now they are sleeping by each other (:::: they cuddle a lot, but not for a long time, and they sleep a LOT! I don't have the naptime record. I haven't noticed the female getting bigger at all yet, but it's only day 2! I have the rose on the girl and lucky collar on the boy and the clover clock up. wish me luck!!

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414182

im still trying but its been a couple weeks my female is getting bigger but i keep searching up how long does it take tog et a puppy but i got nothing alot of people are saying it might take up to 4days , a week or even a month

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409601

People say it only works on the dsi and stuff because you can ativate cheats to get pups..ive tried on the normal nintendo ds but it ddnt work..

Added 5th Jul 2013, ID #295075

can it rearlly work? I am so exited I am trying it out right now!

Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290711

Im tryin it and im soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 7th May 2013, ID #280758

HEY EVERYONE!!! I know this has nothing to do with nintendogs, but I have a tip for all of you. Those of you who want to spice up their ds case and clean it out should read this. I have a ds case that was just DISCUSTING!!! But then cleaned it out and removed all the lint and even made new ds game cases. You gotta try this!

Added 23rd Apr 2013, ID #276916

To other peeps:

1. Yes you MUST let them drink milk.

2. You do not need a certain amount of trainer points.

3. I don't know about cross breeding but you can try

4. It is possible to have puppies look it up.

I am on day 4 and she is still not getting fat or a puppy is in her stomach. I will keep trying though

Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #268628

I know this is not a lie because I have seen and read about this like twenty times ad everyy thing was thesame on the IT IS NOT A LIE !

Added 2nd Mar 2013, ID #259945

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! MY NINTENDOG JUST RAN OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!!!!!! But he came back a second later with a gift.

Added 9th Feb 2013, ID #252162

That guy does not know what he's talking about at all! U CAN HAVE PUPPIES ON NINTENDOGS AND IM NOT LIEING!!!!!!!!! Do not ever listen to the liars on u tube who say u can't have puppies on nintendogs or the person on this site who's title says "listen to me". YOU ALL LISTEN TO ME!!!!! I HAVE A FRIEND WHO HAS NINTENDOGS ON HER DS! SHE HAS PLAYED IT SO MANY TIMES THAT ONE DAY WHEN SHE TURNED IT ON, HER NINTENDOGS GAME SAID, "DAISY HAD PUPPIES!" BUT SHE COULD NOT KEEP THE NEWBORN PUPPY BECAUSE SHE HAD TOO MANY DOGS AT HOME. AND AS WE ALL KNOW, YOU CANNOT KEEP OR SEE A NEWBORN PUPPY UNLESS YOU HAVE ONLY TWO DOGS AT YOUR HOUSE IN THE GAME. YOULL HAVE TO EITHER DELETE A DOG OR PUT IT IN THE HOTEL TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE PUPPY. BECAUSE MY FRIEND COULD NOT KEEP HER PUPPY, THE NINTENDOGS GAME SAID TO HER "YOUR NEWBORN PUPPY WILL BE SENT TO THE KENNEL". AND SHE DOES NOT HAVE ACTION REPLAY BECAUSE IT CAN RUIN UR NINTENDOGS GAME BADLY. I KNOW CAUSE IT HAPPENED TO MY COUSONS GAME. AND MY FRIEND DOES NOT LIE. ALSO, IF UR THAT DESPERATE FOR PROOF, THEN GO ON U-TUBE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!! U WILL SEE THE PUPPIES AND THEY WILL BE TINY. SO THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T BELIEVE THIS AND POST REALLY MEAN COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT THIS, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!! you should not jump to conclusions before u know the real answer. That is mean. Plus, if you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!! DON'T CALL NINTENDO BECAUSE THEY WILL GIVE U FALSE INFOMATION. So before u all post a mean comment about me, let me just tell u all something. If you go to the store in the nintendogs game and purchase the milk and zoom in on it, you will see a picture of a big dog looking down at a little dog. And it's very obvious that that's a picture of the mom and baby. So I suggest you guys give this a chance and try to breed your dogs. It may take a few days, weeks, or even months for you dog to give birth. SO IF U DECIDE TO GIVE IT A TRY AND U GET A PUPPY, I SUGGEST YOU LEAVE A COMMENT TO THOSE U WERE MEAN TO APOLOGIZING TO THEM. So I just want u guys to c my point here. So who's with me?

Added 8th Feb 2013, ID #251888

Its already been a week and four days and my nintendogs STILL hasnt given birth. I dont understand! I put a rose on the female and a lucky collar on the male. Every day i feed them milk and dry food, let them cuddle, and then turn off my ds. Sometimes i even play the friendly whiff record to keep them from fighting. And i pet them sometimes too. I dont take any of my dogs out to do anything and i get out the brush to see how much the puppy has grown in my dogs stomach. What am i doing wrong/ Please answer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251435

It's already been a week and four days and my dogs coco and Calvin still haven't given birth. Every day I give them dry food and milk, let them cuddle, and play the friendly whiff record. Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Added 7th Feb 2013, ID #251302

Im breeding my nintendogs now. they are minature pinchers. there names are coco and calvin. im getting a pup soon so wish me luck. bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Added 28th Jan 2013, ID #247371

I'm doing it with my two labs Oreo(boy)
And Vanilla(girl)
This is day one!
Add a comment if u want updates on how they r

Added 26th Jan 2013, ID #246657

I got 2 golden retrievers but do you have to have milk because I just started andthe only food it has is water and dry food is that ok ???

Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #243841

what record are you meant to use to make them love each other even more ??

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #235705

I think it works. Im trying now. Wish me luck!!

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231184

Hi gals and guys
So My grmn Shp hs now been preg for 5 days!
I'm starting to think of giving up :(
But I dont wanna :( I want her to have a pupppyyy but it's almost been two weeks now!!!!!! Oh weelll Just gotta wait
Maybe on christmas Ill fet pup
Bye!! Please answer asap

Added 28th Nov 2012, ID #213384

I was wondeng since my female Katelyn my germansheperd is preg, canyou fastfprward time by changig the date on the ds menu?
Please reply?
day 3-4 of pregnancy she didt have puppy today :(
I thought she would
I have either 4-8 days left!! SO EXCITED!

Added 26th Nov 2012, ID #212912

After the female is prgnt You can take a male for a walk every 1 wee so like say today i go on a walk no more for this week but next week another walk!
By the way does anyone have an exact time my pup will be born? This is day 2 of girl dog being preg!

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #211934

Man! I hope this works I am just worried about coz I have school on monday :( Which monday would be the 3 day time line of 3-6 days to give birth That would be something great to come home to after the boring day at school Anyway give you more updates tomorrow ( No tomrrow would be day 6 so today is day 5)

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211620

Updates for Breeding Katelyn and Lucky
I am absuloutely sure katelyn is prgnt!!!!;'
So will it actually take 3-6 days for her to give birth?
Btw this is day 4 of breeding!
So with the 4 day thing am I lucky and will I have a puppy in 3 days???[center][/center]

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211618

hi! person who wrote cheat! it works! it works!
No i dont have the ar i dont know what it is! I know im stupid!
But i went on to day and brushed my dog katelyn and after she breathed there were little bumps and i just wanted to know if she is prgntn or not i making a video of my dogs wil try to let ypu see puppy!

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211476

OMG! I followed these steps and today I went to brush Katelyn and i saw like this little bump on her tummy and it seemed to be kicking! Is that my puppy in her tummmmyy???
Plleaase repllyy!!!!

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211463

If you get low on foood can you go out and buy some more?????

In case you were wondering
Let me tell you what Im doing
Feeding Milk Natural Dog Food BAg and also there's a secret so you know the milk right?
It has a big dog then a little dog! Almost like a mom dog and a puppy? What do you think?

Wait so will the puppy be the same colour as his momma or will it be the colour of the dad?

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211164

Also Sorry people who want to cross breed:
Crossbreeding doesn;t work.
I know this I have tried with a Fenale Shi Tzu and a siberian husky! I did it for over 2 years! Yes really I devote my free time to the game!
Becuz you know the lucky collar right?
and the rose?
One thing is : Rose puts it in a romantic mood while male is just wearing collar that supposadly says it has this lucky charm!
Believe me! I have bred same breeds many times here's the puppies that i have : Dalmatian (Lizzie)
Lab (Oreos) Golden Retriever i didnt get a puppy! umm oh then i got one german shpered out of a different ones i have now Romane boy and girl - Ariana they had a puppy boy puppy Snazzy brother got to name the puppy dont know how he got onto my game!

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211163

MyTMastiffGirl here just wondering
I bought 2 german sheperds golden one and the black one (Lucky) Boy (Katelyn or I call her Katey) Girl
so i did every thing only on another website it said Natural Dog Food bag and also guy that said you 7000-99999 i have 70,955 trainer points in between 70,000-99,999 so yay! I guess it'll work !!
Post me a message on my wall thonger ma jigger
Pleaase dont cuss me out my mom will ban me from here and i really nneeed help my brother got his to have puppies! Im only ten!

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211155

MytMastiffgirl here
Just wondering
So yesterday I bought 2 german sheperds and before i bought them i bought a different house style
if it changes will it effect my breeding?
Btw if you use " This male puppy is full of love, but can get lonely at times but is the pup for FAMILY

Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #211153

it does honestly work coz i hav to golden retrevers and they bonded loads and in 4 days i turned my dsi on and there she was the little pup by the mother (greenie dont ask bout the name) and i named the pup Izzy she soooooooo cute
tnx guys xxx

Added 20th Nov 2012, ID #210570

ahh i just turned on my ds and it said something like congragulations your dog had a puppy and a minature labrador was sleeping with her mum (daisy)

Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196713

no sadly, u need the same breed

Added 29th Aug 2012, ID #181300

you can cuz it says nintenDOGS not nintendpupies

Added 25th Aug 2012, ID #179840

do they have to be the same breed?

Added 13th Aug 2012, ID #175571

My two shih zhus cuddle alot but not for a long time and my female is all the sudden getting sleepy alot now and the male (spice) always follows the female (suga or sugar whatever u prefer) I hope this works because they are both adorable so i bet the puppy will be adorable too!

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168132

I am breeding my lab and my poodle HOPE it works!!!!

Added 13th Jul 2012, ID #163588

Hi I've been trying to breed my two toy poodles thay are both black. The female (Pepper) and the male (Jack), it hasn't really worked out yet but I'm not giving up just yet! I think if I use all the info I've got then in no time I'll have a puppy! Hope this works, I'm going to keep doing this for two whole weeks! So it better work!

Added 11th Jul 2012, ID #162983

is it ok if i keep my ds on at night or musst it be turned off?? I take reall real real good cares of Lacey and Deacan! I do NOT take them 4 contests,walks,bark modes, or play with them. I also feed them 3-4 times a day but im getting low on food so i was wondering if i can go out and get some more i do have NAtural dog food bag but i put them on dry food BY the way they are the easiest ones to breed Labradors i tap the whistle to stop them from fighting i hope thats ok

Added 9th Jul 2012, ID #162136

Night Process:
At night you can choose to turn it off or leave it on! I leave mine on most of the time so they bond longer!! Here's what you'll NEED to do:]
(1) Leave Food out for them so they dont run off
(2) Go into where you choose your birth of date under it you'll see comments click that sp they dogs wont try to play with you instead of snuggle/mate
There you go that is the night process

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161623

i think is gonna work!! they cuddlie boy gets sleepy the colors i picked out look so cute together they will snuggle for half an hour straight ive seen them im gooing to california for 2 weeks leaving on wednesday that gives me time to lleave it on while im watching a movie at night i put out a bowl of food so they dont run away illl walk you through the night time process

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161622

is it god that when my female sheltie snuggles with my boy he falls asleep??

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161620

So it is ok to make them stop fighting PHEW!! mY dogs used to fight they are the same persanalit (dont know how to spell that) Today is the second day of trying i feed them 3-4 times a day to let you people know i dont take them for walks and if u have natural dog food bag and dry food can you change from dry food to natural dog food or not]

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161619

Can they be the same color? And also Do you have to do a cheat-code for it?? So oh oh yeah do you have to get the dogs the SAME day or not??? Im wondering how long does it usualy take im using Daschound And FRiends but i also have umm Labrodore And friends i think can Pugs do it? Well my pug's over 4 years old!!!
Thank You
(Ps SOrry if you think i was rude with same day i accidently hit caps lock)

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161244

Hi, Today (July 6 2012) Im going to buy LABS!! labradores and i was wondering what food to you have to feed them and what llike status is it rarely gets into fights or will get lonely at time but has a open heart?? So Im so excited can you turn your ds off or does it have to stay pluggged into its charger at night ?? Does this really work????? Im gonna try !!!!

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161239


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