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- Get to Safe House #2
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #2

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dark Carnival - Get to Safe House #2

Stock up on ammo, any new weapons you think you may need and of course, with med-kits. There is a hefty set piece before the next safe house, so it's better to ensure you have enough med kits spare than using them all to get your team to 100 health a piece.

Head out of the safe house and through the ticket booths (check for equipment). The theme park is a big place, and there are lots of nooks and crannies to investigate. Explore the toilets, buildings and stalls littering the area for more items to help you along the way. Move through the warehouse and out the other side. Follow the path and you will emerge back amongst the rides in an open area.

TIP: The Strong Man minigame is in this section, required for the Gong Show achievement. See the Achievements chapter of this guide for more info.

Follow the safe-house sign. As with all tight bottlenecks in Left 4 Dead 2, watch out for a charger here. Check the truck and interiors at the end of the alleyway for equipment. The room at the end of this street is the way to the next section, but the game forces you up a ladder (and in one playthrough, it was guarded by a witch sitting right at the bottom!). Make use of the health/equipment on the lower floor, then clear a safe route upwards.

Move across the rooftops and you will emerge at the top of a slide. With the area clear below, slide down!

From here, ensure you take the steps into the upper room that overhangs the route ahead. You should find health and equipment in here. Head back outside and onwards. From this vantage point you may be able to spot the Tunnel of Love past the hedge and fence below. The set-piece you are about to encounter is to open the way to this amusement. Drop down and move towards the merry-go-round.
You need to turn on the power to open up access to the ride, and then deactivate it to seal off the horde once safely through. Make sure there isn't a horde attacking as you push the button and then run through the merry-go-round until you are back out in the open. From here, you need to head round to the right to cut the power. Watch out for a tank during this set-piece.

TIP: Bear in mind that the horde will not stop coming until you cut the power and the gate seals them off. It is in the interest of your team to shut them out as soon as possible.

With the gate shut and the horde under control, head into the Tunnel of Love and the second safe-house.

Survive the first set-piece of the level

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