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- Get to Safe House #1
Left 4 Dead 2

- Get to Safe House #1

Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Dark Carnival - Get to Safe House #1

First, make sure each member of the team picks up a med kit and primary weapon from the stash behind the stock car. There should be a machine gun and a shotgun here, so take your pick.

Make your way through the cars and lorries, using them to act as walls and prevent Infected such as Smokers from getting hold of you. You need to jump on top of the car underneath the 'West Atlanta' sign, before continuing on along the highway. Infected will come from the undergrowth to the side of the road, and Special Infected such as Chargers, Spitters and Smokers will be in the area.

TIP: Use the vehicles in this section to gain a height advantage. Remember too that Common Infected are slow to climb up to such objectives and can't jump! Watch out for Smokers though.

If you look to the left when facing down the highway you will see some spotlights – that is our objective, a concert arena at the Carnival.

Once the bus blocks one side of the highway, find the path through to resume travel on the right side.

TIP: There are a few empty trucks dotted around the highway, some of which contain useful equipment.

Near the off-ramp you should find some sleeping bags as evidence of a camp on the road as well as equipment such as Bile Bomb and weapons. Take the off-ramp sloping downwards. Once at the bottom you should find an ammo pile and additional weapons and equipment. Head through the tunnel, watching for Infected dropping from the road above and indeed from the advertising board to the right. This is where you should head next, using the grassy slope to get onto the road and then jumping onto the maintenance platform behind the advertising board.

Up here you should find a Hunting Rifle, so use it to pick off as many Infected as you can see.

TIP: This is an infinite-spawning weapon, so can be picked up by each team member to assist in clearing the way ahead.

Up here the horde will still come to you, but it's not a bad position. Note also that there is an alarmed car in the area. When you have got enough head shots, drop down to the rooftop below, and move through the motel staying on the upper floor by using the path to the right.

Search each room if you want to make sure you get as much equipment, ammunition and health (if you need it) as possible, though watch out for Infected hiding within! Follow the green floor around the corner to the left until you come to a break in the walkway. Move into the room to the right and follow through until you drop down safely to the ground floor.

Check the rooms down here and move out, taking the grassy path behind the motel building we were just in. Here the Infected can come from anywhere and out of the bushes at close quarters. Stay close to the wall of the motel and don't go over the crest of this steep ridge. Once you do, you will be unable to halt your slide downwards. It's fun but risky without the rest of your group doing the same. Move far to the right and slide down to the camp area not far below.

Collect the equipment and slide down further to the next ledge on the left. Try to hit the other ledges with your group until you are on flat ground. Clear the area and then move along the riverbed. Once the dam blocking the way is in sight, look to the left and you should see a path leading out and up away from the stream. Beware as you move over the top here, watching out for Special Infected.

You should now see the 'Whispering Oaks' sign indicating the entrance to the theme park. Watch out for the car alarm, check the truck nearby for equipment, and then head to the right of the sign and into the first safe house of the mission.

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