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Map and Game Areas

The game world is divided up into regions, only some of which are available to you at the beginning of the game. As the story progresses, you earn papers to pass through various security checkpoints. Trying to pass without those papers will attract undesirable attention from the border guards.

The Map

The map screen shows the entire game world and offers several useful functions, such as your location as a black arrow, the locations of various points of interest, (Headquarters, garages, weapons dealers) and the initials of characters who have missions for you. Main story missions show up with gold initials, initials in black and white represent optional missions. On the black market you can buy information on Freeplay locations by region.

You can have the map's GPS plot a route for you by dropping a pin where you want to go. Some missions have you driving long distances into the countryside so this is a welcome feature. However, the GPS doesn't know what papers you hold, and it may route you through a checkpoint that could cause trouble. So see what it comes up with before you take off for a trip that will end at Stalag 13.

GPS wasn't perfect in 1940 either.

The map is dynamic and changes according to your condition, so that when you are being chased, hiding spots and fight back zones appear. You can zoom in and out and scroll to find what you're looking for, as well as toggle on and off free play targets, markers and the legend.

Gold Lanterns show the way to Scenic Views, as shown in the example of climbing to the top of Sacre Coeur.

The Paris region is divided up into Zones 1, 2 and 3. As you progress through the story you earn papers that will let you pass through the Nazi checkpoints that separate the zones. Also, freeplay targets in zone 2 are worth 10 points more than those same target types in Zone 1, and Zone 3 targets are worth 20 points more. Red warning icons on the map are zones for which you do not yet have papers to pass through.

Ve have vays of knowing if you have ze correct papers.

Outside Paris are various countryside regions and some smaller towns. Once you are outside the Nazi checkpoints, you can travel anywhere until you reach Germany in the northeast. When you've completed the main storyline, you can still go to Saarbrucken, but the main gate is guarded and your papers will not allow you to pass. You need to eliminate the guards, or wear a disguise to approach the door and open it as you do any other door in the game. (A trapped car sent speeding toward the gate will clear all the guards so you can walk up and open the gate without any trouble.) This is the only region that retains The Saboteur's trademark gray, rainy Nazi occupation once the main story has been completed.


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How do you open the door in down town saarbrucken

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506243

How do you inspire saarb├╝cken and how many disguise are there PLEAZZE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps how do You get underground confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(:(:(:!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????[center][/center]

Added 22nd Dec 2014, ID #488168

Check the roof tops

Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #110196

There is one freeplay target I can't yet figure out. It is in the southwest section right next to an arms dealer. There is a target in the middle of the street, I've tried driving over it, blowing it up, shooting it. I can't find what I'm supposed to do. There is nothing to pick up. Is the target underground? I didn't even know it was there till I went to buy some ammo it is usually covered by the sign for the arms dealer. Any hints?

Added 15th Feb 2011, ID #29254