Mission 16 - No Room for Error

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Walkthrough and Guide

Mission 16 - No Room for Error

Major Alex Hunter
Callsign: Viper 3-1
Aircraft: Rafale M
Weapon loadout: None

Head to the first mission marker then fly to the mountain. Don't destroy the antennas that are rotating; just the ones pointed at you or is still. You still have your cannon so you need to carefully move in and shoot them. There are only three hacked antennas that you need to take care of. They should be easy to spot. There's a time limit so don't go slacking off.

Next, you'll need to find the mobile jamming helos. Adjust the frequency of your radar bit by bit to spot them. Upon finding them, get rid of them quickly otherwise, they'll just vanish again from your radar. Like before, there is a time limit for this objective so make sure to locate and destroy them quick. These three targets should be flying around the mountain so don't stray that far in search for them.

After taking out the helos, regroup with the allied AWACS formation and wait until the convoy is spotted. You need to take out the front and rear escort vehicles to stop the truck. DO NOT by any means attack the truck or you'll risk detonating the nuclear warhead. Approach the targets and activate your assistance for a precision strike. Take your time following the assistance gateways and it will lead you to optimal firing position to take out the trucks.