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Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King Cheats for Nintendo DS

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T-Rex FossilAdded 16 Jul 2012, ID #17189
These fossils can be found in North America using the radar.

Unlock Stone CircleAdded 18 Jun 2010, ID #14033
Find or recive Igaundon in Asia or Strike Brancheceratops in 1 with Triceratops.

Unlock Stone CircleAdded 18 Jun 2010, ID #14032
Find or recive Igaundon in Asia.

How to unlock Parasaurolophus ID #13926
after you complete the game by taking back zoe's stuff,go to antartic alpha base and behind doctor z is a box,open it and you get parasaurolophus
How to get super alpha dinosaursAdded 25 Aug 2009, ID #12345
How to get Super Alpha Dinosaurs:

Defeat the alpha gang member of the area for the 4th time and then go battle the alpha droid guarding the chest.After you defeat the droid open the chest and it will be a Super Alpha Dinosaur!

These are the dinosaurs you will get:

Laura-Super Alpha Allosaurus
Ed-Super Alpha Kentrosaurus
Rod-Super Alpha Chasmosaurus
Zander-Super Alpha Acrocanthosaurus
Ursula-Super Alpha Iguanodon
Seth-Super Alpha Suchomimus

UnlockablesAdded 20 Mar 2009, ID #10551
The following features become available options when the corresponding task has been completed.

Unlock Awakened Carnotaurus/Triceratops
During the battle with Seth defeat his first dinosaur then lose to his second and you will get the awakened form of the first dinosaur.

Unlock Lambeosaururs:
Beat the Father quest

Unlock Stone Circle:
Beat the game

Unlock West Dust Hills:
Beat the game
Stone Circle CodesAdded 17 Mar 2009, ID #10534
When you unlock the Stone Circle at South Euro you will be able to input the following codes to unlock the corresponding dinosaur (after the code has been input go to the temple to get your dinosaur card). Each of the dinosaurs are at level 1.

Unlock Spiny:

Unlock Siamotyrannus:

Unlock Euoplocephalus:

Unlock Tank:

Unlock Carnotaurus:

Unlock Terry:

Unlock Monoclonius:

Unlock Paris:

Unlock Triceratops:

Unlock Daspletosaurus:

Unlock Ace/Chomp:

Unlock Mini-King:

Unlock Joboria:

Unlock Altirhinus:

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