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by Michael Monette  

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Found: Various (first Train Station).
Description: A light-weight sub-machine gun. Allows full movement speed while equipped (sans Veil). A decent weapon once fully-upgraded. Ammo is plentiful.
Available Upgrades: Recoil Compensator ($1000) - Reduce recoil and muzzle climb.
Silencer ($500) - Add a silencer to the weapon; reduces detection by enemies when firing.
Drum Magazine ($500) - Twice as many rounds before reload.
Big Bore ($2000) - Significantly increases damage.
Improved Rifling ($1000) - Improves weapon accuracy.

Kar 98
Found: Various (first Train Station).
Description: Your run-of-the-mill sniper rifle. Useful for taking out distant targets and thinning enemy ranks. Effectiveness increases significantly once fully-upgraded. If you plan on using this weapon often, make the Sniper Scope upgrade an early purchase.
Available Upgrades: Improved Rifling ($500) - Improve weapon accuracy.
Silencer ($500) - Add silencer to the weapon; reduces detection by enemies when firing.
Stripper Clip ($1500) - Adds the capacity of five rounds before reloading and speeds reloading process overall.
Big Bore ($1000) - Significantly increases damage.
Sniper Scope ($2500) - Attach a telescopic scope to the weapon, greatly increasing its effectiveness.
Bayonet ($500) - Attach an eight inch blade to the end of the barrel, greatly increasing effectiveness as a melee weapon.

Found: Various (first Train Station).
Description: Standard assault rifle. Very powerful once fully-upgraded, even more so when coupled with Empower. Can effectively take down all non-boss enemies. Ammo is much more common in the later stages of the game (SS units carry one); make this your all-purpose weapon when the ammo for it becomes plentiful.
Available Upgrades: Improved Rifling ($500) - Improve weapon accuracy.
Drum Magazine ($500) - Twice as many rounds before reload.
Ammo Pouch ($750) - Carry more ammo for the weapon (460).
Big Bore ($1500) - Significantly increases damage.
Tactical Scope ($3000) - Attach a medium power telescopic scope to improve aiming at distant targets. An unessential upgrade and rather costly.
Recoil Compensator ($1000) - Reduce recoil and muzzle climb.

Particle Cannon
Found: Various (first Church).
Description: Weapon used by Veil Heavy Troopers. Great for clearing out a room of enemies quickly. Effective against Despoiled and Veil Assassins.
Available Upgrades: Particle Lens ($1500) - Increases maximum range of particle beam and improves beam consistency.
Veil Catalyst ($500) - Reduces start-up time.
Improved Veil Capacitor ($1000) - Increases total ammo capacity.
Beam Intensifier ($1000) - Significantly increases damage.
Flux Arc ($2000) - Particle beam tracks enemies.

Found: Various (first Farm).
Description: A rocket launcher with limited use. Ammo is quite uncommon. Most useful for clearing small rooms full of enemies or setting off explosive barrels in the distance.
Available Upgrades: Light Weight Build ($1000) - Improve B.J.’s movement speed while weapon is equipped. Improve sighting.
High Explosives ($500) - Increase rocket blast radius and damage.
Ammo Pouch ($500) - Carry more ammo for the weapon (13 rockets).
Stabilized Rockets ($500) - Improve rocket accuracy and range.
Magazine ($2000) - Allows firing of three rounds before reloading.
Seeker Crystal ($2500) - Adds homing to rockets.

Found: Various (first Cannery).
Description: Not the most useful weapon. Only truly effective at close range, as it can sometimes be used to get out of a bind. You can set yourself aflame and take damage, so be careful while wielding this weapon.
Available Upgrades: Improved Fuel Pump ($1000) - Increases maximum burst duration.
Expanded Tank ($1000) - Double ammunition capacity to 60.
Carburetion ($2000) - Significantly increase damage.
Pump Overdrive ($500) - Increase weapon range.

Tesla Gun
Found: Hospital.
Description: A powerful weapon useful for taking down groups of enemies. Electricity arcs can target several enemies at once. Most enemies remain stunned while being electrocuted. Effective against Veil Assassins, Scribes, and Sniffers. Ammo quite uncommon.
Available Upgrades: Upgraded Battery ($1000) - Double ammo capacity to 120.
Step Transformer ($1000) - Significantly increase damage.
Mk2 Generator ($500) - Reduce start-up time.
Arc Nodes ($500) - Attach metal reinforced nodes to the device’s barrel, greatly increasing effectiveness as a melee weapon.
Coil Upgrade ($2000) - Generate more arcs, increasing ability to damage multiple enemies.
Current Induction ($2000) - Arcs can chain through multiple enemies.

Leichenfaust 44
Found: Castle.
Description: This weapon offers the highest damage output. Can dissolve most enemies with a single shot; enemies that survive the initial blast will be launched into the air due to the weapon’s gravity wake. Effective against most enemies, but most importantly Altered, Scribes, Despoiled, and Veil Assassins. Ammo is quite rare, so use only when necessary.
Available Upgrades: Gallium Transformer ($1000) - Reduce recharge time after firing.
Nacrite Resonator ($1000) - Projectiles travel faster.
Planck Refractor ($2000) - Widens radius of effect.
Iridum Canister ($1500) - Increase ammo capacity to 30.

Mdl. 24 Grenade
Found: Various (first Train Station)
Description: Effective in close quarters. Hold to decrease detonation time before throwing.
Available Upgrades: High Explosives ($3000) - Expands blast radius.
Ammo Satchel ($2000) - Carry more grenades (6).
Fragmentation ($1000) - Thrown grenades produce metal fragments on detonation to increase damage.


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when i got to ch 7 after talking to woman my screen froze ?

Added 3rd Oct 2014, ID #454462

Kar 98: Carries 5 rounds (With or without Stripper Clip.) Without clip you reload one round at a time until the capacity of 5 is reached. With Stripper Clip: Clip is placed on open breech and pulled downward, VERY quickly reloading weapon. Highly recommended. When using Big Bore, you can blow off enemies heads, arms, and legs! Scope is absolute necessity for long-range sniping. The bayonet makes this an EXCELLENT melee weapon! Stab an enemy in the throat and watch the blood fly!

Professor Lion
Added 25th Mar 2014, ID #368163

the first one is at the dig site. the officer in the room with the portal has it. you pick it up after you kill him.

Added 18th Sep 2012, ID #187224

I first found it in the Dig Site

Added 13th Oct 2010, ID #15114

It's not in the trainstation. Just on the way to the church

Added 29th Sep 2010, ID #13907

The MP43 in The train station? Where? I can't find it, can someone tell me where it is please?

Added 16th Aug 2010, ID #9086