The Family

Relic: 1

Before heading to your bedroom, go upstairs and check the master bedroom to the left corridor to find a relic on the table.

True Revelation

Head to Jackie's bedroom and light a candle for Jenny. Talk to Aunt Sarah next. After talking to her, find Vinnie in the atrium and talk to him. Next, go to your office and and talk to Jimmy. After talking to him, head to the elevator when ready and talk to Vinnie to head out.

Look for Dolfo outside the mansion veranda and accept his challenges. Purchasing weapon talents like quick reload, increased ammo clip, etc will help. Impressing him on both challenges will unlock the “That's Why I'm the Boss” achievement.

- Shoot at least 20 out of 24 pigeons within 1:30 minutes
- Shoot all bottles within 10 seconds.