Mission 1 - Contact

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Mission 1 - Contact

Before flying, you'll need to carefully taxi your plane to the runway. Just push RT a little to accelerate but not too hard to avoid collision. Carefully taxi to the runway and wait for your clearance to take off. Accelerate hard until you reach the required speed and pitch up to take off.


Once airborne, follow the instructions and fly over the designated areas. After flying under the bridge, you'll get a notification about a suspicious convoy in the nearby village. Head there and you'll get your weapons free. You're not carrying missiles here but some form of grenade launcher. Just approach the settlement slowly and maintain your speed. After the allied chopper gets shot down, you'll be weapons free. Enter precision mode by pressing A and take care of the enemies from your altitude. The explosion has a destructive radius so as long as you target the center of the hostile groups, you should be able to destroy them all in one run.

Bombing Run


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Hold the slow down button even before you land. Below 240 Km/h should be enough to land without going too fast.

Added 28th Sep 2012, ID #189802

I am having a very difficult time landing my aircraft. Speed is the main problem. I get the speed down and the landing gear down. then I hit the "5" key on touchdown and the next thing I know I have landed too fast and damaged my aircraft. I am not sure how or why the air speed seems to pickup on touchdown but it does. Any advise?

Added 24th Aug 2012, ID #179701

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