Mission 7 - Thieves in the Night

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by vhayste  

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Mission 7 - Thieves in the Night

This is yet another UAV recon mission. Just check out the points of interests as instructed by your mission lead. You need to plant air strobes on the marked targets. After planting the strobe on the first target, keep and eye on Wolfhound's car. It should be easy since his vehicle is blinking. Once he stops, wait for the next objective. You need to track the target's car and keep it in your reticule to track the calls he's made.

After recording the call, plant another strobe on another building as marked in your map then track Faridi's car again. His car will be temorarily covered by a nearby smokescreen. It will turn north so make sure to adjust your sights so you won't lose his signal. Keep tracking him until you fill up the gauge. Keep doing this until Wolfhound disembarks from his vehicle and attacks the target.

Next, you'll need to mark the roadblocks in the area. The first one will be marked but for the others, you need to find them manually by scanning the major roads. It will be easier to find them by maximizing your zoom. After marking all the roadblocks, the mission is completed.


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Aftr tracking da call is finished I am beign asked to plant a strobe on Faridi's car. I cant do dat since 1 week. Can any 1 help ? I hav planted strobes sucessfully on buldings but cant plant strobe accurately on Faridis car.

Added 21st Jan 2011, ID #26214