Unlimited Coins and Other Cheats

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by Mongoose General  

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Unlimited Coins and Other Cheats

There is a hack available on Jailbroken devices to get unlimited coins. This is not an authorised cheat or glitch though and subverts the game's marketplace structure. You obviously leave yourself open to the usual repurcussions for doing this to your device. SuperCheats does not condone this practise therefore we won't link to anywhere where you can find this kind of thing. The same applies to any cheats you have heard about where you access the 'keyboard' during the title screen - this does not exist unless your device has been jailbroken. There are no legitimate cheat codes that you have to enter into the game.


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This doesn't really help me

Added 21st May 2015, ID #559250

What crap is that

Added 15th May 2015, ID #556512


Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506679

Oh gay@

Added 27th Oct 2014, ID #464077

Hello is there a way to get a crap load of CIONS on temple run with out Jailbroken device and no computer?

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392938

Its not working the swipe twice

Added 27th May 2013, ID #285608

After I tried the thunderstorm glitch and died it said "the glitch" as in tried to cheat. :-)

Added 24th Feb 2013, ID #258331

I know how to make the backround a thunderstorm! First, you go to options and turn the tutorial ON (If it's your first time playing, just start the game). It has to have the tutorial on for the glich's sake! Second, and final, when you come to the turns, turn the opposite way by swiping the opposite way twice. You should be going unlimited run to about 7000-8000 points. At about 3000-6000 points, there should be a thunderstorm. After you get to about 8000 points, it should go to normal. And if you keep going, you'll get a highscore!

Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #242537

i love games play

Added 25th Nov 2012, ID #212622

What about droids? Nothin for droids man...

Added 11th Oct 2012, ID #194835