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Basics of Travel

The Sims 3: World Adventures Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Basics of Travel

Once your Sim family has leveled and advanced to the point that they have sufficient wealth and the ability to replace it (earn) you are ready to start traveling -- which means picking up the phone and calling your Travel Agent! Initially your Sims can only make short trips, but eventually as you return and travel you will complete quests and activities that improve your visa for each location, earning extra time that you can spend there.

As a beginning traveler your most intelligent route is to do China first, and focus on acquiring the Martial Arts skill on your first trip, and then spend time leveling that before taking any other trips or trying to do adventures or explore Tombs because the ability to defend yourself from Mummy attacks is really important.

As you progress through the quests in China you will eventually flag one called Confounded Boulder (this is important) that, when completed, will leave you with a special tool as part of your reward called Pangu's Axe -- which not only clears rubble piles faster, but allows you to smash boulders -- and since there are several Tombs that are basically blocked by boulders you really really need this -- and that is one more reason why doing China first is a great idea.

On your first trip to Egypt you will want to make at least three purchases -- the Photography Book and a good camera, and a scooter! Actually you can get the scooter wherever, so maybe just two major Egypt buys...

Once you have the Photography book you will want to sit your Sim down and have them read it until they gain Level 3 (the max the book can teach them), which will allow your Sim to access Black & White film, which you need to start meeting the first goals. After that your Sim can just work on their Photography as you like.

In addition to those purchases you also need to outfit yourself for Tomb exploring and adventuring, and that means at a minimum buying a tent or two and some rations and showers in a can type items!

Vacation travel is not something that you can do all the time -- in fact whenever you return from a trip there is a forced downtime following each trip in which you cannot use the phone to arrange another trip. When you are focused upon completing adventures that can be rather annoying if you allow yourself to dwell upon it, but if you use the forced downtime as an opportunity to complete other pursuits -- like leveling Photography, working on your collections, or even picking up a new skill like Fishing or Sports?

Remember that the entire point behind putting in the time to level-up your earning skills as a Bohemian Sim is so you can spend as much time as you like traveling, exploring Tombs, adventuring, doing missions, and adding to your collections! Keep your eye on the ball!

-- Things that Come in Handy --

When you start delving into Tombs there is a specific set of kit that you will be glad that you have, in fact the basic adventuring kit should include the following items:

--A good Tent

-- A reasonable stack of High Quality Dried Foods

-- A reasonable stack of Shower in a Can

-- Pangu's Axe

-- A Snake Charming Basket (preferably upgraded in skill to a King Cobra)

-- The best quality camera you can get and use

Basically you want your camera so you can shoot the rarer picture collection targets while you adventure in the Tombs, you want a Tent because it prevents you having to leave the Tomb in the middle of your delving to recover energy. The food is obvious -- high-quality dried food will not spoil in your pack whereas other types of food will and you NEED to have food. Shower in a Can will keep your Sim's mood from crashing due to being dirty and smelly, and Pangu's Axe allows you to access areas blocked by boulders as well as clear rubble faster. Finally the Snake Charming Basket is a dual-purpose item -- it allows you to boost your Sim's Fun if it gets low since using the basket increases fun, but more important it is a cure for Mummy curses -- assuming you have upgraded it and your skill in it is high.

Once you obtain the Snake Charming Basket you should be using it whenever you need to add fun as that way you will level it up quicker than you thought you could! Once your skill is high enough, if you end up getting cursed you can play with it until you kiss the snake (that breaks the curse).

That pretty much wraps up the basics, so now you just need to get your Sims set up with the right Rewards, get the above mentioned skills leveled, and start clearing Tombs!

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Comments for Basics of Travel

2 comments, latest first.
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
I've played this game SEVERAL times since I got it when it first came out. I have NEVER obtained the axe upon purchasing the tent, food, camera, etc. Am I missing something? I thought the axe had to be retrieved whilst on an adventure. I could use that stupid thing.
ID #184984
Feb 13th 2016 Guest
The axe is hidden in one of the tombs in china. When you are completing missions to gain visa points, one of the missions will be to collect the axe. I suggest having the walls up when you are exploring since the axe is hanging on a wall.
ID #634971