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Insect Badge
Pokemon White

Insect Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Insect Badge

Pinwheel Forest - Entrance Area

Pinwheel Forest - Entrance Area

Tall Grass - Pidove / Sawk [B] /Throth [W] / Timburr / Tympole
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Sawk [W] /Throth [B]
Dark Grass - Pidove / Sawk [B] /Throth [W] / Timburr / Tympole

So much to do here. First off talk to the girl right away and she will give you TM94 Rock Smash. The very next girl down by the grass is a Nurse. Beat her Pokemon and she will heal you whenever you get into trouble in the Forest. Head to the east around the fence to get the Ether.

The actual way to continue the story is to just head east to the internal Forest area but we want to get everything we can right? So instead head south and fight all the low level trainers. EVERYONE in this area is a trainer. Get the Great Ball at the end of the railroad tracks before moving further south. When you get to the big rock you need a Pokemon with Fighting-type attacks to hit to get Star Pieces once a day. These sell for some good money. Then grab the Net Ball on the way back to the road to get to the next area.

Pinwheel Forest - Forest Area

Pinwheel Forest - Forest Area

Tall Grass - Cottonee [B] / Petilil [W] / Pidove / Sewaddle / Venipede
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Lilligant [W] / Panpour / Pansage / Pansear / Whimsicott [B]
Dark Grass - Cottonee [B] / Petilil [W] / Pidove / Sewaddle / Venipede
(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Goldeen
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Goldeen / Seaking

As you head into  the main Forest area you'll be stopped by Burgh. He'll decide to take the straight and easy road and leave you to wonder the forest, Nice.  Again there are a TON of trainers. EVERYONE is a trainer. Don't be scared to go back to the Nurse if you need to. Right as you enter the forest path you'll have a 2 on 2 but all the rest are simple standard battles.

Don't forget to get a Petilil if you want to trade in Nacrene City for a Cottonee. Then head down in the first grass area to get a Big Root. The trainers are going to be a mixture of Team Plasma Grunts and Rangers. The Rangers are invisible at times but when you defeat them they at least give you some berries. Get the Super Potion on the left after the first Ranger.

Grab the Antidote from the hollow stump, then fight the Ranger and finally head through the hollow tree. Go under and around the angled tree fighting the Ranger and then up through the angled tree to fight the Grunt. Get the Parylz Heal from the next stump.

Now go down first to get the TM86 Grass Knot before heading through the next hollowed tree North to the showdown. The grunt has a lvl 14 Patrat, lvl 14 Sandile & a lvl 14 Patrat. You'll get the Dragon Skull back which Lenore will come and get from you right away. She'll give you a Moon Stone for your troubles. Grab the Miracle Seed on the way back to the road. The east side is blocked off for now so head north to the Skyarrow Bridge.

Skyarrow Bridge

This is a long footbridge to get to Castelia City. Make sure to talk to the Hiker that is in the Pinwheel side gate to get a Quick Claw. Then just make the long trek across.

Castelia City

Castelia City

Lots and lots of little things to do in Castelia City that don't really have anything to do with the main story line. You want to skip to the next section to get to the main story feel free.

1) Head down to the Cruise Ship dock as soon as you enter the city. The man there will ask you what Pan-Pokemon you have and give you it's evolve stone for free. Pansage - Leaf Stone, Pansear - Fire Stone & Panpour - Water Stone.

2) On Castelia Street, the first street you get to, go into the building on the right which is the Game Freak building. Talking to the couple by the desk they will add Zorua to your Pokedex.

3) In the same building head up to the 22nd floor to talk to some of the game designers of the very game you are playing.

4) In the building opposite Game Freak is a woman who will give one of your Pokemon a massage once a day. This makes them more happy.

5) There is a man on the left of the second floor of the PokeCenter that will give you items based on the number of people you have traded Pokemon with. If you manage to trade with 50 of your friends you can get a Master Ball!

5 = Wide Lens
10 = Everstone
20 = Zoom Lens
30 = Choice Scarf
40 = PP Max
50 = Master Ball

6) Talk to the womain in Studio Castelia down Mode Street. It's the second street. She will ask you daily to show here a specific type of Pokemon. If you do she will give you some Berries.

7) On Tuesdays you can get a Casteliacone for 100. It is a full status heal item. This stall is opposite the Studio.

8) Fight your way to the top of the Battle Company building which is in the middle of the main road. On the 55th floor in the back right corner is the boss. If you beat his Pokemon he will give you a Share EXP. This item gives experience to the Pokemon that is holding it regardless if he was part of the battle or not. Great for leveling up back-up Pokemon. I put this on Patrat to get him to lvl 20 to become Watchog so he gets False Swipe. A great attack that always leaves the opponent with 1 HP so it's easier to catch!

9) Head down the Narrow Street. Third from the left. And a man will jump out and give you TM70 Flash. This ability is used to light up caves.

10) Head int the Passerby Analytics HQ to become a statistician. Take all 8 quizzes (answers don't matter) and get a Soda Pop for a TON of clicking.

11) Head to the top of the city and talk to the dancer there. Beat him and he'll ask you to get the other 2 dancers. One is in the Narrow Street you got Flash in and the other is at Unity Pier. Unity is the second from the left. Beat them all and then head back to the fountain and they will give you the Amulet Coin. This item gives double money for wins when held by the lead Pokemon.

Castelia City - Story Related

Castelia City - Story Related

Now that you got all the optional things out of the way that you wanted to do we can get that badge. As you try to enter the gym on the right of the far left street Burgh will come out to meet you. It seem there is yet another problem with Team Plasma.

Follow him down to the Pier and you'll be told Team Plasma stole all of Bianca's Pokemon. You need to find there base and it happens to be across the street from the gym. You will have to fight a grunt to get in but once inside they simply give her Pokemon back. Iris will give you a Yache Berry for your help. Also grab the  Smoke Ball inside their hideout.

Time to go to the Castelia City Gym. The gym is set up like a honeycomb and you can walk through the honey walls. Go forward through the first wall and hit the switch on the floor. The go right hitting all the switches and fighting a trainer. That will raise the gates for you to go on. Just hit all the switches as you go and walk through all the honeywalls as they become open until you get to the end.


Burgh - Lvl 21 Whirlipede [Bug / Poison], lvl 21 Dwebble [Bug / Rock] & lvl 23 Leavanny [Bug / Grass]
Recommended level: 26

Use Fire and Flying against Whirlipede. Water and Rock versus Dwebble and Fire and Flying against Leavanny. Not that hard a battle. You get TM76 Struggle Bug for winning.

As you leave the gym Bianca will call to schedule a battle before you leave Route 4. Heal at the center and then go to far north past the fountain. As you enter the gate Bianca will come up to you to remind you to battle. Then head on to Route 4.

SNIVY - lvl 18 Herdier [Normal], lvl 20 Dewott [Water], lvl 18 Munna [Psychic] & lvl 18 Pansear [Fire]
TEPIG - lvl 18 Herdier [Normal], lvl 20 Servine [Grass], lvl 18 Munna [Psychic] & lvl 18 Panpour [Water]
OSHAWATT- lvl 18 Herdier [Normal], lvl 20 Pignite [Fire / Fighting], lvl 18 Munna [Psychic] & lvl 18 Pansage [Grass]

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ID #318063 | Nov 5th 2013 Guest
Once you're on the first street you get to, head all the way west, and then north. It'll be on your right.
ID #108184 | Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
Help me, I can't find gym leader the guy keeps saying go to the dock