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Crops Guide
The Sims Social

Crops Guide

The Sims Social Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Crops Guide

Something that The Sims has never really embraced before is the idea of farming or growing your own food. Indeed, it is possible in The Sims Social to be able to make quite a bit of money from growing crops in your garden. You can argue that this is just the developers jumping on the bandwagon and including a farming element because of the other Facebook games with this feature - however, that doesn't mean we should ignore it and there are benefits to embracing the farming side of things.

Below is a list of the crops available to plant in The Sims Social, along with the time required to grow it, the cost of planting and the amount you get from each harvest.


Time - 5 minutes  
Cost - $6
Sell Price - $30


Time - 30 minutes 
Cost - $8
Sell Price - $40

Time - 60 minutes
Cost - $10
Sell Price - $50

Time - 240 
Cost - $13
Sell Price - $65


Time - 8 Hours 
Cost - §15
Sell Price - $75


Time - 12 Hours
Cost - §19
Sell Price - $95


Time - 1 Day
Cost - §23
Sell Price - £115


Time - 2 Days
Cost - §27
Sell Price - $125

The obvious thing to mention first of all is that while pumpkins are the most valuable crop, they take by far the longest to grow. Because you are limited to the number of crops you can grow at once, you will actually earn much more money from planting lots and lots of strawberries, as you can harvest them more quickly compared to the rest. Obviously constantly re-planting crops takes a lot of management, however, so if you are going to bed for the night or will be off your Facebook account for a while, it makes sense to prioritise slow-growing, high-value crops so that when you return you get the most return.

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Comments for Crops Guide

8 comments, latest first.
ID #176488 | Aug 15th 2012 Guest
I have the same problem, my dirt is gone or I sold it. How do I get it back?
ID #163378 | Jul 12th 2012 mishell06
Is there a way to get the dirt back to grow crops. I don't know what happened but my dirt disappeared a long time ago and I have not been able to grow anything.
ID #122940 | Mar 14th 2012 Guest
I would like to know that too (about making them grow faster). I am not going to make the Prankfather quest :-(
ID #116968 | Feb 20th 2012 Guest
make my crops grow faster
ID #104853 | Jan 11th 2012 Guest
This isn't new as stated above: The Sims had an expansion pack called Sims Unleashed with gardening and pets. You could become very wealthy farming, and there was no limit to the number of plots. Now you are only allowed four plots in this online game, but oh well.
ID #104218 | Jan 8th 2012 Guest
Is there anyway to make your crops grow faster ?
ID #102909 | Jan 4th 2012 Guest
I couldn't harvest my flowers today. It's been 12 hours now. Every time I harvest my flowers, the game says it needs to reload, fingers crossed. When it comes back, those flowers are back. Seems like a glitch. Please fix it.
ID #90399 | Nov 26th 2011 Guest
where do you get plots after selling them?