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Have you ever wondered how to get rid of people's hats? Well heres how.

1st you get out you're gun. 2nd you shoot shoot somebodey's hat and then it will fall off...


No thumbs

Ask.com and get


Do you want to play play basketball on 007? Well here's your chance. Put on invisibility, invincibility, all guns and infident ammo.

Go on cradle and kill trevelian with the golden gun sttaight away. Then go in the hut with the latform and wait in a corner.

When people come in shoot them with a magnum when they are near the the hole where the ladder is that leads down to the platform. If he falls in, 2 points.

Have fun!


Hi Gamers, I have a few cheats to submit:

1. Just before the end of any level, press start and go to the controller settings and change the controller functions to "Domino". In the cut-scene,

you can use the second controller to shoot people! This works best in Surface 2, Statue and Archives.

2.Enable the 2xGrenade Launchers cheat and go to Train. Do all of your objectives, except for "Escape to Safety" When you get to the front of the train, fire some grenades into the air.

If you did this right, when you are running away from the train in the cut-scene, the grenades you fired will hit the ground around you and Natalya. Sweet!


This cheat in Golden eye 64 isn't a cheat but.........

It makes bond turn into a tall beast, and u don't need to save it on memory card cause it saves by itself.

In Dam lvl#1 kill boy with dd44 on the head. then quit mission and go to arhives. kill the guy on the left with anything and quit mission. then go to cheats and put on paintball and go to any lvl u want and turn u to a monster!!!

Have fun.


In the control, if you kill all of the soldiers trying to take Natalya down, when you go to Alec's elevator, he won't move. Go inside withhim and then shoot him in the head.

He'll turn and collapse to the elevator floor. Then a small movie will come on. 007 will throw a bomb(where it came from, I don't know...) at the soldiers nearby and the door will close. Then you will ride up to cradle(That's wierd huh?) and it all counts as one level.

Suddenly, Travelyens corpse will reapear and start running down to the end of cradle,(you know the small platform). Follow him. Soldiers will start pouring in to assume their possitions. Four of the bst soldiers will follow Traveling.

When you down, the soldiers will immediatly strat shooting. Shoot them each in the face. They will grunt and fall down the platform. THen there's Travelyn. Look around but he's not there.

Look up, and down General Oumerov will come! Shoot Oumerov and a banner will appear. "Good job James.


This isnt really a cheat but its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

In the runway level when u get to the plane throw the timed mines you got

earlier and get in the plane in the cut scene the mines will blow up and it will

look like your plane is sputering.

COOL HUH!!!!!!!!!

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