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Destroy security cameras with one shot.

When you find a security camera (you are more likely to find them in both bunker levels) you can take them out quickly with one shot. Follow these simple steps;
A. Aim at the camera
B. Wait until you see the black lens
C. Shoot a single bullet (don't use machine guns) into the camera lens.
The camera should explode as usual.

Added 29 Oct 2012, ID #6634, by Danyyyy
Ask.com and get

Secrets of the Complex Level in Multiplayer

You can walk through some walls in the complex

Added 8 Apr 2010, ID #6475, by darkri312


In the Archavies level where natalya is being held there is a picture by the door there is hitler in the russian area.

Added 9 Aug 2009, ID #6407, by cookzeno

?? island

On the Dam level once you get near the bungee jump part Dont jump their is a dock go to the end of it get a Rifal and look very closley their is a useless island

Added 1 Jul 2009, ID #6395, by cookzeno

Easy Xenia kill

Pull out your remote mines put 3 on the bridge one at the end middle and beginning wait until she goes on the bridge then blow her up hahaha

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #6266, by DJjones

Easy trevelyan kill

Keep killing the guards until one drops a grenade grab it if trevelyan is standing still throw the grendade trevelyan will easily die go destroy the control console and go to the bottom of the cradle to beat this level

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #6265, by DJjones

3 armours on cradle on 00 agent

There is an armour behind you on the left where you start. In the hut to the right there is an armour around the big metal thing. And the last armour is on the other far reach of the cradel

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #6264, by DJjones

Get back at trevelayan!

I have discovered several ways to torture trevelayan.

Alec torture tactic #1: activate the all weapons cheat, invisibility cheat, and the infinite ammo cheat.

Then go to the caverns level, and when you get out of the elevator, there should be 3 guys standing there.

Go to the third one and it is trevelayan! He is invincible now, but you can still have fun shooting him and blowing him up! Alec torture tactics 2, 3, and 4: in the facility level kill trevelayan and he will say, "so the golden boy is a traitor, eh?" funny I guess.

On the train level, in the room with natalya being held hostage, fire a round of anything exploive into the room and trevelayan and xiena (zee-na).

Finally, on the statue level, when you get to the part where you rendevous with alec, run towards him and follow him. He will eventually stop and start running against a pillar.

He is glitchy and just begging to be filled with lead. Enjoy!

Added 18 Sep 2006, ID #5688, by actionreplayer

Be Slow

On most of the missions, don't rush through them. If you take them slow and watch where you are going you will be in better shape at the end.

Added 7 Sep 2006, ID #5680, by zhangziyi777

Get back into vents

If you are in the level Facility, and you want to get back into the vents to hide or whatever, Go into the right cubicle and stand on the toilet.

You can only stand on one toilet, when you are on the toilet press and hold R, C-Right and push the Joystick left so you are turning in a circle.

Eventually you should rise up and be inside the vents, once you are up you must pull back on the joystick so you don't fall back down again.

Now you are in the vents with a gun and you can do what you want up there !!!

Added 22 Mar 2006, ID #5480, by adamiscool

Sniper point

When you are in the bathroo air duct level, take out a gun and shoot the guy in the stall right next to you. So that way you have 1 less guy to worry about

Added 7 Nov 2005, ID #5383, by Ruler of Games

Easier Throwing Knives

Instead of shooting the knives out of the sewer (Bunker #2). Save your ammo remain silent and use one of your spare charges in your watch magnet.

Simply use your aimer (hold 'R') on the drain and use magnet. Insidently after you've aquired the key from the wall.

Wait by your cell door until the gaurd is right outside of it. This means you get to him quicker and he won't get soldier attracting shots off.

Good luck.

Added 4 Sep 2005, ID #5351, by Silver Gamer

New multiplayer charactors

To get new charactors beat some of the charactors in the game.

Added 21 Apr 2005, ID #5170, by roadkillers

More guns

To get new guns kill some of the people and take there gun.

Added 21 Apr 2005, ID #5169, by roadkillers

Take care!

On the Bunker 2, be smart, because there's a camera between the room you find the Video Tape and the other room.

In Aztech, if you enter the room above the shuttle, a guard will open the exaust bay. If you don't run away you will be killed by the flames!

If you shot in a drone gun, it will aim in you and kill you! On Aztech, some guys can find you when you are Invisible.

Just kill someone next to them and they will aim in you, and start shooting!

Added 25 Aug 2004, ID #4873, by Ho-oh_22

Mad James Bond, power guns and other things

Hi, i'm new and i know a little bit of things:

Mad James Bond
To do this cheat, you will need: Invencible, Invinsible, All Guns and Slow Animation on.

Go to the Military Depot and hold a RCP-90. Go to Trevelyan's train and enter there.

In the final movie, you will see Bond killing one of the guards with at least 100 shots, very viollent. After this, he will put the weapon up of he and start shooting like a crazy, mad people.

Power Guns
The guns that can cross over the things are: Moonraker Laser, RCP-90, AR 33 Assault Rifle, Cougar Magnum, Gold and Silver PP7. Gold PP7 and Golden Gun will kill with a single shot (except when it hits the gun of the enemy).

Cougar Magnum can cross over walls and even heavy windows in the Facility!

Kill Natalya without the mission fail
This is a way to kill Natalya and the mission won’t fail. In Archives, destroy the glass of a window and let Natalya get near you.Be sure you have weak her before. Use the KF7 Soviet and shot on her head. Run quickly.

In the final movie, Natalya will be on the ground all hurted and death. Anyway, the mission won’t fail. You can do the same on Jungle.

Added 12 Aug 2004, ID #4845, by Ho-oh_22

The guy in the vent

On the second level go to the opening in the vent but don't drop down. then look at the guy in the other stall. shoot right by his head.

Then go back to the place where you started in the vent count to 15 th go back. he will be up in the vent. this may take a couple of tries.

If you fall in out of the vent you can get back up all you have to do is hold R+C-left+left on the joy stick and you will pop up then quickly push up on the joy stick

Added 30 Dec 2003, ID #4447, by redy2rhyme

Short cut

In the caves, if you blow up the lockers near the part with the drone guns there is a secret passage.

You have to blow up the lockers on the other side!

Added 19 Dec 2003, ID #4438, by charzz

This is not really a cheat but its pretty cool, go into caverns and put the cheat invisible bond on, and trevland will not move he will stand there with is atomatic shotgun
shot him all u want he wont die


when ur on runway the runway at a certain instant (when the heavy guns

start firing) place a remote mine on the tank and the door of that room where

u get the key to the plane or some shit

and on the heavy guns. When u win the game it has to be on agent and when ur on the plane press a+b and u will see the whole facility blow and on multiplayeru will have oddjob in pink

but u have to repeat the process every time u play cause it doesn't save

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