Dead Center

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Mike Hazleton  

Dead Center

General Notes for all campaigns in this wlkthrough:
For each campaign level the basic layout of the level and its set-piece moments will be analysed and the best strategies divulged. The 'Uncommon Common Infected' for each level will also be detailed (there is one unique class of enemy on each level, all with a special ability or trait that must be countered by the player).

Due to the nature of the 'AI Director' which alters the location of items, enemies and even the layout of each level, specific item locations will only be given tentatively as we found them on a number of playthroughs. Note that this guide was written based on the Normal difficulty. Higher difficulties decrease item drops such as medkits and the best weapons, and increase enemy health and their frequency.

Intro to Dead Center
Our four heroes have been brought together by collective misfortune – they were too late for the helicopter extraction, and now must cooperate to escape the infection. The idea in this campaign is to get to get to the shopping mall and extract using the vehicle inside.

Uncommon Common Infected

The Uncommon Common Infected in this level are CEDA workers, dressed in hazmat suits. They are resistant to fire, so don't be surprised to see them walking through the flames at you in the early sections of this level.


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