Creating a Sim

The Sims Social Walkthrough and Guide by Mike Hazleton  

Creating a Sim


Just like in previous games, you can choose to define your Sim's character. Your personality governs a few of the interactions that they can have with other Sims, as well as their character, likes and dislikes. It's not as important as in previous Sims games. You can also change it later, but must spend SimCash to do it. The options below are available to choose from:

Athlete: Fancy having a jock character? Pick this one. More importantly, they'll love all things sporty, and be fiercely competitive.

Creative: Very artistic, Sims with this personality are naturally interested in inventive pursuits and expressing themselves imaginatively.

Geek: Nerdy and gifted in education, these Sims love to have their heads in a book or be immersed in an experiment. Geeks also have access to laser swords and can fight duels with friends.

Introvert: These Sims are naturally reclusive, preferring solitude to socialising or interacting with lots of other people. They do, however, have the special ability to Introspect.

Rocker: Quite creative, but more focused on music and with a hard edge to their attitude. They can play the Air Guitar!

Romantic: Experts at wooing other Sims and rarely without someone on their arm, pick this character to have success at more serious relationships.

Socialite: The polar opposite of Introvert Sims, those with this personality find relationships easy, and love spending time with their friends at the head of a group. Socialites can perform Toasts with their friends.

Tycoon: Entrepreneurial experts, these Sims have a passion for success in business. Expect plenty of money to be the reward for a hard-day's work.

Villain: As the name suggests, mean-spirited, with no respect for authority, villainous Sims just love to misbehave.

To change your Personality, use the Clothes menu or click your Sim and select Change Your Appearance. You can then elect to spend SimCash on altering your personality.


You can feel free to mould your Sim in your own image, or make someone that looks completely different. Their appearance has no effect on your Sim's lives, and it can be changed at will once in the game proper.

To change your Sim’s appearance once in the game, click on the Clothes button at the bottom or directly click your Sim and go to Change Appearance. If you have put in the wrong name for your Sim, you can also edit that here.
You can’t change your Sim’s gender, though this may be something that is added in later for SimCash.


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