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Act II, Kaedwen Part V -- Breaking the Curse
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Act II, Kaedwen Part V -- Breaking the Curse

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Act II, Kaedwen Part V -- Breaking the Curse

When you arrive at the King's tent and begin the conversation Henselt insists that you must proceed immediately to the site of the execution, there to break the curse!  We do not have to run the distance, after the CS we appear there before the wheel, so our focus must now be on how to break the curse with the items that we have so patiently gathered.

The process of breaking the curse is a rigid one and must be followed in the proper order:

(1) Talk to the King and tell him that he needs to draw a protective circle at the site -- he argues with you -- reassure him that it must be so.  You explain in the CS just what he is supposed to do -- including thrusting the spear home.  You explain that specters might appear, and then he reluctantly goes down to the execution site below.

(2) Tell him to go to the Petrified Bread;  he moves to pour the powder as instructed.

(3) Tell him to move to the black candles; he pours more powder in that direction.

(4) Instruct him to move to the Goat Skull; he pours more powder in that direction.

(5) Next he must go towards the Scorched Tree; he does this, pouring more powder.

(6) The next direction is towards the Raven's Corpse; the powder is poured.

(7) The next to last direction is to the Sour Milk.

(8) Finally the last step -- the Pixie Ring.

(9) You then tell him to pour a large even circle around the lines, and he does.  You get another CS of this and him complaining, and then

The Ritual for Breaking King Henselt's Curse 

All that is left is for you to head down and join the King, and then when prompted, to light the fire.  After you do that the Wraiths appear -- it is your job to keep them off of the King while he completes the process of acting out the execution so that he can thrust home the Spear at the proper moment.  Bear in mind that you do not have to kill all of these Wraiths, you just have to battle them and keep them off of the King until he finishes the ritual -- so take your time, dodge, hit, cast, and keep an eye on the King to keep him safe.

Before you light the fire you should prep yourself -- drink any potions you want to, cast the protection Sign, and just mentally prepare for the battle.  Knowing what you are going to do before you do it always helps!

King Henselt delivers the final blow at your prompting and the curses connection to the King is broken.  You explain that the job is not finished, that you have to deal with the specters on the battlefield next, and Henselt promises you the medallion -- after he has had a drink and rested of course -- telling you to meet him in his tent after dark.

We have to hoof it back to the camp now, and when we arrive the King greets us, and tells us of a messenger from Radania -- who tells you about the heir who will take up the crown of Tameria -- the King asks you for information about the girl...  No matter how diplomatic you try to be, the King is not convinced, but before you can go any further into the issue an assassin attacks!

You move outside and defeat the assassins, and the King thanks you but, and this is no surprise, refuses to turn over the medallion as promised.  Dethmold puts in his two-cents, and accepts the orders of the King to use the dark arts to interrogate the dead assassins.

I chose to put in a kind word for Sile -- and then the Assassins of Kings and Faith Symbolized quests advanced, and another level was awarded.

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