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When levelling up skills, there are lines that you need to complete – each line can be considered a level, or sorts. If you are painting, for example, the more you paint, the more lines will be completed. Eventually, you will reach a new level and unlock a new skill item. Levelling up skills is, in addition to completing quests, the way to progress through the game and unlock everything available.

Visit the Skills section of the shop to see items that can help you perfect skills. The golden icon indicates the relevant skill.

Skills in The Sims Social include Art, Cookery, Music and Writing. You can buy items for each of these to increase skills. Each time you level up, you get a host of Simoleons. Make sure you are Inspired while working on your skills for maximum reward.

When levelling up, you need to have certain items to be able to progress to the next rank. Some these can only be received by interacting with your friends in game.


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I'm am working on my loft and need to get a "shoe". It says that you can do skills on a keyboard but it has not been working. Any cheats for this?

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163371

a catering business happens after you've mastered an individual cooking skill, for example, making waffles. Notice that to re-do that skill, you will be paid in Simoleons. The waffles you make will be 'sold' for Simonleons, thus you have a catering 'business'.

Added 19th May 2012, ID #143336

am on level 57 and it say i need traits athletes i have quest need a exercise skill how to get the traits athlete

Added 27th Apr 2012, ID #137422

it says i need level 5 art skills to talk art with sims for a quest but im on level 37 in art skills what did i miss please help me

Added 10th Jan 2012, ID #104729

I am up to Level 14 cooking and it states to start a catering business... How do I do that! I was trying to get to lvl 15 to get stove!! Plz help thx!! Laurie

Added 6th Jan 2012, ID #103240

You need to go to the store, choose Skills from the categories, then buy te pink typewrier (then blue, black, and other comp t progress in levels). Each has it's own skills but the levels are across all normal writing tools. Specials like the haunted writing desk are outside the skrll tree.

Added 7th Nov 2011, ID #85853

so what happens if i already did that all of that and im already done with it? Because the writing skill only took me to level 14 and thats it. Theres no more lines. I want to Gain to the next writing, cooking and art level. what should i do?

Added 19th Oct 2011, ID #81404

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