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- Get to Safe House #3
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #3

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dark Carnival - Get to Safe House #3

Stock up and move out. There is another set-piece before the next safe house. The Tunnel of Love is a linear section of the level, so is quite simple to navigate. Turn right once the swan-boats start. Feel free to explore the side-rooms, and once you get to the stage where one is opposite the other, you will find ventilation shafts in the right hand side one. This leads to a maintenance room, if you can stomach the thought of crawling through tight spaces in a horror game. Head back along the ride's path, investigating the vent and room to the right. Soon you will notice a large room on the left where all the swans go to be fixed and when not in use.

Clear the area and head up the stairs. Follow the gangway into a well-lit room. There is an assortment of vents that can be investigated, but the route ahead is to drop down through the hole in the floor. You will now be back on the swan river, but it's considerably darker down here. As before, progress along until you come to a hole in the wall to the left, marked with an arrow. In this room there should be an assortment of weapons. Take what you need, then head outside. Go through the building and back out into the dusk.

Follow the path and you will be guided underneath a roller-coaster. This is the stage for the next set-piece. The aim here is to activate the roller-coaster and use the tracks to reach the next stage of the level. As before, it has to be deactivated, but this time to stop the alarm from attracting the horde. It is a long way back to the safe house from here, so it's important to do it right first time.

Once on the tracks bear in mind that going uphill and downhill you travel quicker than normal. If you have AI members in your party they may well get knocked off, which is pretty disastrous, but less so than if you or a fellow human does the same. Use a Pipe Bomb or Bile Bomb to send the horde off the edge of the ride.

TIP: You need at least 2 human players to be able to do this set-piece confidently. If one player tries on their own they will be pinned by a hunter or straddled by a jockey, so you need someone their as backup (the AI is somewhat unreliable).
Go through the tunnel and back down to the station before deactivating the ride and thus the alarm. You can hide in the booth where the power button is until the horde begins to thin out.

Follow the ramp until you find yourself in the roomy safe-house.

Ride the roller-coaster to the next safe-house

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