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- Get to Safe House #3
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #3

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dead Center - Get to Safe House #3

Ensure you have everything you will need for a lengthy journey to the next safe-house Open the door and bustle your way out, clearing the area and moving up the escalators.

Continue on this upper floor and duck under the metal shutter with a gap forced in it.

In the next area move down the escalator after exploring for equipment if you wish. From the bottom of the escalator double-back on yourself and cleave a route through. Pass all the stalls and fences until you come to another escalator. Head up it to the next floor. Go up the ramp in the doorway near to the top of the first escalator and move down the corridor. Explore the toilets and offices if you want to, then head through the last room on the left to find an ammunition stash, a medicine cabinet and the route we need to use to progress.

As you enter the next room an alarm will activate. The Infected horde will continue to come at you until someone deactivates it. The button to do so is on the third floor. Once out in the mall again, go up the nearest escalator to reach the third floor. Push on into the security room and make haste to shut off the siren.

Once the siren is down, pick up any medicine or equipment from this room and head out of the door. Go through the corridor and down the steps. Progress through each room, picking up equipment en route, until you come to another open section of the mall.

Go for the escalator as usual, and then fight your way to the safe-house at the far end of this floor.

Get to the Stock Car and Refuel it:

This is the last safe-house, so stock up on everything you will need for a final-showdown. In particular, focus on Adrenaline, as this will make the fetch and retrieve aspect of the final act much easier.

Continue along the corridor and then cross the scaffolding bridge once you emerge in the mall again. Get in the elevator at the end of this path, and seal the doors once your team are aboard.

Once you reach the bottom the final battle begins. The idea here is to collect eight or thirteen petrol canisters (depending on the number of human players), bring them back to the blue stock car and pour each one in. Key to this mission is sticking together, and it's a good idea to stay in pairs. Leave one pair down by the stock-car, while the other goes around the mall collecting the canisters.

Like the Cola, the person carrying a canister cannot fire and may only melee or shove. Press RT (360) to throw it, allowing you to use your main weapon again.

TIP: Go for the fuel that is further away first. This means that if you are low on health and fighting a Tank later, the only fuel to get will be on your level or at least nearby.

TIP: Travel in a pair to locations where there are two fuel canisters to save making the same trip twice, or travel to different ones and throw the canisters down to the car.

Some canisters are located on the top floor, which is accessed via the stairs nearest the stock car, others are on the floor below, via the stairs further away from the car, and the rest on the ground floor.

TIP: Medkits are available at the information desk area near the stock car

First do a search of the top floor with Adrenaline and chuck every canister off (preferably near the stock car). Repeat this with every floor until you have enough canisters. If they get destroyed, they will reappear in their original location, just be patient and keep an eye on your screen. You need to be guarded while putting the fuel in the car, so plan ahead for this at the end of the sequence. Note also that some that appear to be accessible by one set of stairs may not be at all – work out how high up the canisters are (highlighted in white) and which set of stairs actually goes to that level.

TIP: With two human players, each person can search a different floor, saving time.

If you have been doing this on your own you will now need to head back down and pour them all into the car. Once this is done, you can stand next to it with your team and can drive off.

Fill the car with fuel.

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Comments for - Get to Safe House #3

3 comments, latest first.
ID #107502 | Jan 20th 2012 left4deadchick
how the heck do you get out of mall evac and find the safe house we have checked all escalators,went through the door/ramp thing down the hall checked the bathrooms and it just circles back around out into the mall where the stairs are to deactivate the alarm i know im missing something obviously and it probably is something stupid lol..HELP pleeease.
ID #107501 | Jan 20th 2012 left4deadchick
how the heck do you get out of mall evac and find the safe house
ID #39061 | Apr 22nd 2011 Guest
Get the gas tanks on the top levels and drop them over the side. Save on trips