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brill game Added 10 May 2004, ID #1737
007 everything or nothing is a good game and is worth buying.

Graphics: The graphics are really good and make the game stand out to gaming fans, and also it makes the game realistic.

Sound: The sound is brill as the gun sound is quite real, but not real. I think the sound is something to look forward to in this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fun because the missions are good and are just like the bond films. Multiplplayer is also something to look forward too aswell.

Altogether this game is really good and worth buying. I would give it a 79% out of 100%. and get
Short review Added 26 Jun 2005, ID #4143
First put in the cheat dfens for agro and then put the cheat more car mass in witch is hyperagro then all you have to do is get a car and go to arcade mode and go on cruise and hit all the traffic as much as you can until you get one of those bar things filled up on the left and then click the left analog stick and run into a car...the car will go flying...its funny to do to alot of cars...and it funny to do to the busses too.
8/10 Added 5 Feb 2008, ID #29101
Best Bond Game Ever? Added 8 Apr 2006, ID #20644
Reveiw!!! Added 27 Jun 2005, ID #15734
Best game ever!! Added 18 Apr 2004, ID #8296
Everything or Nothing.... Added 2 Mar 2004, ID #7247
On The Level With the towers and lava on the sides and in caves pick the sowrds men or the sniper then jump off and right befor you hit the ground switch to you're grenades and you will be able to stand on lava and stupied cumputers will walk in the lava to try to get but kill them selfs and you can snipe them and have fun and show your friends
Added 29 Feb 2004, ID #7157
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