N's Castle

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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N's Castle

N's Castle

After beating the Elite Four activate the center statue and it will lower you to a new sub floor. Climb the stairs and see that N has beaten Adler. N will then summon his castle and invite you inside so you might as well follow him in. You'll be greated by the Seven Sages (minus Ghetsis) and the gym leaders you fought will come to keep them busy. There are no wild Pokemon here and there are no battles until the end so just explore the rooms on the next three levels and get all the items.

1st Floor:
Room 1: Empty
Room 2: Heal with the lady on the left
Room 3: Item

2nd Floor:
Room 1: PC
Room 2: Item
Room 3: Guy will transport you to the League and back

3rd Floor:
Room 1: N's. Item
Room 2: Item
Room 3: Nothing

Then down a long hallway and up a long stretch of stairs and you are at N. He'll say how he is disappointed that you haven't gotten Zekron yet and then BOOM. The Dark Stone will activate and it's Pokemon catching time.

Zekrom / N / Ghetsis

All of these battles happen one after the other automatically with full auto healing for your Pokemon party in between.

LVL 50 [Dragon / Electric]
This is a good battle to just go ahead and throw the Master Ball for the auto catch right away at the start. It's important to the story for you to catch it. Ice, Ground, and Dragon type attacks will do massive damage and depending on your level could easily OHKO. Fire, Grass or Electric will do half damage so you can walk your way down. A Cobalion with False Swipe and Thunder Wave for leaving 1 HP and Paralyse will really help you if you want to try to catch the old fashioned way with a Ultra Ball.

N will heal you up afterwards and then it's right into the battle with him.

Reshiram - Lvl 52 [Dragon  / Fire] - Weak to: Ground / Rock / Dragon
Carracosta - Lvl 50 [Water / Rock] - Weak to: Grass / Electric / Fighting / Ground
Vanilluxe - Lvl 50 [Ice] - Weak to: Fire / Fighting / Rock / Steel
Klinklang - Lvl 50 [Steel] - Weak to: Fire / Fighting / Ground
Zoroark - Lvl 50 [Dark] - Weak to: Fighting / Bug
Archeops - Lvl 50 [Rock / Flying] - Weak to: Water / Electric / Ice / Rock / Steel

And right after that you are healed and Ghetsis will come at you with everything he has.

Cofagrigus - Lvl 52 [Ghost] - Weak to: Ghost / Dark
Bouffalant - Lvl 52 [Normal] - Weak to: Fighting
Seismitoad - Lvl 52 [Water / Ground] - Weak to: Grass x4
Hydreigon - Lvl 54 [Dark  / Dragon] - Weak to: Ice / Fighting / Bug / Dragon
Eelektross - Lvl 52 [Electric] - Weak to: Nothing due to ability
Bisharp - Lvl 52 [Dark / Steel] - Weak to: Fighting x4 / Fire / Ground

N's Castle - Ending Sequence

After that enjoy the end credits since you just won the game for the first time. After the credits load your save and you'll be back in your home with a lot of new stuff to do and a lot of new route to see and Pokemon to catch!


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Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503791

actually, with my team lead by my ultra-rare kyurem, i beat cheren easily, but the problem is the emboar lv 67 ! how can he get that! i ended up hydro pumping him with rotom. i also beat adler and cynthia, the flippin champions of sinnoh and unova, with everything level 75 and one level 77. its so hard that i was down to my last pokemon

By the way my team is:


Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401693

I really need a reshiram does anyone wanna trade for my lv 82 ninetales?

Added 15th Jun 2014, ID #399787

if anyone wants a zoroark and they don't want to got through a bunch of crap you can trade with me i'm Brett and i want a kyurem. i'm offering for any kyurem please trade with me.

Added 17th May 2013, ID #283334

Using 1 pokemon and not catching others can make you a dominate trainer. Sammourott was level 62 with:
Hydro Cannon: Water
Razor Shell: Water
Blizzard: Ice
X scizzor: Bug
A level 62 samourott with A variety type moves makes a amazing pokemon.
I easily beat Hydrogen with Blizzard because my samourott knows a variety of move with a great SP. Attack and Attack stat. Reshiram? I kiled him because a real trainer does not use legendarys, they use the pokemon they most trust from the beggining and that is Samourott. I use legendarys too but it is better sticking with my Samourott.
Your pokemon sould know a variety of different type moves like my samourott can use Water,Ice,and Bug type moves.

Added 8th Feb 2013, ID #251728

N and his pokemon are crap. Gethis is the real deal.

Added 6th Feb 2013, ID #251182

LOL I had four level 55's when I beat the eighth Gym Leader.

Added 20th Dec 2012, ID #224839

When I cought Zekrom, I did not put him in my party on accidnt, I WAS MAD AND I WAS HARD TO DEFEAT HIM!

Added 29th May 2012, ID #146636

thanks i needed the help

Added 11th Mar 2012, ID #122234

[img][color=red]can you get 2 master balls pokemom white or black to get theme both without hacking the game[color=red][/color] [/color] [/img]

Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107419

can you get 2 master balls pokemom white or black to get theme both without hacking the game

Added 19th Jan 2012, ID #107418

chillyepicblox said:Y'all got rick roll'd >:D
Truth is, we ALL get rickroll'd at SOME date and time.

Added 13th Jan 2012, ID #105529

Hay all you losers that use action replay codes.you only use them because you to much of a loser to play the game how it was supposed to be played.come on I pity you.there is some thing called trying if you don't think about this I hate you.oh and my team is a ember level 100,a volcara level 98,a zoroak level 100 and a resheram level 100. I could beat you all with my eyes closed will driving!!!WHO IS WITH ME ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #90783

Ghethis is a dirty cheater! zewilous evolves into Hydreion at lvl.64! while he has a lvl 54 Hydreion >_>

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87267

I caught zecrom with a pokeball, 1st turn

Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #86239

plz help me i cant beat ghetsis i have serperior lvl 50 darmanitan lvl 50 excadrill lvl 49 zekrom lvl 51 haxorus lvl 49 paniward lv 49 thanks :-)

Added 26th Oct 2011, ID #83085

After deafeating Ghestis you can go to route 5
and meet cheren and he will say he is going to
go to victory road meet him there and fase your
toughest battle yet! Me and my team led by my
SUPER strong Samurot couln't win! He has a
team of 6 but I lost to his third so hear are the
ones I battled
Liepard: Lv 65
SerpirIor: Lv 67
Haxouros: Lv 65
He does have more but his haxouros was too
powerful with his outrage so watch out for that
and serpirior's leaf blade is harsh so better deafeat
them fast!

Added 29th Jul 2011, ID #62185

thanks, i found that out after i posted this and felt like a iddiot

Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #57850

Answer to question above me: talk to grunt in pkmn Leagues pkmn center

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55298

Ghetsis is so damn insane cuz of his nintendologic hydreigon ( pwned it with my zweilous XD) and with nintendologic i mean that it shouldnt have fully evolved yet

Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #55296

i lost to ghetsis and they wont let me back into the league, where am i supposed to go now?

Added 5th Jul 2011, ID #55020

I got risheram and zekrom and i got it by action replay and action replay gives you a liberty pass but i cant get on a boat.

Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #53030

zekrom is cool but why does he have to be at level 50

Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #50905

ghetsis pokemon cheats they go before my pokemon and my emboar has a quick claw its unfair :( :( :( :(

la china
Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50654

ghetsis probably used somthing to make the pokemon evolve u now like heat stone ,shiny stone, moon stone and all that stuff and hes 1 of the seven sages so he could of done some magic on the the pokemon u dushbag im surprized u dont know that

la china
Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50648

zoroark can be caught without an action replay yes its true. but the only way to get zoroark is to have a suicune. and it has to be an event suicune from a while ago. otherwise if you dont have suicune you cant get him without a cheat and for the guy who asked how to get a snivy u pick him at the beginning dooshbag

Added 30th May 2011, ID #45975

where can i catch a zoroark

burning skull
Added 25th May 2011, ID #44900

I dont really understand why people train like 3-6 of they're pokemon to a avarage lvl, when they just can train the start pokemon and use it there (around lvl 70 ) to own the crap out of him :P

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43332

where can you get a snivy?

Added 9th May 2011, ID #42238

ghetsis must have an action replay his hidragon is supposed to evolve at 64

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41171

i catched it with a pokeball

Added 30th Apr 2011, ID #40575

How the HECK did Ghetsis get his hands on a level 54 Hydreigon when Zewilous evolves at level 64?!?!?

Added 28th Apr 2011, ID #40316

Even if u do kill him accidently u get as many chances as u want (you must catch him) and if u do have 6 poekmon on yopur tem at the time you catch him u are given the chance to switch a pokemon out for him by sending another one of your pokemon to the pc

Added 9th Apr 2011, ID #36625