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- Get to Safe House #1
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #1

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dead Center - Get to Safe House #1:

You begin in a situation similar to the first game, on top of a roof with medkits and weapons. There are no primary weapons here, however, and you must pick either a melee weapon or a pistol for now. You need the majority of your team to have pistols, as Special Infected lower down the building (such as Smokers, Spitters, Hunters and Jockeys) are very tough to melee without getting caught.

When you are ready, head down the stairs and into the door on the left. This is a relatively tame section, but Special Infected can cause a few problems.

Open the door and deal with the Infected inside. You can explore most of the side-rooms for additional equipment (no weapons yet, but you should be able to find a second pistol). Continue down the corridor until you find your way blocked by fire. Head into the room adjacent to this blockage, and proceed onto the balcony outside the window.

The second room along the balcony should provide an entry point back into the corridor. Watch out for the fire, as it seriously reduces your health. Follow the corridor and move down the stairs once you come to the end. Enter the door at the bottom before the fire barrier, and you'll find yourself on a very similar floor.

Get onto a balcony using one of the rooms on the left and follow it along. You can stop to get equipment on your way. Re-enter the building when you get to the bend in the balcony area and rejoin the hallway. Before long it will open up into a larger room where you can find an open elevator to the left (if you entered from the corridor and not outside).

This is home to the first real conversation between the survivors, so listen in to get a grip of the story. Once you exit the lift, pick up the SMG just outside. This is the first set-piece of sorts. You won't face much of the horde, but you should still beware not to move along too quickly and get caught out. Most of the Infected will have to travel through the flames to get to you, so will be slower and easy to spot.

TIP: The CEDA Infected cannot be killed by fire, so watch out for them in this section.

Move to the end of the corridor once the horde subsides and pick a path through the flames. You will find yourself in a kitchen and will need to jump over a bar to proceed. Continue to follow the fiery path until you find yourself out of the smoke and flames.

Get away from the fire

Move through these rooms until you come to the safe-house at the end.

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