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Quake Badge
Pokemon White

Quake Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Quake Badge

Route 5

Route 5 & Driftveil Drawbridge

Tall Grass - Gothita [B] / Liepard / Minccino / Solosis [W] / Trubbish
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Cinccino / Emolga
Dark Grass - Gothita [B] / Liepard / Minccino / Solosis [W] / Trubbish

You start out this Route like most with a nice friendly battle with your friend Cheren.

SNIVY - Lvl 24 Liepard [Dark], Lvl 25 Pignite [Fire / Fighting], Lvl 24 Pansage [Grass] & Lvl 24 Tranquill [Normal / Flying]
TEPIG - Lvl 24 Liepard [Dark], Lvl 25 Dewott [Water], Lvl 24 Pansear [Fire] & Lvl 24 Tranquill [Normal / Flying]
OSHAWATT - Lvl 24 Liepard [Dark], Lvl 25 Servine [Grass, Lvl 24 Panpour [Water] & Lvl 24 Tranquill [Normal / Flying]

Afterwards Elesa will come up and take you to Anders the local Champion. You'll have a 2 on 2 battle with Cheren versus two preschoolers. Then Elesa will take you to the bridge and take it down. There are 7 trainers with Musician Preston being the only one you definitely want to fight to get the Electric Guitar Prop.

Then head to the top right and fight the trainer and grab the Great Ball. Then in the middle is a Revive, finally on the far left is a Zinc. Then run down the back fence and get the Hyper Potion.

Driftveil Drawbridge

Shadow - Ducklett

Ducklett is a great Field Move Pokemon to grab since he can learn Fly, Surf and Dive. Other then that just continue on to the next city.

Driftveil City

Driftveil City

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Frillish
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Alomomola / Jellicent
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Chinchou / Krabby / Luvdisc
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Chinchou / Kingler / Lantern / Luvdisc

Driftveil Market:
Heal Powder - 450
EnergyPowder - 500
Moomoo Milk - 500
Energy Root - 800
Revival Herb - 2,800

Poke Mart Specials:
Dusk Ball - 1,000
Nest Ball - 1,000
Net Ball - 1,000

As you enter the town Clay will come up and yell at you for letting the Team Plasma people escape over the Drawbridge. Head to the second house to the left as you come into the town. If your Pokemon is happy towards you he can learn a battle-combo move for use in a Triple or Double Battles. In the house to the left of the PokeCenter is a lady that will give you a Heart Scale if you show here a Pokemon with the move she requests. Heart Scales are used in Mistralton City to re-learn moves. On the back left wall is Charles. He will teach you Triple Battles in White (Rotation Battles in Black). Triples are 3 on 3 battles. The bonus is that you can bring in your bench when Pokemon drop out were the other team is stuck with what is out on the field.

If you have a SEEN rating of 50 or more Pokemon in your Dex then the man in the building to the right will give you a Shell Bell. The kid in the same building will trade you a Basculin for a Minccino. Finally the guy with the glasses in the top right stall in the Market will give you a Expert Belt if you have a Pokemon over level 30.

Then head South to Cold Storage to find these Team Plasma Grunts.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Start by head to the right and fighting the 2 trainers there. Then head down between the 2 blue roofed warehouses and talk to the man there for a Rocky Helmet. Go through the bottom area of grass to get an Ether, fight a Trainer, and finally grab a Protein. Cheren will show up when you get in front of the bottom left door. Before you go in head up the grass on the left to get a Heart Scale. Then enter the Storage Building in the bottom left.

Head up the left stairs for a Net Ball. This area has icy floors where you will slid across until you hit a wall. It's a very straightforward area though, not nearly as complicated as the levels in SoulSilver / HeartGold. Slide up the far left side to hit the container, then to the right and down to get TM55 Scald. Then up, left, up, right to get the dry ground and a Trainer.

Next simply slide across to the right side and head up the stairs to a trainer. Walk on top of the containers to yet another trainers and then one more back on the ground. Grab the Ice Heal and then slide to the top of the level. A trainer waits on the top side along with a Hyper Potion. Go around the left side to the open container and Cheren will come with you.

Inside listen to the conversation and then you have to fight 1 on 1 with all 4 Grunts on the right side. You can heal and even leave between fights if you need to so these are no trouble at all. After defeating all 4 there will be a scene where Clay takes the Team Plasma Grunts away. Grab the NeverMeltIce before making you way back to Driftveil for the Gym Battle.

Driftveil City - Gym Battle

Quake Badge Gym Battle

The gym is in the top right corner of the map. When you get there Ghetsis will show up and take back his Team Plasma Grunts. Afterwards head into the gym and get your Fresh Water from the white haired man to the right. That guy sure gets around!

This gym is a series of lifts going up and down and you need to pick the correct one to move forward. This is the first gym where your choice forward is not always perfectly obvious.

Take the first platform down. Head to the right and fight the trainer and then take that platform even further down. Go to the one above it and ride it up for a trainer battle. Then take the same platform back down and walk around the back edge of the area until you come to a trainer. Beat him and then take the platform in front of him down. Take the top one back up. (The one on the right goes to the entrance) From there go to the back wall again and fight the trainer. Then enter the platform with the raised sides and that one will take you to the Gym Leader.


Clay - Lvl 29 Krokorok [Ground / Dark], Lvl 31 Excadrill [Ground / Steel] & Lvl 29 Palpitoad [Water / Ground]
Recommended level: 34

Krokorok is weak to Grass, Water, and Fighting. Excadrill is weak Water or Fighting and Palpitoad is weak to Grass. This is the first battle I had where the leader used Hyper Potions to stay ahead in the damage game.

After the battle you'll get the Bolt Badge but he holds off giving you the Move you earned until a little later in the game. As you head out West towards Route 6 Bianca will stop you for a battle.

SNIVY - lvl 26 Herdier [Normal], lvl 28 Dewott [Water], lvl 26 Musharma [Psychic] & lvl 26 Pansear [Fire]
TEPIG - lvl 26 Herdier [Normal], lvl 28 Servine [Grass], lvl 26 Musharma [Psychic] & lvl 26 Panpour [Water]
OSHAWATT- lvl 26 Herdier [Normal], lvl 28 Pignite [Fire / Fighting], lvl 26 Musharma [Psychic] & lvl 26 Pansage [Grass]

For beating her you'll get HM02 Fly. (This is why we caught a Ducklett on the bridge earlier!) Now you can fly back to any city you have previously visited. It's a nice ability as we start running around looking for rare Pokemon and items. Anyway let's move on to the next badge so head out on Route 6.

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ID #285802 | May 27th 2013 Guest
how do you get the HM Strength I've finished the game but still havent gotten it :P
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Thank you soo much! I really thought this was helpful!