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Frost Cottage

Hidden Chronicles Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Frost Cottage

The scene for this level involves a thatched cottage and bustling garden.

There's plenty going on in this garden

Airplane: C1-D1
Ball of Yan: F5   
Bird Whistle: C4
Bird's Nest: G1-H1
Blanket: A3
Boots: E4
Bubbles: H1-H2
Butter churn: C3-C4
Butterfly: A2
Cameo: H4
Candy Jar: C3
Cat: F1
Cheese: A4
Chessboard: B4
Chickens: C4
Children’s Book: C4
Cigarette Case: C5
Clay Pots: B3
Clothes Pin: B4-B5
Coiled Rope: E1
Daffodils: H4
Dog: B3
Doily: E5
Fireflies: A3
Fleur-de-Lis: E2
Flower Cushion: A5
Gloves: C4-D4
Goose: F4-F5
Hair Brush: E5
Handkerchief: B5
Harmonica: D5-E5
Honeycomb: B4
Ink Bottle: B4-B5-C4-C5   
Jug: C4-D4
Kite: E2-F2
Lace Curtains: D2-E2
Laundry Line: A3-B3
Lavender: D3
Logs: C4-D4
Lucky Clover: H5
Marble Statue: C3
Mushrooms: H4
Opera Glasses: G5
Pail: A2
Paw Prints: D5
Perfume Bottle: E10
Pigeon: E1-E2
Pitchfork: F3-F4
Poem: E5-F5
Postcard: E4-F4
Potatoes: D5-E5
Puddle: B4
Rainbow: B1-C1
Raw Wool: B4
Sandwich: B4
Shaving Brush: D5-E5
Shovel: E3-E4
Snail: G5
Spice Rack: G3
Spool of Thread: A5
Stained Glass: D1
Stick of Butter: A4
Storage Trunk: C3
Tea Tin: A3-A4
Teapot: C4
Teddy Bear: G2
Tin Soldier: E3-E4
Toad: A5
Vanilla Beans: A5
Water Pump: B3
Watering Can: A3


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