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Pipe Dreams
LittleBigPlanet 2

Pipe Dreams

LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Pipe Dreams


Blue Piechart -- Sticker
Colorful Bird 1 -- Sticker
Denied Stamp -- Sticker
Futurism Color Exterior -- Sticker
Halftone Hole -- Sticker
Jukebox -- Sticker
Pending Stamp -- Sticker
Pink - Suited Lady Body -- Sticker
Red Moonrocks -- Sticker
Retro Guy Head -- Sticker
Retro Lady Head -- Sticker
Suited Torso -- Sticker
Tiki Mask -- Sticker
White Jagged Line -- Sticker
Jukebox -- Decoration
Red Eye on Stalk -- Decoration
Sackbot Heart Screen -- Decoration
Metal Cage -- Material
Radio Mesh -- Material
Red Panels -- Material
Weathered Steel -- Material
Clipboard -- Object
Hamster Wheel -- Object

Sackretary Dress -- Costume
Sackretary Glasses -- Costume
'Limehouse Blues' -- Audio

Red Eye -- Decoration
'Disaster Strikes' -- Audio

Dean Jacket -- Costume
Goldfish Bowl Headpiece -- Costume

Pipe Dreams

Right away you will notice a open sticker spot. You need the Red Fist -- Sticker from the Bang for Buck level later in the chapter. Until you get that you won't have able to get all the Prizes.

In this level the little sackpeople are now willing to follow you, instead of run from you. It doesn't really effect anything other then you need to make sure they keep up.

Grab the Prize Bubble that is tucked behind the neon sign on the right of the first group of sackpeople. Then bounce your way up to the right making sure that the little sackpersons are following you. Then grab the pulley and move through the smashing pillars to get to the far side where a simple lever pull will allow your sacklings to join you. Drop down to the right grabbing the Prize Bubble. There are two Prizes under a couple of smashing pistons. Grab those first, then jump on top of the them to get to the other side.

Jump over to the right and pull the platforms out so that you can get up and also so that the sacks can continue moving on. Release some more sacklings and then take the ramp.


Pipe Dreams - 2-Player

Another easy two player section. Each player get into their own wheel and run until the meter fills up. Prize Bubbles drop. Easy.

Use the bounce pads to head up the series of jumps. Watch for the doors opening and closing and make it to the top where the Challenge Key is at the top. Grab the 2 Prizes to the left also.

At hand. Flip the far left and the far right lever to move on. Now you have a choice. There are 2 Prize Bubbles on each side of the small tube. If you haven't died yet, leave one for the next run. If you've died, you might as well get one, then hop on the lava, and go for the other one. All done. Wait for all the sackpersons to fall out to get your bonus rewards.

Second run through. Place the Red Fist Sticker into the opening area.

1) - Right away grab one of the first little sackpeople and launch them at the reb buttons on both sides of the opening area.

2) - Right before the first tube that sucks them all up grab one and throw it to the left to move the platform so 2 Prizes can fall.

3) - Right after they drop out of the hamster tubing throw one at the bounce pads. It will bounce up and dislodge 2 Prizes. Then a few step later throw one backwards off the ramp to let 2 more fall. That will get you to 100%.

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Comments for Pipe Dreams

3 comments, latest first.
ID #372149 | Apr 6th 2014 Guest
Right beside the neon sign when you get your first followers and just before the smashing pillarrs look up and you'll see a red light. Throw a sack person at it n there is the last bubble
ID #372123 | Apr 6th 2014 Guest
Im the same ive only got 95%. HELP!!!!
ID #31951 | Mar 9th 2011 Guest
Ok i did everything you siad but i'm only at 95% and on the ramp when you throw a sackbot backwards it only gives u one prize bubble not 2... so idk what sticker i'm missing i guess it's the second jukebox but i'm not sure...