Getting High Scores

Temple Run Walkthrough and Guide by Mongoose General  

Getting High Scores

It is a good idea to stock up on plenty of resurrections before starting a prime run. This will allow you to keep going after any silly mistakes as long as you activate the ressurections during difficult sections.

Upgrade the Coin Magnet, as this is the best power-up for achieving high scores. Combined with upgrading the coin values, you can get some very impressive runs by following this tip.

Try to avoid sliding. If you have the option of jumping instead, do that. This gives you more time to analyze the obstacles up ahead. When you slide, the camera moves and it can be hard to see what it going to come at you next.

Slow yourself down. If you are far enough ahead of those pesky monkeys, but are at a point where the game's speed is getting intense, you should try to slow yourself down. You can do this by deliberately allowing your character to trip. Normally, if the monkeys are not visible on your screen, you can trip once and they won't catch you up. This is a good tactic if everything is getting too much with the speed.