Mission 6 - Oil City

Major Alex Hunter
Callsign: Viper 2-1
Aircraft: FA-18E Superhornet
Weapon loadout: Heat Seeking Missile x48, x4 Anti-Ground Missiles, Flares x4

After taking off from the carrier, go to full thrusters and meet up with Dagger flight. As you get near the mission area, switch to your AGMs and destroy the ground targets. Take out the missile batteries, ships and helos as you approach the area. The enemy resistance is quite fierce during this initial stage so its crucial to destroy as much target as possible – as quickly as possible.

After securing the area, you should be able to land on the airstrip to repair, refuel and rearm your plane. Make sure to take out as much targets as you can and exhaust your ordnance before resupplying. Take out as much enemies as you can; concentrate on taking out the ground targets first then go after the enemy fighters to earn as much points (EXP).

Clear the targets on the two oil stations on both sides. After taking out the main targets, you'll now attack the main oil depot. It is advisable to resupply now; otherwise, just join the fray and destroy the ground-based AA defenses first. Enemy bogeys will be flying in between the platforms so be careful when you're pursuing them since the chances of crashing in any of the platforms is quite high.