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266 Icix 10th Feb 2006 98% Read Review
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Maplestory Added 14 Nov 2007, ID #11781
'Maplestory' is an online side scrolling mmorpg.
You can choose between; Magician, Warrior, Thief or Bowman. All of which have sub jobs when you progress and become stronger.

The overall goal in 'Maplestory' is to become as strong as you can and defeat monsters. Kill monsters to get experience, a certain amiunt of experience will make you level up(Experience increases per level) Once you reach level 30 you have a choice of 2 or 3 sub classes to go into, This will gain you a whole new set of skills to kill things with.

'Maplestory' is online so you can meet and talk to other people from the other side of the world or just down the street!

EvilistSin and get
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