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Premium compiticin route has it all hint for Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm


Premium compiticin route has it all

First of all I think this goes for inazuma eleven 2 firestorm and blizzerd. Once you have completed the game by defaeting the dark emperors,you(well, hurley really,) will get a call from mary times's coach, telling you that there are some people are asking for matches(and another little slightly funny bit for you to enjoy) and that you should come by at mary times for some matches. Now onto what I was really here to tell you: if you really want it all, take the upper route. Once you finish it, if you got S rank I think you can scout most of the people from raimon subs A, and if you got normal rank you defiently(as I have yet only managed to get normal rank) get to scout canon evens, marks great grandson. You may realize I said most for scouting raimon subs A, that is because you can find some of them on the map. Nelly is at the tower, kevin as at the second bottem part of the river bank, tod is inbetweenish the roaler coaster and the ferris wheel and around where that red velvet rope is. Silvia is some where on the map where I have yet to find, but fear not I will search under every rock, clime over every wall and search every nook and cranny, and edit this submission when she is found!. There is also an awesome player on the right side of the small beach at mary times in okinawa and you will need to say yes when he asks if you think his shades are cool, also for this guy you can find himether you have completed the game or not by the way his name is sagimiator or something like that but his name that he is registered as is saggy. There may be others on the map the you only have to talk to to get on the team. Please rate on my profile. Goodbye and thank you for reading.

edit 1: sorry now that i have got S rank i know you can only scout nathen, and to get him, you have to put in nathen then search again then swift(I think, that's what I did.). also timmy can be found on the pitch at cloister divinity.
EDIT2: Sorry, I know now that, well, my spelling was horrible. I'll just smooth out those creases if you catch my drift.
Edited: Aug 6 2012

Added by: pikash May 2nd 2012, ID#16860 and get
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you can only get nathan in firestorm right?

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401213

I can't beat nakata has anyone got an tips?(I've played against him just he keeps winning):-[

Added 30th Jul 2013, ID #301356

thanks i have CĂ©line Jills !!!!!

Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #269395

u get syon in blizzard and u get canon in firestorm in the mary times upper route

Added 23rd Mar 2013, ID #266295

What are the best players you can get?

Added 24th Feb 2013, ID #258060

if you win top route s rank you get nathan swift. If you win normal rank you get cannon in firestorm and syon in blizzard. To get Nelly (only in firestorm) YOU MUST defeat raimon subs (Okinawa Top Route) then go to the tower. if you have blizzard you get silvia who is in marks room. To get kevin beat raimon subs the go to river bank and search around and you will soon find him.To get tod go to Naniwa fair and search. To get timmy go to cloister and get steve fight Okinawa bottom route s ge celia fight alpine manager top route. You get that by beating the dark emporers twice.

Added 22nd Feb 2013, ID #257152

you need to be master to get nelly on top of the tower

Added 9th Dec 2012, ID #217285

What is after Prominence on the table?

Kane Jay
Added 19th Oct 2012, ID #198298

how do you get nelly once you've completed the game

Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #173675

An if you have completed the game, go to the tower, go up the steel tower, and see nelly and say yes. And no, it's not a marriage proposal, it's a football proposal.

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166669

Ate you, by any chance, in another language? As normal tank on top route of Mary times equals CANNON EVENS. S RANK EQUALS NAThEN SWIFT. I know because I have gone through it and got those people.

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166668

sorry, i'm below this, you get syon when you get NORMAL rank, not s rank...sorry for the confusion there, but i still need nelly. found

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166430

please help. i cannot find kevin OR nelly, though i have both timmy and tod. when you get s rank on the top of the mary times route, you get to recruit syon blaze, and when you defeat with s rank the top route of alpine managers route, you get celia hills. i know that you eventually get nathanb somewhere, and i need him becaus i am trying to get miles and he says "erm, isn't nathan coming?" or something like that when i try to battle him. also, about Nakata, you get him by doing 7 things, just check on youtube, but here are the conditions; you must be team lv 60+ (master) and you must have at least 80 playrers (i advise getting all the diamond dust players, as they are very easy to get) also, they say that nakata's battle is hard, but it is easyer than bellatrix's. please help me...

Added 20th Jul 2012, ID #166427

You must keep winning games and the ones I know of go in this order: Mary times (default), alpine jr., pancake shop close to naniwa land, will update when I get more. You will receive a phone call, sorry, the manager wil receive a phone call and give you a hint on the next place.

Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #163853

Where can I play more premium routes?

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161201

hi i am the one who put the hint up their and i would just like to know a few things. who did you choose at naniwa land, have you gotten nelly at the tower, whats your team level, mine is master(level 60), and did you just see that on a video like i did?

Added 21st May 2012, ID #143999

i know where silvia is !!
se is in mark's room (upstairs)

Added 4th May 2012, ID #139279


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