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- Get to Safe House #4
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #4

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dark Carnival - Get to Safe House #4

Take any ammunition and health necessary, bearing in mind this is a short stint with an easy set-piece before the final safe house. Move amongst the stalls until you come to the dodgems. Walk up the ramp and out of the back of the ride. Once you arrive at a wire fence, locate the building nearby and follow the doors through until you arrive at its back. Use the crates to jump up onto the roof, and move along them to drop down on the other side of the fence.

TIP: This is where you can complete the two Achievements: Stache Whacker and Gong Show (see Achievements chapter below).

You will soon find yourself outside the concert hall where there is another set-piece. Find the yellow ladder on the scaffolding and assess any explosives that you can use as defensive items against the horde. When you are satisfied that you know your environment, flip the switch to open the gates and then high-tail it back to the scaffolding.

Wait for the message 'The gates are open, run for the safe-room!' and then do just as it says. Drop down and sprint for the final safe house of the level. The horde will keep coming because of the alarm, so there is absolutely nothing to be gained from dawdling.

Get to the Extraction Helicopter:

The idea here is to start up the concert music originally planned for the Midnight Riders to attract the attention of the helicopter that has been flitting overhead for a while. Pick the gun that you will want for the final battle (there is a grenade launcher in the arena, but you should really just use whatever you find best for dealing with Tanks).

Head out of the safe house, investigating the restrooms along the way. In one you may find some Bile Bomb, which will help greatly in the final showdown. Once at the arena, head up to the top and turn on the lights in the centre (enemies will not be triggered until you activate another switch on the stage). Just below the technical area on one of the scaffolding towers you will see the grenade launcher. Meanwhile there is an ammo pile lower and in the center complete with weapons.

While it may seem best to have a height advantage, the stage is replete with defences to aid you in this final fight. The first of these is directly under the ammo pile in an indentation on the ground floor. There are heaps of fireworks in the box here, so take them and place them around the ground floor of the arena. Tanks may come from the upper seating area, so it can be worth placing a few up there, if you think you can shoot them in the heat of battle.

You should also find a stash of Molotovs nearby. Other things to remember include a switch by the microphone which activates a wall of sparkling fireworks creating a flaming barrier to the Infected (unless they flank it or walk through the middle!). This recharges after a while but should still be used sparingly. There are medkits on the raised platform on stage. Finally, Coach has a humorous interaction with the microphone that is worth experiencing.

TIP: It is unlikely your ammunition will last for the duration of this encounter, especially if you are using a gun with a high rate of fire. Remember where the ammunition is and try to reach it during the few lulls in proceedings.

With the defences laid and your team ready on stage, press the button to begin the concert. You will see the firework wall activate. There are three directions that must be defended. The route from the right, behind the stage, and the opposite route from the left. You should focus attention on the front of the arena, however, but ensure the flanks are covered for when the horde and Tanks come.

After the first Tank comes (usually when the lights go out) and is defeated you should have a break in proceedings (a short one) to go and stock up on ammo and use any medkits you have available. After a few more rounds of enemies and Tanks the helicopter will come in and wait for you to get on board (its position varies). Now is the time to use the Bile Bomb if you still have it. Lob it high into the arena seating area and sprint for the helicopter. You will probably need to climb either the left or right seating areas to get on board.

As you will see from the video below, the AI cannot be trusted to extract intelligently or successfully. This is a particularly difficult level due to the multiple routes up to extraction, and in the case of the example below, they decide to engage a Tank that has come to halt our escape rather than to get out of there as quickly as possible. Once aboard however (make sure you fend off the Infected trying to climb up if you are waiting for anyone else) and with no one surviving outside, it will take off to complete this level.

Survive the rock concert and escape

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