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Legal & Shout-Outs
Moshi Monsters

Legal &

Moshi Monsters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Legal Stuff, Attribution and Shout-Outs

This guide and its content is Copyright © 2011 Web Media Network Ltd. All rights reserved.
This website and its content is Copyright © 2011 Web Media Network Ltd. All rights reserved.

The SuperCheats Unofficial Guide to Moshi Monsters was written by CM Boots-Faubert as a work-for-hire for Web Media Network, Ltd.

The Guide is licensed to appear exclusively upon the website SuperCheats.com and other websites licensed to display the Guide under agreement with Web Media Network Ltd.

Questions about the contents of the Guide may be directed to its author, CM Boots-Faubert, by email to [email protected] with the subject to include the words 'Moshi Guide' as otherwise your email may not be received due to the odd behavior of the author's spam filter.  Before writing to CM Boots-Faubert, please be aware that he cannot and will not grant permission for you to display this guide on your website no matter how deserving you feel it is.  Questions of that sort should be directed at Web Media Network Ltd., the actual owner of the Guide.

-- Attributions --

The following sites were sourced for lists and to verify data that was acquired on chat boards and from orphaned files:

-- Ask dot Com (http://ask.com)
-- Moshi Monsters (http://www.moshimonsters.com/)
-- Moshi Monsters Wiki (http://moshimonsters.wikia.com)

-- Shout Outs --

Writing game guides is a complex and time consuming craft that cannot be done well without the help of others.  Any guide writer who fails to acknowledge the people that helped them to create their guide is a silly git who is only fooling themselves!

I want to thank the following Gamers for their help with many small areas of this guide, and for being there to chat, compare notes, and when needed, play co-op!

AutumnBF -- Who patiently played through the game again and again and told it like it was.

Rich -- a very patient bloke and editor!

Swash01 -- who researched the secret codes for me as well as other aspects of the game.

YvonneBF -- who did most of the formatting, editing, and who provided a constant stream of tea and biscuits!

Finally I need to thank you, because without you this guide would never have been commissioned.  Thanks mates!

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ID #330624 | Dec 17th 2013 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] those other spoilers don't work

hahaha made you look lol plz don't be mad [color=purple][/color]
ID #230483 | Dec 28th 2012 Guest
[color=red][/color] I go on Moshi Monsters too. My name is moshigirlrox12345 I am a katsuma and I have got Furnando, Rocky and Roxy.
ID #229102 | Dec 26th 2012 Guest
me and my monster are rich and happy
ID #221846 | Dec 15th 2012 Guest
hi everyone im skye10174141[i][b][size=12][color=red][strike][/strike] [/color] [/size] [/b] [/i]
ID #183199 | Sep 4th 2012 Guest
dose anywon know sunjcak
ID #139409 | May 5th 2012 isabella8471
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    ID #139408 | May 5th 2012 isabella8471
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    ID #119110 | Feb 28th 2012 Guest
    add me unovagirl2012
    ID #105102 | Jan 12th 2012 Guest
    P.s My Real Name In Real Life Is Amy Lee From Evanescence Pplz When u Be My Friend On Moshi Monsters U May Ask Me Questions About Me And The Band xx!!!
    ID #105100 | Jan 12th 2012 Guest
    My Shout out is to ''FrenchFairyRose & Liverpool123456775'' And Pplz Be My Friend My Name Is ''hyperwoman''
    ID #97732 | Dec 23rd 2011 Guest
    My name is Jasmine4366122 on moshi monsters and my best
    friend is lilianna7976 !!![color=red][size=12][/size]
    ID #94359 | Dec 11th 2011 Guest
    this is a realy bad thing the codes dont evan work
    ID #80862 | Oct 16th 2011 Guest
    hi everyone my name on moshi monster is tinar2001 she is so cool be her friend[size=12][/size]
    ID #73019 | Sep 6th 2011 Guest
    MAXINE101 AGAIN want a fame cheat for movie star planet i will give you the best 1 for an autograph
    ID #73018 | Sep 6th 2011 Guest