Station of Awakening

After the opening cutscene you take control of Sora for the first time. Re:coded uses the arrow keys to move Sora around the screen. Walk forward to the center to activate the next scene where you will be presented with 3 choices. Sword, Staff, and Shield. You need to pick one and then a give up the next choice.

I choose the staff for mystic power and gave up the shield as you can dodge on your own and not take the hits in the first place.

After you make your choice you'll get a scene with Mickey and the gang explaining the situation and then you'll learn the basics of fighting and experience. At the end of the training you'll receive your first LEVEL UP CHIP.

This game has a Stat Matrix that you need to fill. To access the Stat Matrix hit ENTER. Now place the LEVEL UP CHIP in the first open slot. This connects the CPU to the next ability. Dodge Roll. It is important to add Chips to the Matrix as soon as you get them to unlock abilities and increase your stats!

Then save your game and a new door will appear. Approach it and hit A to enter the door. Another scene and you'll head to Destiny Islands.