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Follow the dark path or use the light


Pokemon League

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Pokemon League

Route 10

Route 10

Tall Grass - Bouffalant / Foongus / Herdier / Rufflet [W] / Sawk [B] / Throth [W] / Vullaby [B]
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Sawk [W] / Stoutland / Throh [B]
Dark Grass - Amoonguss / Bouffalant / Herdier / Rufflet [W] / Sawk [B] / Throth [W] / Vullaby [B]

A very small route. Grab the Full Heal in the first section at the back. This area has the fake items so you might be grabbing a Foongus. Just FYI.

Then you will have a battle with Cheren as you cross the bridge.

SNIVY - Lvl 43 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 45 Emboar [Fire / Fighting], Lvl 43 Simisage [Grass] & Liepard [Dark]
TEPIG - Lvl 43 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 45 Samurott [Water], Lvl 43 Simisear [Fire] & Liepard [Dark]
OSHAWOTT -  Lvl 43 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 45 Serperior [Grass], Lvl 43 Simipour [Water] & Liepard [Dark]

Cheren will heal your Pokemon and then Bianca will give you a few Max Revives.

Head up on the grass just after the bridge. Pass the first two as they are fakes and then get the Hyper Potion and then right next to that is a Dawn Stone. Then cross the small bridge and talk to the man on the left who gives you a Dusk Stone. Then get TM05 Roar.

Finally cross the bridge and get the Full Restore before heading up to Victory Road. It's a nice little area where you pass through all the gates to show what badges you got.

Victory Road

Victory Road - Part 1

Rough Ground -  Fraxure / Heatmor / Mienfoo / Rufflet [W] / Vullaby [B]

Cave - Boldore / Deino / Durant / Mienfoo / Woobat
Cave (Dust Cloud) - Excadrill
(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Poliwag / Poliwhirl
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath

Cave - Boldore / Durant / Mienfoo / Woobat
Cave (Dust Cloud) - Excadrill

There is a lot of a step forward 3 steps back in this version in Victory Road because most of the items are gotton by jumping off the high areas and falling to the low areas so there will be a lot of backtracking and repeating yourself if you want to get everything. Also if you previously caught Cobalion then Terrakion is available for capture on Victory Road. Ok. Let's get started.

In the front door and Surf over the water to get yourself a Max Revive. Surf back and go up the stairs and battle the Trainer. Go outside and you'll learn from the 2 men that you can slide down the mountain. You'll be doing that quite a bit. So slide down the right side where there is a gab in the fence.

Go right over the broken ground and inside the door. Go to the top and Surf to the far side for a Rare Candy. Then Surf back and go up the left stairs. Go North first and up the stairs and fight a Trainer and the out the door.

You'll come out the left of the 3 doors. Go into the middle door now and fight the Trainer. Go down the stairs to the right and use Strength to push the stone in the hole so that you can get back up quicker. SHORTCUT! Now back up the stairs and now to the next set of stairs.  Another Trainer and head outside and get the Full Restore.

With the shortcut in place go back out the left door and go left over the large broken ground area before dropping down the small hole in the fence and get TM12 Taunt.

Victory Road - Part 2

Now enter the far left of the 3 doors to continue on higher. Trainer fight and go right up the stairs. Here is the Doctor. So fight him and he's here to heal you from then on. Go around the left ledge and then push the stone in the hole. Not much of a shortcut but every step counts. Go up and then out the door and drop down and enter the door to get the Calcium. DON'T drop down. Go back outside and head to the far left and drop down all the way to the bottom for a Ultra Ball.

Get back up to the Doctor room and go up the stairs again. Now go up the North stairs and fight yet another Trainer. Exit out the left door and get a Full Heal, then back inside and go out the right door. Go down the to the right of the fence and go in the door. Trainer fight and then up the stairs and down the left set. Push the stone in and Terrakion is on the left path. Then back up the stairs you came down.

The door is gets you to the top outside. First go far left and drop down to the left of man. Drop down twice and go right across the bridge and get the TM93 Wild Charge.

Back at the top, only this time fall down to the right of the man and get a Nugget. As you work up grab the TM02 Dragon Claw.

Finally go through the large gate and we are finally at the Pokemon League.

Pokemon League - Elite 4

As soon as you get to the League you can now fly from and to the outside area of the League at any time. The small center on the left has a PC and items for sale. Remember once you start the Elite Four you can”t quit until you either beat all four or lose. I recommend you have several Pokemon in the low 50s or one really good Pokemon in the 60s.


Shauntal is up the lower left stairs. She is a Ghost type user.

Cofagrigus - Lvl 48 [Ghost] - Weak to: Ghost / Dark
Golurk - Lvl 48 [Ground / Ghost] - Weak to: Water / Grass / Ice / Ghost / Dark
Chandelure - Lvl 50 [Ghost / Fire] - Weak to: Water / Ground / Rock / Ghost / Dark
Jellicent - Lvl 48 [Water / Ghost] - Weak to: Grass / Electric / Ghost / Dark


Grimsley is in the upper left stairs. He is a Dark type user.

Scrafty - Lvl 48 [Dark / Fighting] - Weak to: Fighting / Flying
Krookodile - Lvl 48 [Ground / Dark] - Weak to: Water / Grass / Ice / Fighting / Bug
Liepard -  Lvl 48 [Dark / Steel] - Weak to: Fighting / Fire / Ground
Bisharp -  Lvl 50 [Dark] - Weak to: Fighting / Bug


Caitlin is in the upper right stairs. She is a Pyschic type user.

Reuiclus - Lvl 48 [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark
Musharna - Lvl 48  [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark
Sigilyph - Lvl 48 [Psychic / Flying] - Weak to: Electric / Ice / Rock / Ghost / Dark
Gothitelle - Lvl 50 [Psychic] - Weak to: Bug / Ghost / Dark


Marshal is in the lower right stairs. He is a Fighting type user.

Throh - Lvl 48 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Sawk - Lvl 48 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Mienshao - Lvl 50 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic
Conkeldurr - Lvl 48 [Fighting] - Weak to: Flying / Psychic